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Economics and the economy

This section includes papers on the management of Queensland's economy.

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Russian sanctions least of agriculture sector's problems

Mark McGovern writes in The Conversation (13 August 14): 'Measures of both competitiveness and productivity can increase when an industry is in dec... More »

The Federal budget, fairness and class warfare

In Inside Story (8.8.14) Peter Whiteford analyses the impact of the 2014 Federal budget.  He discusses its underlying values, the public's res... More »

Labor and equality

Article about US economist Joseph Stiglitz's challenge for Labor policymakers to become more assertive about equality and more articulate about mor... More »

The mining industry a 'special case'?

Richard Denniss writes in Policy Online (16.7.14):  'Mining lobbyists talk up the revenue they provide to governments, but there’s littl... More »

Summary of Productivity Commission report on public infrastructure

There is an urgent need to comprehensively overhaul processes for assessing and developing public infrastructure projects, argues the Productivity ... More »

Economists 'rubbish' talk of debt crisis

Sydney Morning Herald 'BusinessDay' (12.7.14): 'Leading economists have rejected the federal government's claims of a ''budget emergency", saying i... More »

Income and wealth inequality in Australia

The Australia Institute report by David Richards and Richard Denniss, 8 July 2014.  Policy Onine writes:  'The nature and extent of inequ... More »

Quggin on the Costello Commission of Audit

Analysis by economist John Quiggin of the 2012 'Costello' Commission of Audit Report. 

More »

Catastrophic impact of 2011 Queensland floods

Amy Remeikis, in Brisbane Times (3 July 2014), reports that Queensland has pleaded with a federal parliamentary inquiry to not reduce Commonwealth ... More »

Taxation policy brief by Associate Professor Geoff Dow

Australia is a low tax country by the standards of developed countries and has typically ranked in the bottom third of all OECD countries for gover... More »

A privatised monopoly is still a monopoly, and consumers pay the price

Stephen King, Professor of Economics at Monash University, writes about privatisation in The Conversation (25 June 2014), concluding: 'The current ... More »

Look at the data to understand the risks for the Australian economy

Professor James Morley discusses in The Conversation (24 June 2014) Hockey's claim that there is a 'debt crisis'.

More »

Increasing inequality brings high social cost

The Conversation (12.6.2014) offers an overview of a new report, released yesterday, on the increasing wealth inequality in Australia.  'Advan... More »

Tunnel-visioned and incomplete: The Queensland Government's budget 2014-15

John Stanford, a TJRyan Research Associate, writes about the recent Queensland State budget.  Jon Stanford is an economist who writes regularl... More »

The Federal and Queensland budgets and the broken Federation

Associate Professor John Rice argues in The Conversation (5 June 2014) that the recent federal budget left the states in the invidious position of ... More »

Geoff Dow discusses public debt

Associate Professor Geoff Dow argues that the need to facilitate economic transformation (that is, to encourage structural change), though sometime... More »

There’s zero public demand for fighter planes ... but we'll spend $12bn anyway

Jeff Sparrow writes in The Guardian of 24 April 2014:  'Ordinary Australians might not care about the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter acquisition, b... More »

Federal Budget 2014: Truthfulness, democracy and human 'data points'

Michael Cooney (Chifley Foundation), Adam Creighton (Economics correspondent for The Australian), and journalist Mike Seccombe, appear on The Drum,... More »

Clive Palmer writes in The Guardian of May 19, 2014, about the Federal budget 'for lobbyists and Liberal Party donors'

Clive Palmer of the Palmer United Party (PUP) writes in the Guardian Australia that while Tony Abbott's ministers enjoy cigars, expensive dinners a... More »

Professor John Quiggin on the 2014 Federal Budget 'for the 1 per cent'

No progress on tax avoidance, no sign that Australia will responsibly lead the G20, no reform of expensive concessions to the wealthy: this Budget ... More »

Professor Tim Robinson: 'A splendid or a happy land?'

This paper by Emeritus Professor Tim Robinson suggests an alternative to the current direction in which the ALP is h... More »

Laura Eadie, Centre for Policy Development: 'All boom, no benefit?

Laura Eadie argues in The Conversation that Queensland must chart a new course toward reliable, sustainable and equitably distributed growth &ndash... More »

Professor Roger Scott: 'Economic rationalism' - UK May 2014

TJ Ryan Foundation Executive Director Roger Scott reports on the UK newspapers, finding  uncanny similarities between Queensland and the UK&rs... More »

Laura Eadie writes about the significant potential risks from port duplication in Queensland

In November 2013, Laura Eadie argued, on the Centre for Policy Development website, that surplus port capacity puts Queensland at competitive disad... More »

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