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Crime, Justice & the Law

The Criminal justice system includes government institutions, the courts, police and corrections, responsible for upholding the law, deterring and mitigating crime, or punishing those who violate laws with criminal penalties or other sanctions. Articles here also discuss the relationship between government and the criminal justice institutions. 

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A national amnesty will not rid Australia of violent gun crime

Samara McPhedran writes in The Conversation (19.6.17) about the federal government's proposed three-month buy-back of illegal or unlicense... More »

Moonlight State: The honest cop who helped blow the whistle on Australia's most corrupt police force

The ABC's Mark Willacy and colleagues presented a Four Corners report (12.6.17) detailing the accounts of whistleblower police officers wh... More »

Australian authorities are doing all they can to combat terrorism

Adrian Cherney writes in The Conversation (9.6.17) that, despite recent high-profile events in Australia and abroad, there is good evidenc... More »

Queensland Premier says sorry to people punished under historical gay sex laws

Felicity Caldwell reports in the Brisbane Times (11.5.17) on the statement by Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk apologising on behalf of Queen... More »

'Crime and Justice in Asia and the Global South' conference

QUT's Crime and Justice Research Centre and the Asian Criminological Society are co-presenting the multi-disciplinary 'Crime and Justice ... More »

Criminal justice system - reliability and integration of data

Policy Online carries a link (26.4.17) to a Queensland Audit Office report which examines how well Queensland’s criminal j... More »

So funding isn't being cut from community legal centres? It's hard to 'welcome' that

Darren Lewin-Hill comments in The Guardian (24.4.17) on the federal government's reversal of plans for further cuts to free legal assistan... More »

Mandatory minimum sentences and populist criminal justice policy do not work – here’s why

Kate Fitz-Gibbon and James Roffee write in The Conversation (19.4.17) that, at a time when many Australian jurisdictions are imprisoning m... More »

Australia could alleviate its youth justice crisis by importing the right ideas from the US

Vincent Schiraldi writes in The Conversation (24.3.17) that Australian jurisdictions should enact permanent solutions to juvenile jus... More »

How to cut Australia’s $48 billion crime bill

Rick Sarre writes in The Conversation (14.3.17) that government spending on crime prevention needs to be redirected to programs and polici... More »

Banning orders won’t solve alcohol-fuelled violence – but they can be part of the solution

Renee Zahnow and colleagues write in The Conversation (9.3.17) about how 'banning orders', as part of a suite of safety and responsib... More »

Beth's Law to shake up parole system and DV victims also in the spotlight

Felicity Caldwell reports in the Brisbane Times (17.2.17) on some of the recommendations from the parole system review conducted by Walter... More »

The faulty child welfare system is the real issue behind our youth justice crisis

Katherine McFarlane writes in The Conversation (13.2.17) about recent claims of a 'crisis' in the nation's juvenile justice systems, argui... More »

Police pursuits: when does the end justify the means?

Terry Goldsworthy writes in The Conversation (24.1.17) about the regulations around police vehicles pursuing offenders on the roads, in li... More »

Queensland 1am lockouts scrapped, Safe Night Precinct special events permits halved

Felicity Caldwell reports in the Brisbane Times (23.1.17) on the Palaszczuk government's announcement that its proposed lockout laws for l... More »

Abortion to remain in the Criminal Code in Queensland in 2017?

Felicity Caldwell reports in the Brisbane Times (4.12.16) on the lack of movement on abortion law reform in Queensland.

'Abortion ... More »

Queensland reworks anti-bikie laws into 'toughest crime laws in Australia'

The ABC's Gail Burke reports (30.11.16) on the Palaszczuk Government's successful passage of its organised crime laws through the state's Parliamen... More »

Susan Kiefel appointed Australia's first female Chief Justice of the High Court

The ABC's Matthew Doran reports (29.11.16) on the appointment of a new Chief Justice of the High Court of Australia, Queenslander Justice Susan Kie... More »

Abortion reform: Why has Parliament dragged the chain?

TJ Ryan Foundation Research Associate, Graeme Orr, comments in the Brisbane Times (18.10.16) on the slowness of Queensland's parliamentari... More »

Domestic violence orders in Queensland boosted, protective powers increased

The ABC's Gail Burke reports (12.10.16) on moves by the Palaszczuk Government to bolster the state's domestic violence laws and increase protective... More »

Fashion police: new Queensland laws continue Australia’s misguided war on bikies

Terry Goldsworthy writes in The Conversation (16.9.16) about the state government's new criminal gang laws, which the author argues misdir... More »

Australia is locking up too many women but the UK offers a blueprint for a radical new approach

Ruth McCausland writes in The Conversation (14.9.16) about the rising rate of female incarceration in Australian prisons, and how a UK app... More »

CCC chief welcomes phase-in period on new organised crime laws

The ABC's Chris O'Brien reports (13.9.16) on the state government's proposed changes to the former Newman government's 'VLAD' anti-bikie gang laws,... More »

Queensland locks up more under 12yos than other states, Amnesty International says

The ABC's Allyson Horn reports (31.8.16) on the release of details from an Amnesty International investigation into Queensland's youth detention ce... More »

Proposed Queensland crime laws will create new offences, increase some penalties

The ABC's Chris O'Brien reports (30.8.16) on proposed changes to the previous Newman Government's anti-bikie laws, which the Palaszczuk Government ... More »


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