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Economics and the economy

This section includes papers on the management of Queensland's economy.

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Bringing the free market down to earth is a moral question

Jean-Paul Gagnon and Mark Chou write in The Conversation (1.10.14): 'The lack of regulation, the weak enforcement of existing regulations and the m... More »

Life in a de-growth economy

Samuel Alexander writes in The Conversation (2.10.14): 'Like a snake eating its own tail, our growth-oriented civilisation suffers from the delusio... More »

German climate advisor scathing on Australia's coal policy

Lisa Cox reports in The Brisbane Times (2.10.14) that the German Chancellor's advisor on climate policy has said that continued coal use was not on... More »

The cost of homelessness: an Australian national study

This report by the Australian Housing and Urban Research Institute (16.12.13) explores the effect homelessness programs have on the potential to yi... More »

What budget emergency?

'Budget emergency' denied by 63 Australian economists who argue that 'the government's chief aim shouldn't be to generate a surplus but to generate... More »

Queensland Western Downs: survey on coal seam gas

CSIRO scientists report the outcomes of a survey of residents in Queensland's Western Downs region on attitudes to coal seam gas.

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Conus Business Consultancy Services questions government's tourism statistics

LNP Tourism minister's statistics queried by Conus Business Consultancy Services: 'We can only conclude that the LNP are, once again, using data wh... More »

Queensland tourism - growth stagnating

Cameron Atfield writes in The Brisbane Times (15.9.14) that Queensland's tourism peak body has warned that tourism in the State is stagnating, with... More »

The local costs of Cairns' new casino

Francis Markham and Martin Young write in The Conversation (5.9.14) that 'while Aquis has produced a 4000-page environmental and social impact stat... More »

Social Inequality: is the elephant in the room strangling us all?

The notion of a fair go and the concept of social mobility are both central to the Australian psyche and culture. Aleesandro Demaio writes in The C... More »

Sale of the century - the great privatisation scam

James Meek (The Guardian, 27.8.14) discusses the inequities that have resulted from the UK's privatised public services.  'A tax is generally ... More »

Consigning future generations to social immobility?

In The Guardian (22.8.14) Jim Chalmers argues that judged on their decisions to date, 'we now have a government that sees inequality as an objectiv... More »

The Entitlement of Age

Report for Per Capita by Emily Millane. Millane argues that Australia's retirement income system is becoming unsustainable. Proposals currently in ... More »

Why treasurers should go back to economics school

Professor Geoff Harcourt argues in The Conversation (19.8.14) that:  'Treasurer Speak' in recent decades reflects serious conceptual misunders... More »

Richard Dennis predicts that the biggest blow for the Hockey budget is yet to come

On 12 August 2014 Richard Dennis of the AustraliaInstitute predicts further problems in the Senate over Hockey's budget, particularly because its p... More »

National Party voters would be hardest hit by GP 'co-payment'

Richard Dennis and Matt Grudnoff of the AustraliaInstitute argue that National Party constituents will be amongst the hardest hit if the federal go... More »

We must not just wave goodbye to our voluntary sector

In The Conversation (14 August 2014) Professor Paul Smith argues that recent reports (Hilmer and Shergold) have been informed by by commissions of ... More »

Russian sanctions least of agriculture sector's problems

Mark McGovern writes in The Conversation (13 August 14): 'Measures of both competitiveness and productivity can increase when an industry is in dec... More »

The Federal budget, fairness and class warfare

In Inside Story (8.8.14) Peter Whiteford analyses the impact of the 2014 Federal budget.  He discusses its underlying values, the public's res... More »

Labor and equality

Article about US economist Joseph Stiglitz's challenge for Labor policymakers to become more assertive about equality and more articulate about mor... More »

The mining industry a 'special case'?

Richard Denniss writes in Policy Online (16.7.14):  'Mining lobbyists talk up the revenue they provide to governments, but there’s littl... More »

Summary of Productivity Commission report on public infrastructure

There is an urgent need to comprehensively overhaul processes for assessing and developing public infrastructure projects, argues the Productivity ... More »

Economists 'rubbish' talk of debt crisis

Sydney Morning Herald 'BusinessDay' (12.7.14): 'Leading economists have rejected the federal government's claims of a ''budget emergency", saying i... More »

Income and wealth inequality in Australia

The Australia Institute report by David Richards and Richard Denniss, 8 July 2014.  Policy Onine writes:  'The nature and extent of inequ... More »

Quggin on the Costello Commission of Audit

Analysis by economist John Quiggin of the 2012 'Costello' Commission of Audit Report. 

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