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Economics and the economy

This section includes papers on the management of Queensland's economy.

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Manufacturing: a moment of opportunity

Policy Online carries a link (21.6.17) to a Centre for Future Work report which identifies several indicators suggesting that the eco... More »

Income inequality exists in Australia, but the true picture may not be as bad as you thought

Roger Wilkins writes in The Conversation (20.6.17) about Australian household income statistics, pointing out that while the data show wea... More »

Recipe to avoid recession has also kept jobs and wages growth at bay

Greg Jericho comments in The Guardian (11.6.17) on recent economic figures showing a decline in wages growth and jobs numbers in Australia... More »

Our struggling economy needs government help more than ever

Greg Jericho comments in The Guardian (13.6.17) on Australia's stagnating economy, arguing that government intervention is necessary since... More »

Queensland 'jobs bonanza' budget designed to ward off sway to One Nation, analysts say

The ABC's Allyson Horn reports (13.6.17) on details of the Palaszczuk government's third budget, including input from TJ Ryan Foundation Research A... More »

Ignoring workers’ welfare is hurting the economy

Tim Colebatch writes in Inside Story (10.6.17) that economic growth in Australia continues to be slow and uneven, and governments seem una... More »

The OECD joins the backlash against unfettered globalisation

TJ Ryan Foundation Board member, John Quiggin, writes in Inside Story (9.6.17) about the widening backlash against the excesses and negati... More »

With Uber, Deliveroo and the gig economy on the rise, must labour unions die?

The ABC's Antony Funnell reports (31.5.17) on the steady rise of the so-called 'gig' or digital economy, and what an increasingly casualised and co... More »

The (Really) Lucky Country: winning the fairness debate

Michael Gordon comments in the Brisbane Times (2.6.17) on Australia's long-lasting record of economic growth, and what this has meant in t... More »

A gender lens on the 2017-18 federal budget

The National Foundation for Australian Women has released (9.5.17) an analysis of this year's federal budget and its impact upon women in terms of ... More »

The Hawke-Keating agenda was Laborism, not neoliberalism, and is still a guiding light

Former federal treasurer, Wayne Swan, suggests in The Guardian (14.5.17) that, if centre-left parties wish to escape the poison of trickle... More »

The gender pay gap is hurting productivity

Tom Kennedy and colleagues write in The Conversation (15.5.17) about the income gap between workers of different gender in Australia, argu... More »

Shorten fights on fairness in budget reply, but will it be enough?

Natalie Mast writes in The Conversation (12.5.17) that, with the Coalition delivering a raft of so-called 'Labor-lite' economic measures, ... More »

Hope versus humiliation in the Federal Budget

John Falzon, Chief Executive of the St Vincent de Paul Society National Council, writes in Eureka Street (9.5.17) that, despite Treasurer ... More »

Budget 2017: Morrison heads off the right with an appeal to altruism over self-interest

Tony Walker writes in The Conversation (9.5.17) that Scott Morrison and Malcolm Turnbull have clearly resolved to move onto the offen... More »

EVENT: 'Inequality in Australia' 2017 Conference

The TJ Ryan Foundation, with the support of the Queensland University of Technology, QSuper and the Queensland Council of Unions, presented its maj... More »

Where did all the money go?

Policy Online carries a link (3.5.17) to an audio podcast from the University of Melbourne's 'Policy Shop', featuring Glyn Davis in discus... More »

Vital Signs: why the government still thinks it can ‘grow away’ the deficit

Richard Holden writes in The Conversation (5.5.17) about the federal government's continuing adherence to its 'growth and jobs' mantra, ar... More »

The science of inequality: why people 'prefer' unequal societies

In a thought-provoking new paper highlighted in The Guardian (4.5.17), three Yale scientists - Christina Starmans, Mark Sheskin and P... More »

Federal Treasurer: Budget to distinguish good and bad debt

Michelle Grattan writes in The Conversation (27.4.17) that Malcolm Turnbull and Scott Morrison are preparing the ground for a boost in inf... More »

Immigrants advance Australian economy, but what happens if we 'close the door?'

The ABC's Ian Verrender comments (24.4.17) on the Turnbull government's proposed changes to citizenship rules and the skilled migrant visa program,... More »

Australian government axes 457 work visa: experts react

Chris Wright and colleagues write in The Conversation (18.4.17) about the Turnbull government's proposal to abolish the 457 skilled migran... More »

Malcolm Turnbull's myth of 'middle Australia' ignores both gender and reality

Greg Jericho comments in The Guardian (18.4.17) on the Australian Taxation Office's release of tax and economic statistics, arguing that i... More »

What housing issues should the budget tackle? This is what our experts say

Richard Tomlinson writes in The Conversation (10.4.17), summarising the arguments of several housing experts who largely agree on which go... More »

The government’s company tax cut win a triumph of politics over economics

Brett Govendir and Roman Lanis write in The Conversation (3.4.17) that, while the federal government's company tax cut may signal to the w... More »


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