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Economics and the economy

This section includes papers on the management of Queensland's economy.

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Queensland reducing debt without austerity

Fabrizio Carmignani comments on the Queensland budget  (The Conversation 15.7.15), concluding:

'On paper, this is a remarkabl... More »

Curtis Pitt complimented on 'no big hits' budget

The Brisbane Times (16.7.15) reports that the Queensland Treasurer Curtis Pitt has been given 'the greatest compliment in regards to ... More »

Curtis Pitt leaves Opposition with little budget room to move

Madonna King writes in the Brisbane Times (16.7.15) that Treasurer Curtis Pitt's first budget has left the Opposition with little economic... More »

Queensland back on track to be a smart State

The Queensland State budget allocated $180 million to get industry, universities and government 'collaborating to create new jobs and drive investm... More »

Superannuation Policy for Post-Retirement

'The evidence suggests that most retirees are prudent in their drawdown behaviour. Less than 30 per cent of superannuation benefits are taken as lu... More »

A progressive budget for Queensland?

TJRyan Research Associate, Dr Jon Stanford, writes:

'Discussion of the Queensland government finances over the last three years has been&nb... More »

The effect of mining industry lobbying on Queensland's schools and social services

In a paper for the Australia Institute (June 2015) Rod Campbell analyses the effect that government subsidies for the mining industry on Q... More »

Inequality in Australia: A nation divided

'Wealth in Australia is highly concentrated, with the top 10% of wealth holders owning 45% of all wealth.

'In a country that prides it... More »

Road users must pay, sooner rather than later

Michael de Percy writes in The Conversation (17.6.15) that the idea of motorists paying for the roads they use beyond tolls, fuel excise o... More »

Per Capita tax survey 2015

'Australia has witnessed a remarkable shift in public attitudes to public spending and tax over the last two years. We no longer feel overtaxed. We... More »

How 'fair' was it? See ACOSS response to 2015 Federal budget

'While the 2015-16 Budget delivered welcome new investment in early childhood education and care and charted a fairer path on pension reform, the c... More »

It's the revenue stupid: ideas for a brighter budget

Paper by Matt Grudoff, for the Australia Institute, 5.5.15, suggests:

'The government has claimed there are no alternatives to its... More »

High youth unemployment can't be blamed on wages

In The Conversation (16.4.15) Raja Junankar argues that business lobbies, and some politicians argue youth unemployment is high and rising... More »

The teenage dream unravels: trends in youth unemployment

It can’t be said enough, amid a steady rise in the overall unemployment rate, Australia’s youth continue to bear the brunt –... More »

Gladstone steel plant a step closer

More »

Intergenerational Report: experts comment

In The Conversation (6.3.15), John Buchanan (Workplace Research Centre, Sydney University); Alan Pears AM (Sustainable Energy & C... More »

Intergenerational Report: superannuation missing from narrative

Michael William Blissenden writes in The Conversation (6.3.15):

'The 2015 Report notes that around 70% of people of Age Pension age were re... More »

Nothing is easier than to make a forecast look scary

John Quiggin writes in The Guardian (6.2.15) that the idea that budget deficits constitute ‘robbing our children’ remains... More »

Queensland's biggest economic challenge isn't debt - it's growth

In The Conversation (17.2.15) Professor Fabrizio Carmignani writes an open letter to the new Premier:

‘Dear Premier Palaszczuk, As yo... More »

Time to slay some sacred cows

Michael Gill argues in Inside Story (13.2.15) that there are better ways of dealing with the federal budget deficit that would also boost ... More »

Turning headwinds into tailwinds: the economy can correct course

Professor Stephen King writes in The Conversation (10.2.15) that Australia can adjust to the end of the resources boom:

'Our ... More »

Governments paying the price for 'do it now or die' approach to reform

Professor Flavio Menezes writes in The Conversation (9.2.15) that ' ... it is now well understood that there is no budget emergency. ... More »

Political distrust and the future of neo-liberalism

'The signs of increasing political discontent are widespread as voters reject the increasingly problematic neo-liberal policies. Therefore, there i... More »

The true state of Queensland debt

Fabrizio Carmignani, Professor, Griffith Business School at Griffith University, asks in The Conversation, 29.1.15) 'How much debt is... More »

LNP should use standard economic assessments

The Australia Institute suggests that current economic modelling methodology used to assess projects is flawed. It concludes its subm... More »


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