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This section focusses on government accountability to the electorate. The most recent papers are listed first. You can search for articles by keyword, or search all Policy Papers from here by means of the dropdown menu. 

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Gary Crooke QC on the use and abuse of executive power

On the the use or abuse of executive power, Gary Crooke QC writes: 'Given the wide remit reposed in the government, proper public administration de... More »

Alcohol industry donors to LNP

'The Newman Government has pandered to one of its most generous donor industries in developing its plan to crack down on alcohol-fuelled violence, ... More »

Queensland Government, again, fast-track's approval for donor

'The Queensland Government plans to fast-track a $600 million residential and marina development linked to one of its donors and a key government a... More »

Campbell Newman needs to answer questions on integrity

Madonna King (Brisbane Times, 22.1.15) writes that Campbell Newman needs to answer some crucial integrity questions. She cites exampl... More »

Holding MPs to account is now considered mischief?

Matt Canavan has accused the ABC and the Queensland edition of Vote Compass of push polling, but his criticism is factually and fundamentally flawe... More »

Accountability Conference 9 February 2015

The former NSW Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC) Commissioner who lead the investigation into corrupt coal licenses that brought dow... More »

Senate Inquiry: submissions

By 28 December 2014, 39 submissions have been listed on the Senate Inquiry website. A number of these are marked 'confidential'. It is not possible... More »

Senate Inquiry: Gordon (sub 9)

'I have serious concerns about the way the Queensland Government is going about the development of the Galilee Basin with the application of a Stat... More »

Senate Inquiry: Sandra Williams (sub 11)

This submission suggests that it is inappropriate for the Federal Minister to delegate approval powers to the Queensland Government because 'It is ... More »

Senate Inquiry: Fraser Island Defenders Organisation (sub 13)

'This organisation is alarmed at the particular savagery that the Newman Queensland Government has taken to removing environmental protection throu... More »

Senate Inquiry: Dr Chris Davis' evidence

The Guardian (29.11.14) reports: 'A former insider in the Queensland government has likened its attitude to the risk of corruption to... More »

Senate Inquiry: Peter Wellington evidence

The Sunshine Coast Daily (29.11.14) report on Peter Wellington MLA's evidence before the Senate Inquiry into the Queensland Government. 'M... More »

Senate Inquiry: ETU highlights dangers of cost-cutting in Qld electricity sector

Amy Remeikis reported in the Brisbane Times (29.11.14) that the Electrical Trades Union 'used Thursday's super storm to highlight the dang... More »

Senate Inquiry deserves to be treated seriously

Alex McKean writes in the Sydney Morning Herald (29.11.14) that The Senate Inquiry into Certain Aspects of Queensland Government Admi... More »

ABC sacks Quentin Dempster

The Age, (29.11.14) reported that the ABC had sacked Quentin Dempster. Queenslanders may recall the his coverage in the late 1980s when wo... More »

How the ABC should respond

Professor Stephen King argues in The Conversation (27.11.14) that 'Rather than cutting back its unique services, the ABC needs to emphasis... More »

Ducking and weaving and not answering the question - is this accountability?

Mark McArdle's meetings and meals, including the fundraiser right-to-information documents list him as hosting at the ERM Power boardroom last year... More »

Senate Inquiry: Attorney-General refuses to appear

Channel 9 News reports that Queensland's attorney-general has refused to front the Senate inquiry into the state government.

'The inqu... More »

Constraints on the Integrity Commissioner

Amy Remeikis reports in the Brisbane Times (26.11.14) that Queensland's new Integrity Commissioner has echoed the same concerns as hi... More »

ABC death by 1,000 cuts the work of political bastardry

'They came to gut the national broadcaster, but instead they tore out the regional heart of Australia.' (Michael Idato, Brisbane Times, 24... More »

Public broadcasting a 'cornerstone of democracy'

In this short paper Adjunct Professor Ann Scott, TJRyan Research Coordinator, has collected some pertinent statements about the vital and unique ro... More »

Government and the ABC play the blame game over regional cuts

'For the government, the question is who will be blamed for the slim down of regional services. It is desperately trying to make sure it is th... More »

ABC cuts: Tony Abbott's pledge regrets

Andrew Greene (ABC News 25.11.14) writes that Malcolm Turnbull has suggested that the ABC had a 'political bargain' with Labor to maintain... More »

Donation declaration limit continues to rise

Amy Remeikis writes in the Brisbane Times (25.11.14) that 'Queensland's donation declaration threshold will only keep increasing under the... More »

Less scrutiny of State politics - ABC's 7.30 Qld axed

Natalie Bochenski writes in the Brisbane Times (25.11.14) about the ABC cuts, and particularly the demise of the state-based 7.30 Rep... More »


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