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Economics and the economy

This section includes papers on the management of Queensland's economy.

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Future of Queensland probed to develop blueprint for the state

Felicity Caldwell reports in the Brisbane Times (5.10.16) on analysis from Deloitte Access Economics of the Queensland economy and its pos... More »

Will social impact bonds change the world?

Mike Steketee writes in Inside Story (4.10.16) about the interest shown by some governments in Australia for implementing 'social impact b... More »

The mining construction boom and regional jobs in Queensland

Policy Online carries a link (29.9.16) to an Australia Institute report highlighting the jobs decline in many parts of regional Queensland... More »

What impact do house prices have on household debt and labour supply in Australia?

Policy Online carries a link (28.9.16) to an Australian Housing and Urban Research Institute report which explores the nature an... More »

Diversify or die: Lynham's warning for Queensland's economy

Cameron Atfield reports in the Brisbane Times (17.9.16) on comments regarding the need to diversify the state's economy and its energy sou... More »

Coal's death would not kill economy: Australia Institute

The ABC's Peter Ryan reports (16.9.16) on the release of an Australia Institute report outlining how the cessation of coal exploration or mine... More »

Choosing opportunity: a policy blueprint for a fairer Australia

Policy Online carries a link (8.9.16) to a McKell Institute report which outlines 'a policy blueprint for ensuring greater equality o... More »

A history of failed reform: why Australia needs a banking royal commission

Thomas Clarke writes in The Conversation (12.9.16) about past attempts through government inquiries to improve banking and financial secto... More »

New migrants on board the budget-cut omnibus

Peter Mares writes in Inside Story (9.9.16) about the federal government's proposed 'budget repair' measures, included among which is a li... More »

By 2030, ‘no Australian child will be living in poverty’ – why can’t we promise that?

Wendy Stone and colleagues write in The Conversation (7.9.16) about the problems of income inequality and housing unavailability, factors ... More »

The budget is the greatest moral challenge of our time? Bollocks

Warwick Smith writes for the Per Capita think tank (31.8.16) about the persistent and ill-founded claims from federal Coalition MPs, including the ... More »

It's not just the economy, stupid; it's whether the economy is fair

In The Conversation (29.8.16), in the first article of a new series on globalisation, Wesley Widmaler, among others, writes about eco... More »

Inequality: the facts and the future

Policy Online carries a link (21.8.16) to a Chifley Research Centre report on the threat of greater levels of inequality between the wealt... More »

The electorate has spoken, but Turnbull's speech shows he hasn't listened

In The Conversation (17.8.16), Saul Eslake discusses Malcolm Turnbull's first major economic address since the July federal election, comm... More »

An Industry Policy for Queensland

Paul Boreham and Chris Salisbury provide an overview of innovation-led industry policies that engage in long-run strategic investments to create an... More »

2 Aug 2016

What next for economic policy and the economy?

Geoff Dow argues that the development of economic policy needs to be founded on a clearer understanding of economic growth, debt, government spendi... More »

Four qualities that helped small businesses survive the end of the resources boom

Jerad A. Ford and colleagues write in The Conversation (28.7.16) about the factors that have seen many small regional Queensland businesse... More »

Crippling rural debt looms as biggest threat to our beef producers

Mark McGovern writes in The Conversation (29.7.16) about the financial problems besetting Queensland's beef industry, suggesting what the ... More »

Five ways the Coalition can get innovation back on track

Mark Dodgson writes in The Conversation (25.7.16) about the importance of well-focused business and research innovation to the national ec... More »

Regulation of Australian agriculture: draft report

Policy Online carries a link (21.7.16) to a Productivity Commission report into the regulatory system surrounding Australia's agricultural... More »

Stark divide between young and old as Australian household incomes and wealth stall

Roger Wilkins writes in The Conversation (20.7.16) about the release of the annual HILDA survey, and what the data show regarding househol... More »

A realistic strategy for federal budget repair

The Grattan Institute's John Daley and Brendan Coates write in The Conversation (19.7.16) about budget 'repair' measures that the returned... More »

John Quiggin on AAA ratings

John Quiggin writes in The Guardian (12.7.16) about the implications of a credit rating downgrade for Australia's economy, argui... More »

Vital Signs: goodbye AAA Australia?

Richard Holden writes in The Conversation (8.7.16) about the implications of a credit rating downgrade for Australia's economy, as fl... More »

Queensland biomedical and life sciences 10 year roadmap: discusssion paper

Policy Online carries a link (5.7.16) to a Department of State Development discussion paper exploring the role of the life sciences in Que... More »


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