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Economics and the economy

This section includes papers on the management of Queensland's economy.

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The Buy Queensland strategy - breaking international trade deals?

Giovanni Di Lieto writes in The Conversation (16.8.17) that the Palaszczuk Government's proposed 'Buy Queensland first' strategy has quest... More »

The inequality you canít change that lasts a lifetime

Tina Rampino, Mark Western and Wojtek Tomaszewski from the University of Queensland's Institute for Social Science Research write in The C... More »

Why 'economic anxiety' doesn't explain One Nation and the far-right's return

Greg Jericho comments in The Guardian (8.8.17) that a recent Grattan Institute report suggests those who attribute the rise of nationalist... More »

Egalitarian or Edwardian? The rising wealth inequality in Australia

Jennifer Chesters writes in The Conversation (8.8.17) that, if the gap in Australia between the wealth of the billionaires and that of the... More »

Is this the end of meritocracy?

Frank Bongiorno writes in Inside Story (3.8.17) that the evidence that birth and luck play an outsized role in our lives is overwhelm... More »

Inequality is a political choice. No matter how long it takes, we will defeat it

John Falzon comments in The Guardian (1.8.17) on the increasing consensus of opinion that inequality in Australia is getting worse, arguin... More »

Home ownership falling, debts rising Ė itís looking grim for the under 40s

Roger Wilkins writes in The Conversation (2.8.17) about the latest release of the HILDA (Household Income and Labour Dynamics in Australia... More »

The government is backing the wrong industries, as our economy changes: Productivity Commission

John Wanna writes in The Conversation (29.7.17) about a new Productivity Commission report on 'rising protectionism', arguing that cu... More »

The coming boom in inherited wealth

TJ Ryan Foundation Board member, John Quiggin, writes in Inside Story (25.7.17) about recent data showing increasing levels of social and ... More »

Tackling inequality: good for the economy, good for the party

Tim Colebatch writes in Inside Story (25.7.17) about Opposition Leader Bill Shorten's recent speech on inequality and the Australian econo... More »

Bill Shorten says inequality threatens Australia's economy and social cohesion

Katharine Murphy reports in The Guardian (21.7.17) on a key speech from federal Opposition Leader, Bill Shorten, in which he declared that... More »

Queensland government should reform state's taxes: report

Felicity Caldwell reports in the Brisbane Times (20.7.17) on the release of the Queensland Productivity Commission's draft report from its... More »

The G20 summit shows a world divided in its attitudes toward globalisation

Jennifer Johns writes in The Conversation (7.7.17) that differences in attitudes toward globalisation make cooperation between the wo... More »

What income inequality looks like across Australia

Nicholas Biddle and Francis Markham write in The Conversation (6.7.17) that recently released Census data shows there is worrying income i... More »

Manufacturing: a moment of opportunity

Policy Online carries a link (21.6.17) to a Centre for Future Work report which identifies several indicators suggesting that the eco... More »

Income inequality exists in Australia, but the true picture may not be as bad as you thought

Roger Wilkins writes in The Conversation (20.6.17) about Australian household income statistics, pointing out that while the data show wea... More »

Recipe to avoid recession has also kept jobs and wages growth at bay

Greg Jericho comments in The Guardian (11.6.17) on recent economic figures showing a decline in wages growth and jobs numbers in Australia... More »

Our struggling economy needs government help more than ever

Greg Jericho comments in The Guardian (13.6.17) on Australia's stagnating economy, arguing that government intervention is necessary since... More »

Queensland 'jobs bonanza' budget designed to ward off sway to One Nation, analysts say

The ABC's Allyson Horn reports (13.6.17) on details of the Palaszczuk government's third budget, including input from TJ Ryan Foundation Research A... More »

Ignoring workersí welfare is hurting the economy

Tim Colebatch writes in Inside Story (10.6.17) that economic growth in Australia continues to be slow and uneven, and governments seem una... More »

The OECD joins the backlash against unfettered globalisation

TJ Ryan Foundation Board member, John Quiggin, writes in Inside Story (9.6.17) about the widening backlash against the excesses and negati... More »

With Uber, Deliveroo and the gig economy on the rise, must labour unions die?

The ABC's Antony Funnell reports (31.5.17) on the steady rise of the so-called 'gig' or digital economy, and what an increasingly casualised and co... More »

The (Really) Lucky Country: winning the fairness debate

Michael Gordon comments in the Brisbane Times (2.6.17) on Australia's long-lasting record of economic growth, and what this has meant in t... More »

A gender lens on the 2017-18 federal budget

The National Foundation for Australian Women has released (9.5.17) an analysis of this year's federal budget and its impact upon women in terms of ... More »

The Hawke-Keating agenda was Laborism, not neoliberalism, and is still a guiding light

Former federal treasurer, Wayne Swan, suggests in The Guardian (14.5.17) that, if centre-left parties wish to escape the poison of trickle... More »


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