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Queensland Police Service Statistical Review 2014-2015

The Queensland Police Service has reinstated its Annual Statistical Review, abolished by the Newman Government.  The Commissioner's introduction reads:

'Over the ten year period 2005/06 to 2014/15, the State has recorded decreases in the rate of offences against the person (30%) and offences against property (29%) which has resulted in a decrease of 12% in the overall crime rate.

This trend has been repeated in 2014/15 where the total decrease in the rate of reported crime is 5%. This follows a decrease in 2013/14 of 11% in the rate of reported crime.

This year’s Statistical Review reported an increase of less than 1% in the State’s overall crime rate (personal, property and other offences) when compared with the previous year.

Key outcomes for 2014/15 when compared to 2013/14 include:

  • 3% decrease in the rate of total offences against the person;
  • 5% decrease in the rate of total offences against property; and
  • 7% increase in the rate of total other offences.

These offences (with the exception of domestic violence) are generally detected by police rather than reported by the public, demonstrating a proactive commitment to policing within the community.

Four of the six categories in offences against the person
recorded decreases: assault (3%), robbery (17%) and other
offences against the person (14%) and other homicide
(17% – down 13 offences).  Increases were recorded against homicide (murder) (24% – up 11 offences) and sexual offences (9%).


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