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Ryan goes to Richmond

Despite our parochial Queensland focus, we seem to have a widely distributed readership. On 9 October 2015, I accepted an invitation from Margaret Reynolds and Henry Reynolds to launch the Richmond Policy Group in southern Tasmania.

The Richmond Policy Group is a community-based organization which aims to produce reports on specific areas of Tasmanian public policy and conduct public meetings and media campaigns relating to current issues. Education will be their initial focus.

Margaret Reynolds has provided us with a copy of their first discussion paper on senior school education (see first link below).

We have already posted the work of one of our Research Associates who is a member of the group, on the privatization of universities (see second link below).

Henry Reynolds recently published a history of Tasmania which makes the important point that when drawing comparisons of performance, in areas such as education, it is more informative to compare Tasmania not with other states but with regions of similar population and similarly hampered by distance, such as North Queensland (A History of Tasmania by Henry Reynolds, Cambridge University Press 2015).


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