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This category has rather long title in order to be able to include some articles on political culture that do not fit elsewhere. Primarily, however, the articles are about political parties and takes a broad definition of elections to include issues such as election commitments, polling, preselections and advertising.

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Election 2016: Odds on for mixed Queensland result

Amy Remeikis reports in the Brisbane Times (4.7.16) on the state of play in several Queensland electorates where election results are stil... More »

Even if he keeps the top job, Malcolm Turnbull’s troubles have only just begun

Carol Johnson writes in The Conversation (4.7.16) about the implications of the uncertain federal election outcome for Malcolm Turnbull's ... More »

Five things we know already about the outcome of the 2016 election

Ben Raue writes in The Guardian (4.7.16) that even before the result is known, there are five things we can learn from the vote so fa... More »

Mandates and manifestos

Without a clear, published manifesto before an election, parties can deny intentions until after being elected. This was the problem with the LNP G... More »

Where Pauline Hanson's support comes from

John Harrison (Brisbane Times, 3.7.16) discusses where Pauline Hanson's support comes from:

'Southerners, those who live belo... More »

A long campaign, a long wait… and then what?

Tim Colebatch writes in Inside Story (3.7.16) about the inconclusive result from the federal election, and crunches the poll numbers to de... More »

Federal election 2016: What the parties have promised for your Queensland seat

Cameron Atfield reports in the Brisbane Times (1.7.16) on the promises that the major parties have made for each electorate in Queensland ... More »

Fairfax-Ipsos poll: Dead heat on election eve as final poll points to cliffhanger

Mark Kenny reports in the Brisbane Times (1.7.16) on the final poll result from the eight week-long election campaign, which shows Labor a... More »

Federal election 2016: Central Queensland emerges as campaign ground zero

Cameron Atfield and Tony Moore report in the Brisbane Times (30.6.16) on the election focus falling on seats in central and southeast Quee... More »

Shorten the consensus leader unites a fractured Labor, but it may not quite be enough

Paul Strangio writes in The Conversation (30.6.16) about Leader of the Opposition, Bill Shorten, and how successful he's been at presentin... More »

Disillusioned with politics? Then take heart in July 1

The ABC's Annabel Crabb writes (28.6.16): 'The very existence of the National Disability Insurance Scheme - to begin national operation this F... More »

GetUp email on minor parties and Senate voting

So far, the TJRyan Foundation website has mainly provided commentaries focussed on the major parties engaged in the federal election.

To un... More »

Election 2016: What are the six key points from the election campaign?

The ABC's Dan Conifer reports (29.6.16):

'After Australia's longest election campaign in half a century, we're down to the final days. What... More »

Federal election 2016: Welfare crackdown at centre of Coalition budget costings

James Massola and Peter Martin report in the Brisbane Times (29.6.16) on the Coalition's announcement that recouping welfare over-payments... More »

Election 2016: the home stretch

Known unknowns – including the Nick Xenophon team’s election-day performance – make a precise prediction difficult, writes <... More »

Plebiscite follies

Peter Bridgman writes:

'Brexit started out complex, but the injection of race, immigration and British nativism and false notions of indepe... More »

Federal election 2016: Queensland 'finds' $800 million for Cross River Rail

Tony Moore reports in the Brisbane Times (27.6.16) on increasing calls for a more concerted funding commitment from state and federal gove... More »

The two-party system is dead - hooray?

Roger Scott describes the Brexit referendum as the last nail in the two-party Westminster system coffin, and discusses the history of the model app... More »

Brexit, and the LNP's claim of 'stable' government

Ann Scott wrties (27.6.16):

The LNP's claim that only it can offer a stable government to manage the fall-out from the Brexit referendum do... More »

Not only do youth vote, they also represent their own

Helen Berents writes in The Conversation (24.6.16) about the significance of the youth vote in this federal election, and argues that, des... More »

Federal election 2016: Vast majority of Coalition environment funding in marginal seats

Fergus Hunter reports in the Brisbane Times (26.6.16) on the largesse being offered by the major political parties during the federal elec... More »

Look behind the LNP's mantra on the ALP's economic management

Forget the LNP mantra about the ALP's economic management.  In 2011 then Treasurer Wayne Swan was congratulated by the Head of Treasury (Marti... More »

Supporters at odds with parties

'With the survey completed by about 162,000 Australians on Fairfax Media news websites, YourVote has found strong support for same-sex marriage, cl... More »

SE Queensland seats: Brisbane - Gambaro's questionable deals on electorate office

Cameron Atfield reports in the Brisbane Times (25.6.16):

'Outgoing Brisbane MP Teresa Gambaro went against departmental ... More »

Abolishing negative gearing tax breaks - US reality did not follow the 'doom' script

The impact of the Reagan administration's decision to abolish negative gearing shows how misconceived Australia's debate has been, writes Tim Coleb... More »


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