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Governments are buying up where the market has failed. Is this the end of privatisation?

TJ Ryan Foundation Board member, John Quiggin, comments in The Guardian (5.7.17) on recent government interventions and investments in var... More »

Productivity Commission report explores radical changes to government services

The ABC's Dan Conifer reports (5.12.16) on a new report from the Productivity Commission which argues for the privatisation of several government s... More »

Queensland Government denies plans to sell off state-owned land amounts to asset sales

The ABC's Chris O'Brien reports (6.10.16) on the Palaszczuk Government's intention to sell or develop state-owned land as part of an urban renewal ... More »

People have lost faith in privatisation and itís easy to see why

TJ Ryan Foundation Board member, John Quiggin, writes in The Conversation (10.8.16) about how the presumption in government is that privat... More »

What they are not telling voters about selling poles and wires

Is asset recycling the answer?

In The Mandarin (20.2.15) Hartley Dennett asks whether asset recycling can end privatisation 'premier-slaying':

'Asset r... More »

Australian households pay different amounts to access national electricity network

Gareth Hutchens writes in the Brisbane Times (11.2.15) that 'Electricty network service providers in Queensland have the highest char... More »

The tide is turning against privatisation

Seumas Milne wrote in The Guardian (10.7.14) that the tide was turning against the 'scam that is privatisation'.

More »

Pitfalls of privatisation

Stephen Easton writes in The Mandarin (13.1.15) 'Past lessons demand a pragmatic approach to privatisation, weighing up costs and benefits... More »

Users of Public Utility Products: Beware

Emeritus Professor Ted Kolsen writes: 'We are more familiar with the advice ‘buyer beware’, caveat emptor, than ‘user beware&rsqu... More »

Assets won't be leased unless price is right - Newman

'Queensland's Premier has promised to take public assets off the table if offers to lease them are not fair. Power generators and electricity ... More »

Qld scoping studies on asset sales to remain in the dark

Amy Remeikis reports in the Brisbane Times (19.12.14) that 'Queenslanders will remain in the dark over what their state assets are truly w... More »

Government's 'secret' plan to move QSuper to a public offer fund

Amy Remeikis writes in the Brisbane Times (10.12.14) that 'In a secret project the QSuper board, which includes federal treasurer Joe Hock... More »

Queenslanders may be forced into buyback after asset lease

Amy Remeikis (The Brisbane Times, 6.11.14) reports that 'Queensland may have to buy back electricity infrastructure once the government's long-term... More »

Independent and minor party MPs band together against LNP's lease of assets plan

Chris O'Brien and staff report on the ABC (16.10.14) that the independent and minor MPs in Queensland hope to use the balance of power in 2015 to p... More »

Tim Nicholls looks for silver lining in ACCC comments on electricity privatisation

Rod Sims of the ACCC has said 'Breaking up Stanwell and CS Energy prior to privatisation into, say, three competitors, as existed a short time ago,... More »

Kolsen on privatisation

Emeritus Professor Ted Kolsen argues (11.10.14) that 'the advantages of public ownership and the risks associated with private ownership have been ... More »

Making the case for selling off Queensland's power assets

Professor Flavio Menezes writes in The Conversation (9.10.14) that: 'While there may be solid arguments for privatisation, the political debate con... More »

'Sale you have when you're not having a sale'

TJRyan Foundation Board Member, Professor John Quiggin, is quoted in the Brisbane Times (18.9.14) as saying that the Queensland government's plan t... More »

It's time to revive public ownership and the common good

Ann Karpf, in The Guardian UK (4 July 2014) discusses a new book The Tragedy of the Private, the Potential of the Public by Hilary Wainwir... More »

Ratings agency Fitch warns against electricity privatisation

The Brisbane Times (2 July 2014) reports that last week, the credit rating agency Fitch announced it had revised the Outlooks of state-owned electr... More »

Professor Roger Scott: 'A Cautionary Tale: How to Rort Privatisation and Steal from the Public Purse'

The Newman government and the Abbott government share a blind faith in the benefits of privatisation.  Taxpayers risk giving away public asset... More »

Professor Chris Aulich: 'Asset recycling scheme looks more like policy recycling'.

Professor Aulich, in The Conversation, discusses the Abbott government's new A$10 billion infrastructure package, arguing that in focusing on the l... More »

Professor John Quiggin identifies flaws in the arguments on privatisation contained in the LNP 'Peopleís Budget'.

In April 2014 Professor John Quiggin wrote on his Blog that the LNP government in Queensland is launching a massive and expensive campaign to persu... More »

Professor John Quiggin: 'Privatisation of the electricity industry'

Professor Quiggin argues that the Bligh government’s case for privatisation was flawed.  In particular, t... More »

27 Feb 2014


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