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This category has rather long title in order to be able to include some articles on political culture that do not fit elsewhere. Primarily, however, the articles are about political parties and takes a broad definition of elections to include issues such as election commitments, polling, preselections and advertising.

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Plebiscite looks set to fail, but the push for same-sex marriage will not

Dennis Altman writes in The Conversation (13.9.16) about the uncertainty surrounding the federal government's proposed national plebiscite... More »

Free speech and the media are too often in a marriage of convenience

Denis Muller writes in The Conversation (12.9.16) about the highly contested issue of freedom of speech, arguing that the efforts of some ... More »

Politics in the digital age – democratisation or dysfunction?

Brian McNair comments in the Brisbane Times (9.9.16) on the influence that the media, and in particular digital and social media, have upo... More »

Anthony Albanese and the art of political arithmetic

Jane Goodall writes in Inside Story (9.9.16) about the release of the biography of federal Labor MP, Anthony Albanese. The article's autho... More »

Political donations would fall 90% if unions and businesses were banned

Fergus Hunter and Matthew Knott report in the Brisbane Times (6.9.16) on the implications of proposed changes to Australia's political don... More »

In search of the “sensible centre”

Tim Colebatch writes in Inside Story (2.9.16) about Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull's desire to govern from the political 'centre', despit... More »

Face the facts: populism is here to stay

Benjamin Moffitt writes in The Conversation (29.8.16) about the global rise of populist politics. The author argues that, while once ... More »

Why did they stop teaching political history?

In an opinion piece in The New York Times (29.8.16) Fredrik Logevall and Kenneth Osgood rue the decline of political history cou... More »

Australia should look overseas for ideas to increase its number of women MPs

In an article in The Conversation (25.8.16), Marian Sawer examines Australia's decline in the representation of women in the national... More »

Australia needs to lead again on democratic innovation

Mark Triffitt writes in The Conversation (26.8.16) about some of the implications for our democratic system from the 2016 federal election... More »

A Queensland perspective on the 2016 Federal election

In this Commentary, Roger Scott writes that the Queensland election results 'were broadly in line with the dominant role of the LNP's conservative ... More »

1998 Federal Parliamentarians' Code of Ethics

The TJRyan Foundation seminar, 'Indigenous Human Rights: 1966-2016, and Beyond', was held on 27 September 2016. In the discussion at the end o... More »

Fear puts One Nation back where it counts

Tim Colebatch writes in Inside Story (4.8.16) about the ripples of fearfulness that have propelled Pauline Hanson to unexpected success, a... More »

The traditionalists are restless, so why don’t they have a party of their own in Australia?

Gregory Melleuish writes in The Conversation (3.8.16) about the agitation within the Coalition's ranks, seen before and since the federal ... More »

If Australia is going to have a plebiscite on marriage equality, how should it work?

Ryan Goss writes in The Conversation (2.8.16) about the desired form and legal ramifications of a national plebiscite on the issue of marr... More »

The 2016 federal election in Queensland: never a more exciting time to be an Australian voter?

TJ Ryan Foundation Research Associate, Chris Salisbury, writes (31.7.16) about the political wash-up from the federal election, now that the final ... More »

Labor’s Herbert win means Turnbull has a majority of only one

Michelle Grattan writes in The Conversation (31.7.16) about the finalised election recount in the north Queensland seat of Herbert, where ... More »

Herbert cliffhanger: why Queensland marginals hold the key to Labor's fate in 2019

With the Electoral Commission's vote recount continuing in the north Queensland seat of Herbert, and amid startling claims of Attorney General Geor... More »

Why we need to hear what controversial people say and not silence the debate

Peter Ellerton writes in The Conversation (21.7.16) about the apparently increasing proliferation of extreme or controversial views being ... More »

The plebiscite is a reality and marriage equality supporters need to start the campaign to win it

Nicholas Reece comments in the Sydney Morning Herald (22.7.16) on the federal government's proposed plebiscite on marriage equality. The a... More »

Earning influence: what power might Bernardi’s grassroots lobby have?

George Rennie writes in The Conversation (21.7.16) about the impact on the political landscape of 'grassroots lobbying', citing Coalition ... More »

The other scare campaign: Negative gearing

Michael Pascoe comments in the Brisbane Times (20.7.16) on the supposed effectiveness of the ALP's 'Mediscare' campaign during the federal... More »

Time to tighten the reins on politicians and their ‘truths’

TJ Ryan Foundation Research Associate, Graeme Orr, writes in The Conversation (15.7.16) about the apparent decline in voter trust in our p... More »

LNP likely to secure Toowoomba South seat as counting continues

Amy Mitchell-Whittington reports in the Brisbane Times (17.7.16) on the result of the by-election in the state seat of Toowoomba South, wh... More »

Queensland is not backward: it's an early warning system

Jason Wilson comments in The Guardian (15.7.16) on the results of federal election voting in Queensland, which on face value were dis... More »


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