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Assessing the impact of the VLAD laws

'Bikie Laws - The Fallout', reported in the Sunshine Coast Daily, is a collaboration between Australian Regional Media and students of Bond University.

Queensland's controversial "bikie" laws are to be reviewed by a commission of inquiry later this year.  

'This special report looks into the impacts of the legislation since its introduction in 2013.'

'An analysis of Queensland's crime figures has revealed the Newman Government's controversial "bikie" laws have had little impact on crime rates, but a substantial impact on bikie gangs.

'Although serious offences have decreased across Queensland since the Vicious Lawless Association Disestablishment (VLAD) laws were introduced in October 2013, they have also been decreasing for years.

'Australian Regional Media's analysis of extensive police data, tracking crime rates over 15 Queensland districts since 2001, has found a consistent drop in crime trends over the past decade.

'The average number of assaults in Queensland has dropped by 3.7% since the introduction of the laws, but it also has decreased by 9.8% since 2010 and by 21% since 2005.'


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