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This category has rather long title in order to be able to include some articles on political culture that do not fit elsewhere. Primarily, however, the articles are about political parties and takes a broad definition of elections to include issues such as election commitments, polling, preselections and advertising.

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Abolishing negative gearing tax breaks - US reality did not follow the 'doom' script

The impact of the Reagan administration's decision to abolish negative gearing shows how misconceived Australia's debate has been, writes Tim Coleb... More »

Pauline Hanson and Rosie Batty: A tale of two women advocating change

Madonna King comments in the Brisbane Times (22.6.16) on the prominence in federal election campaign rhetoric of 'fear' and 'division', ra... More »

“None of us have hearts of stone”: refugees and the necessity of morality

Peter Mares writes in Inside Story (22.6.16) about the policy positions of the major parties regarding refugess and asylum seekers. The au... More »

Is there any hope for gambling reform in a new parliament?

Charles Livingstone writes in The Conversation (24.6.16) about the positions of the major parties regarding the gambling industry, and whe... More »

SE Queensland seats: Ryan

The seat of Ryan - not as safe as it appears?

The electorate

The Ryan electorate is named after... More »

How the major parties' policies compare on business and finance regulation

Rob Nicholls writes in The Conversation (23.6.16) about the policy positions of each of the major parties regarding regulation of the busi... More »

Campaign focus returns to 'marginal' SE Qld seats

The ABC's Paul Donoughue and Tim Leslie have compiled a pictorial essay (23.6.16) exploring voter sentiment among residents of the Sunshine Co... More »

What our next Prime Minister should do about asylum seekers

John Menadue suggests (22.6.16) a compromise solution on asylum seekers based on a number of assumptions:

'The first is that most Australia... More »

The Coalition's hollowing out of Medicare

John Menadue writes on his website (19.6.16):

'Malcolm Turnbull says that the Coalition will ‘never, ever, privatise Medicare’.... More »

The IPA advice to crash or crash through

Queensland's former Premier, Campbell Newman, lost office after one term in which he held a massive majority; Tony Abbott's downfall was gross misj... More »

Brexit shows us why fairness should matter to Conservatives: the failure of austerity measures

Eva Cox writes on her blog: 'I have been compiling a social-policy-on-offer tally with three categories. Firstly, fear-mongering, scapegoating and ... More »

Election 2016: What happened to Turnbulls' agenda? - the LNP's really really really small target strategy

Sean Kelly in The Monthly Today (22.6.16) writes that even Peta Credlin is criticising the small target strategy of the LNP:

... More »

Property Council of Australia framing the debate on negative gearing

Nichole Gurran and Peter Phibbs write in The Conversation (17.6.16) about how the Property Council has lobbied the Federal Government over... More »

Federal Election 2016: Is this the end of the road for Bob Katter?

John Harrison comments in the Brisbane Times (19.6.16) about the political fortunes of Bab Katter, and whether the long-time MP for Kenned... More »

Where will all the PUP votes go?

'700,000 Palmer United Party votes up for grabs: who'll win them this time?' asks Bronwyn Stevens in The Conversation (20.6.16):... More »

Parties strangely silent on social policy

Eva Cox writes in The Conversation (20.6.16):

'As we enter the business end of the election campaign, with pre-polling u... More »

LNP's secretive campaign donations

Gina McColl reports in The Age (19.6.16): 

'Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull's Wentworth electorate appears to operate an... More »

Labor’s one-day-at-a-time campaign

Announcables are at the heart of Labor’s campaign strategy, writes Peter Brent in Inside Story (16.6.16). But, according to the... More »

Orange book 2016: priorities for the next Commonwealth Government

The Grattan Institute has released (14.6.16) a compendium of its recent research output covering various pollicy areas, aiming to inform the incomi... More »

MPs giving taxpayer funds to Liberal Party-linked company and donor

James Robertson reports in the Sydney Morning Herald (8.6.16):

'A company Liberal MPs direct taxpayer funds towards to m... More »

State of the states: 19 reasons why Turnbull and Shorten keep flying to Queensland

Anne Tiernan writes in The Conversation (14.6.16) about why Queensland is a key battleground in the federal election campaign, and highlig... More »

How do Labor and the Coalition differ on NBN policy?

Rod Tucker writes in The Conversation (13.6.16) about the policies of the major political parties regarding the National Broadband Network... More »

Promises, promises ... is it too late for the Great Barrier Reef?

Gareth Hutchens reports (13.6.16) on the election promises for the Reef in The Guardian:  

'The Greens say they... More »

Abbott and Turnbull the worst economic managers?

A report by the Australia Institute to be released today (14.6.16) titled “Jobs and Growth ... And a Few Hard Numbers” 'shows that ther... More »

Labor to feature 'in some way' in Greens' Senate preferences

Cameron Atfield writes in the Sydney Morning Herald (14.6.16) that in addition to preferencing Labor in Queensland's lower house fede... More »


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