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Employment and industrial relations

Although this section focusses on employment and industrial relations, there has been a strong emphasis on young unemployment and government responses, because these have been the key current issues.

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North Stradbroke Island mining: How many jobs are at stake?

Richard Carew reports in the Brisbane Times (10.3.16) on questions over the extent of the impact on local jobs of the closure of Sibelco's... More »

Companies prefer ticking boxes to breaking the glass ceiling

Martijn Boersma writes in The Conversation (8.3.16) about the lack of action or seeming enthusiasm in Australia's corporate sector for tac... More »

Gender pay gap - over the life cycle

Policy Online carries links to two reports highlighting recent research into the gender pay gap in Australia, one report from the ACTU (7.... More »

Angry taxi licensees confront Palaszczuk, Hinchliffe at community cabinet

Amy Remeikis reports in the Brisbane Times (6.3.16) on taxi licence owners protesting about Uber drivers to the Premier and the Transport ... More »

Three things unions can learn from Uber drivers

Sarah Kaine and Michael Walker write in The Conversation (3.3.16) about lessons that unions and union members might learn from the activit... More »

Automation won't destroy jobs, but it will change them

Stefan Hajkowicz writes in The Conversation (29.2.16) about the changes expected in the labour market and the nature of jobs with increasi... More »

Bringing back building 'watchdog' helps a political agenda, but not concerns about union corruption

David Peetz writes in The Conversation (22.2.16) about the federal government's seeming haste to reinstate the Howard-era Australian ... More »

Female bosses destroying the image of 'union thugs' forever

Van Badham writes in The Guardian (6.1.16) that the Trade Union Royal Commission was desperately crucial for the Liberals to fix the image... More »

John Battams stepping down as QCU president

'Citing helping to change public opinion as one of his greatest successes, QCU president John Battams is stepping down after a union career spannin... More »

Caught in intergenerational squeeze: grandparents juggle work and childcare

Myra Hamilton writes in The Conversation (28.9.15) that grandparents are the most popular providers of childcare in Australia today. This ... More »

Do unions really have free and unfettered ‘reign’?

'According to the Courier Mail, the Palaszczuk government has giving ‘free and unfettered reign’ to unions.  In its continued camp... More »

High youth unemployment can't be blamed on wages

In The Conversation (16.4.15) Raja Junankar argues that business lobbies, and some politicians argue youth unemployment is high and rising... More »

Inquiry into Fly In - Fly out employment and regional Queensland

The Central Telegraph (Queensland), 28.3.15) reports:

'The Infrastructure, Planning and Natural Resources Committee will investiga... More »

Penalty rates in Queensland

Amy Remeikis writes (Brisbane Times 26.3.15) about the likelihood of an inquiry into penalty rates in Queensland:

'Queensland... More »

Palaszczuk must tread carefully

Madonna King (Brisbane Times 26.3.15) writes:

'A sizeable challenge lies ahead for new Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk, and how... More »

Penalty rates

John Freebairn argues in The Conversation (19.3.15):

'The magnitude of penalty rates for weekends and holidays established last ce... More »

A whacking stick is not enough to get young people into work

Kristy Muir, Abigail Powell and Rose Butler argued in The Conversation (193.15) that the Abbott government's policies to provide incentive... More »

March 2015 unemployment figures

Amy Remeikis discusses the latest unemployment figures in the Brisbane Times (13.3.15), and the responses of the government and the o... More »

Female underemployment high

Amy Remeikis writes in the Brisbane Times (13.3.15) about the latest statistics:

'The most recent unemployment figures, relea... More »

The teenage dream unravels: trends in youth unemployment

It can’t be said enough, amid a steady rise in the overall unemployment rate, Australia’s youth continue to bear the brunt –... More »

Unions part of the solution, or part of the problem? A challenge to unions to modernise

David Peetz writes in The Conversation (23.2.15):

'Since the 1980s, Australia, like many industrialised countries, has experienced... More »

Jobs versus the environment: the debate Queensland can end

Allan Dale (Professor in Tropical Regional Development, The Cairns Institute at James Cook University) argues that it need to be a matter of either... More »

Are Australian trade unions part of the solution, or part of the problem?

Professor David Peetz writes in Policy Online (17.2.15):

'An effective response to the workplace and national problems and te... More »

ABC Fact Check on unemployment in Queensland

ABC's Fact Check on Labor's claim that unemployment is its highest in 11 years was tested by Fact Check (291.1.5). The conclusion... More »

What unemployment figures really say about Queensland

Professor of Employment Relations at Griffith University, David Peetz, writes in The Conversation (28.1.15) that: 'Whether you’... More »


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