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Economics and the economy

This section includes papers on the management of Queensland's economy.

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Thereís an obvious reason wages arenít growing, but you wonít hear it from Treasury or the Reserve Bank

TJ Ryan Foundation Research Associate, David Peetz, writes in The Conversation (9.9.19) that, after decades of research showing the l... More »

For the first time in a long time, weíre setting up a generation to be worse off than the one before it

Kate Griffiths and Danielle Wood write in The Conversation (18.8.19) about their new Grattan Institute report on intergenerational inequal... More »

Drought policy in Australia

In this paper (10.8.19), Ben Rees offers his impressions of questionable economics underpinning drought policy in Australia, in light of comments f... More »

Thereís a reason youíre feeling no better off than 10 years ago. Hereís what HILDA says about well-being

Peter Martin writes in The Conversation (30.7.19) about the latest findings from the University of Melbourne's Household, Income and Labou... More »

Inequality is growing, but it is also changing as Australiaís super rich evolve

Salvatore Ferraro writes in The Conversation (15.7.19) about the increasing inequality between the richer and poorer members of Australian... More »

A rising tide that hasnít lifted all boats

Peter Whiteford writes in Inside Story (29.5.19) about continually widening inequality in Australia, arguing that the evidence shows our s... More »

Event: 'Webtopia' book launch

The TJ Ryan Foundation extends an invitation to our subscribers to attend the Brisbane book launch of Peter Lewis' 'Webtopia'. The book traces... More »

Event: 2019 Keith Hancock Lecture - The Future of Work

On Wednesday, 22 May 2019, TJ Ryan Foundation Research Associate, Professor John Quiggin, will present his 2019 Keith Hancock Lecture on 'The ... More »

Expect tax cuts and an emptying of the cupboards in a budget cleanout as the billions roll in

Warren Hogan writes in The Conversation (26.3.19) that, ahead of the Morrison government's budget package, royalty and taxation revenue ha... More »

Ultra low wage growth isnít accidental. It is the intended outcome of government policies

TJ Ryan Foundation Board member, John Quiggin, writes in The Conversation (18.3.19) about an inadvertent 'admission' by Finance Minister, ... More »

Gender equity - the way things are going, we wonít reach true parity until the 22nd century

Rebecca Cassels and Alan Duncan write in The Conversation (8.3.19) about the prospects in Australia for closer gender equity in the workpl... More »

The workplace challenge facing Australia (spoiler alert Ė itís not technology)

Sarah Kaine writes in The Conversation (27.2.19) about the low wage growth and job insecurity currently troubling the Australian labour fo... More »

TJ Ryan Foundation 5th anniversary event

Join the TJ Ryan Foundation for an early evening seminar to mark our fifth anniversary. Addressing the theme, 'The Impact of Inequality in Queensla... More »

Banking Royal Commission: Hayne gets the government to do a U-turn

Peter Martin writes in The Conversation (4.2.19) about the findings of the Hayne Royal Commission into the banking and finance sector, sug... More »

Socialist utopia 2050: what could life in Australia be like after the failure of capitalism?

TJ Ryan Foundation Board member, John Quiggin, comments in The Guardian (18.1.19) that, with ideas like four-day weeks to uncondition... More »

Where all the new jobs will be in Queensland by 2022

Felicity Caldwell reports in the Brisbane Times (5.11.18) on the release of a new Jobs Queensland report into the state's future skills ne... More »

Public lectures: 'The Future of Work'

In conjunction with the Queensland Council of Unions, the TJ Ryan Foundation is convening two public lectures in north and central Queensland, deli... More »

The problem with Australiaís banks is one of too much law and too little enforcement

Deborah Ralston writes in The Conversation (29.9.18) about the interim report presented by the Royal Commission into Australia's banking a... More »

This is what policymakers can and canít do about low wage growth

Michael Keating writes in The Conversation (17.8.18) that governments can't undo the technological changes behind frozen wages and ri... More »

Self-employment and casual work arenít increasing, but so many jobs are insecure

TJ Ryan Foundation Research Associate, David Peetz, writes in The Conversation (3.8.18) that, amid all the talk of increasing casuali... More »

What the huge HILDA survey reveals about your economic well-being, health and family life

Roger Wilkins and editors from The Conversation write (31.7.18) about the latest Household, Income and Labour Dynamics in Australia (... More »

Queenslanders feel forgotten despite record 26 straight years of economic growth: poll

The ABC's Rebecca Hyam reports (20.7.18) on the release of research into community perceptions of 'economic disconnect' in various parts of Austral... More »

Rising to the challenge of inequality

Andrew Leigh writes in Inside Story (15.6.18) that Thomas Piketty and his colleagues have used new data to track inequality and sharpen th... More »

Hip-pocket hit to Queenslanders on the way with Jackie Trad's big budget spend

Ashleigh Stevenson reports for the ABC (13.6.18) on the Palaszczuk government's state budget, and the first delivered by Deputy Premier and Treasur... More »

Morrisonís budget tax plan is another missed opportunity

Richard Holden writes in The Conversation (8.5.18) that, even though this year’s federal budget is pretty good politics and reasonab... More »


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