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Crime, Justice & the Law

The Criminal justice system includes government institutions, the courts, police and corrections, responsible for upholding the law, deterring and mitigating crime, or punishing those who violate laws with criminal penalties or other sanctions. Articles here also discuss the relationship between government and the criminal justice institutions. 

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A historical perspective on juvenile justice reform in Queensland

Andrew Trotter and Harry Hobbs write that recent juvenile justice 'reforms' in Queensland not only make undesirable policy, but unravel centuries o... More »

Is rational law reform still possible?

In The Conversation (15 August 2014) Emeritus Professor David Brown discusses the national trend towards denigrating judicial expertise, the lack o... More »

2013-14 crime statistics - down 2 percent

The Brisbane Times reported on 7.8.14 that the verified crime rate in Queensland showed a drop of two per cent in the last financial year, accordin... More »

The rise of domestic violence in Australia

In The Conversation (4.8.14) TJRyan Research Associate, Assistant Professor Terry Goldsworthy and Matthew Raj discuss the crime of domestic violenc... More »

Newman attack on media over independence of judiciary

Response to Supreme Court Justice Philip McMurdo criticism that there had been an 'increasing trend' of governments 'disparaging' the courts, and a... More »

Lawyers who help people protect their rights aren't the problem here

Article in The Conversation (11.7.14) by James Farrell and Julian Burnside on the indepedence of the juduciary:  'Australia’s courts ser... More »

Judicial appointments under Bjelke-Petersen and Newman

Roger Scott discusses how the judicial establishment prevailed over Joh Bjelke-Petersen about judicial appointments, and recalls another incident i... More »

Abbott follows Newman? - silencing advocacy by community legal centres

Carolyn Bond, writing in The Guardian Today (Australian edition, 28.6.2014) asks: 'Who will speak out for those suffering family violence and the v... More »

The firestorm that will not die down

The appointment of Tim Carmody to become the next Chief Justice of Queensland continues to cause the Newman Government and Attorney-General Jarrod ... More »

The costs of incarceration

Paul Rodan reponds to Paul Mazerolle, concluding that 'it is certainly timely for voters to be reminded that the ‘lock them up and throw away... More »

A response to O'Malley: Fighting Crime and Waste of Money - the Cost of Retribution

Roger Scott speculates about the relevance for Queensland policymakers More »

Doug Drummond interview on changes to the CMC

ABC News interview 21 May 2014.  Queensland corruption fighter Doug Drummond says CMC changes 'very dangerous, very worrying'

More »

Andrew Trotter and Harry Hobbs: 'The Great Leap Backward"

Andrew Trotter and Harold Hobbs place the recent 'reforms' to the criminal justice system in Queensland in their historical context 'to illustrate ... More »

Dr Gabrielle Appleby: Politicising advice: a cautionary tale for all governments'

Dr Appleby writes in The Conversation that after Queensland solicitor-general Walter Sofronoff QC resigned he revealed his outrage at the conduct o... More »

Former CMC Chair 'pans watchdog changes'

Amy Remeikis, State political reporter, Brisbane Times, reports on Robert Needham's submission to the Legislative Affairs and Community Safety parl... More »

Mark Solomons and Steve Cannane - ABC Lateline report: Senior Barrister stripped of Government brief

In Feruary 2014 a senior barrister had his brief to act for the Queensland Government taken away just days after he criticised the LNP administrati... More »

ABC radio panel discussion on the 'separation of powers'

A panel of experts, moderated by Paul Barclay, discuss the doctrine of the 'separation of powers' on Radio National'... More »

Alex McKean argues that Campbell Newman is turning back the clock in Queensland corruption fight

In May 2014 Alex McKean argued in The Conversation that Attorney-General Jarrod Bleijie and Premier Campbell Newman are defying lessons from other ... More »

Dr Terry Goldsworthy on the VLAD bikie laws

Dr Terry Goldsworthy argued in The Conversation, in Feburary 2014, that in an attempt to convince the public of the threat – and the need for... More »

21 Feb 2014

Video of Michelle James: Lawyers' 'great concerns about the LNP'

Michelle James, President of Australian Lawyers Alliance, says on the video that the Queensland LNP creates the 'impression there is political inte... More »

Michelle James responds to Newman's attacks on the judiciary

On 7 February 2014, in the Brisbane Times, Michelle James, Brisbane law... More »

7 Feb 2014

Dr Howard Guille, on Queensland's VLAD legislation

Queensland Parliament passed the Vicious Lawless Associates Disestablishment Act (VLAD) and two related Bills, the Tattoo Parlours Bill and the Cri... More »

27 Feb 2014

Professor Roger Scott: 'Lapdogs and Watchdogs'

Roger Scott's article, published in the Australasian Parliamentary Review (Spring 2013), on the political turmoil over the Parliamentary Crime and ... More »

27 Feb 2014

Professor Paul Mazerolle: 'Beyond the Common-Sense Revolution in Crime and Justice Policy Making'

In his address at the launch of the Ryan Foundation in February 2014, Professor Mazerolle said that most people who ... More »

4 Apr 2014


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