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Economics and the economy

This section includes papers on the management of Queensland's economy.

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Governments paying the price for 'do it now or die' approach to reform

Professor Flavio Menezes writes in The Conversation (9.2.15) that ' ... it is now well understood that there is no budget emergency. ... More »

Political distrust and the future of neo-liberalism

'The signs of increasing political discontent are widespread as voters reject the increasingly problematic neo-liberal policies. Therefore, there i... More »

The true state of Queensland debt

Fabrizio Carmignani, Professor, Griffith Business School at Griffith University, asks in The Conversation, 29.1.15) 'How much debt is... More »

LNP should use standard economic assessments

The Australia Institute suggests that current economic modelling methodology used to assess projects is flawed. It concludes its subm... More »

The black holes in LNP and Labor plans to fix Qld's debt

Mark McGovern discusses the economic policies of the LNP and the ALP in The Conversation (23.1.15).  He finds 'black holes' in b... More »

Vote Compass results on the Queensland economy

The majority of regional Queenslanders believe the state's economy has taken a turn for the worse in the past year, according to the latest results... More »

The true state of Queensland's economy - without the spin

Professor Fabrizio Carmignani, of the Griffith University Business School, provides an overview of the state of the Queensland economy in an articl... More »

Queensland's deficit higher and growth lower than predicted

Amy Remeikis writes in the Brisbane Times (18.12.14) that Queensland Treasurer Tim Nicholls' mid-year fiscal and economic update has ... More »

Income inequality acts as a drag on economic growth

Ross Gittins writes in the Brisbane Times (17.12.14) that 'My strongest feeling in recent days is what a mentally incestuous, intellectual... More »

Deficit mania and balanced budgets are a political fraud

Seumas Milns writes in The Guardian (UK) that 'Nearly five years into the Tory-led coalition, most people are well aware that austerity is... More »

The case for divestment from fossil fuels

John Quiggin writes in The Conversation (1.12.14) about the ANU's decision to divest from fossil fuel investments:  'Leaving aside th... More »

Newman to fight Canberra over disaster relief funding

Amy Remeikis reports in the Brisbane Times (1.12.14) that Premier Campbell Newman 'is preparing to take another fight to Canberra, wi... More »

Perceived unfairness of budget partial cause of blow out

'Although the budget contained many worthwhile measures, in practical terms it "produced confidence-sapping political deadlock," writes former Trea... More »

Queensland's disaster relief funding under threat

'National disaster funding to Queensland from the federal government is under serious threat with authorities wanting to reduce federal payouts fro... More »

Wise investment or fossil fools?

'Something is brewing' writes business columnist Michael West in the Sydney Morning Herald. 'If you were to join the dots you would conclu... More »

Adani quizzed by National Stock Exchange of India

'Indian conglomerate Adani has been questioned by the National Stock Exchange of India over claims that the State Bank of India has extended it a $... More »

National Party voters would be hardest hit by GP 'co-payment'

Newman Government to pay for coal infrastructure

'Queensland taxpayers will help fund a rail line from Abbot Point port to what will be Australia's largest coal mine, with the door open to similar... More »

The G20 agenda: the push on tax avoidance

'Tax avoidance by multinational enterprises is not new. But the current level of political will and public outcry on the issue is uncommon in the h... More »

Rising joblessness - trouble for Joe Hockey

Stephen Koukoulas writes in The Guardian (7.11.14) about the impact of rising joblessness and falling iron ore prices on the economy. 'The economy ... More »

Joe Hockey and rising inequality

Professor James Morley writes in The Conversation (4.11.14): 'Joe Hockey may try and advocate that higher taxes kill the goose that lays the golden... More »

How miners shape our world

Anthropologist Sally Babiddge writes in The Conversation (30.10.14) that miners do much more than extract minerals and make profits. 'The Australia... More »

The Mouse that Roars - Coal in the Queensland Economy

Paper (October 2014) on the coal industry in Queensland by Roderick Campbell, Research Fellow with The Australia Institute: 

'99 per c... More »

Effective gambling regulation is not just 'red tape'

Charles Livingstone writes in The Conversation (20.10.14) that the Queensland government's changes to its poker machine legislation has removed 'tw... More »

Immense divide : budget impact Coalition and Labor seats

Tom Allard reports in The Brisbane Times (10.10.14) on the findings of a study by the National Centre for Social and Economic Modelling that c... More »


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