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This category has rather long title in order to be able to include some articles on political culture that do not fit elsewhere. Primarily, however, the articles are about political parties and takes a broad definition of elections to include issues such as election commitments, polling, preselections and advertising.

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Australians care about political finance and they want to see the system tightened

Zim Nwokora writes in The Conversation (30.5.16) about the system of political finance and party funding in Australia, highlighting public... More »

Election 2016: Malcolm Turnbull and Bill Shorten face off in dour debate at the National Press Club

James Massola reports in the Brisbane Times (29.5.16) on the first leaders' debate of the federal election campaign, with Prime Minister M... More »

Election 2016: Labor has George Christensen and Peter Dutton in its sights

Michael Koziol reports in the Sydney Morning Herald (29.5.16) on Labor's strategy of targeting marginal seats or 'on the nose' LNP members... More »

Party slogans run the risk of being undermined during the campaign

Former federal Liberal Party leader, John Hewson, writes in The Conversation (25.5.16) about the slogans used by both the Coalition and th... More »

Trouble on the left of the campaign trail

Paul Rodan writes in Inside Story (25.5.16) about the troubled relationship between the Greens and Labor on the left side of politics. He ... More »

Election 2016: Voters disillusioned as battle for Palmer's seat of Fairfax revs up

SBS's Brooke Boney reports (24.5.16) on the electoral contest for the federal seat of Fairfax on Queensland's Sunshine Coast, asking local resident... More »

Election halts government accountability

Paul Osborne reports for Yahoo7 News (25.5.16), interviewing Professor Anne Tiernan about the hampered progress of a number of federal accountabili... More »

Peter Dutton, Malcolm Turnbull and refugees

John Menadue writes: 'This [Malcolm Turnbull's] support of Peter Dutton is one of a series of disappointments that we have seen repeatedly from Mal... More »

Federal election 2016: New hope versus old hate in Queensland Senate battle

Former Senator Bill O'Chee comments in the Brisbane Times (24.5.16) on the fight for Queensland Senate places at the upcoming federal elec... More »

Federal election 2016: Greens pledge $15 million to make abortions easier

Cameron Atfield reports in the Brisbane Times (24.5.16) on the Greens' announcement that they would seek to commit funding to help ease th... More »

PUP woes: Palmer no longer united

Clive Palmer has ruled out recontesting his the seat of Fairfax, and also ruled out standing for a Senate seat.

Palmer has claimed that 'Th... More »

Dutton's refugee claims are out of step with evidence and thinking at home and abroad

Frances Voon and Claire Higgins write in The Conversation (19.5.16) that Immigration Minister Peter Dutton's inflammatory commen... More »

Aged care alliance calls on both sides of government to address service shortfall

The ABC's Naomi Woodley reports (23.5.16) on calls from an alliance of aged care proponents for greater emphasis during the election campaign on th... More »

Election 2016: Bob Brown calls on Greens to ditch all preference deals

Adam Gartrell reports in the Brisbane Times (21.5.16) on the widening rift between the Greens and Labor over policy platforms and voting p... More »

Election 2016: What mothers want in marginal Queensland seat of Capricornia

The ABC's Blythe Moore reports (20.5.16) on some of the main issues facing voters, especially parents of young children, in the Queensland federal ... More »

'Who is Peter Dutton?' The MP for the least engaged electorate in Queensland

Joshua Robertson reports in The Guardian Australia (20.5.16) on the north Brisbane federal electorate of Dickson, where the sitting member... More »

Conroy not first politician raided by police during an election campaign

Peter Wicks writes in IndependentAustralia (20.6.16):

'As I write this, the Federal Police are raiding Labor Party electorate... More »

Why Turnbull opted for such a long campaign

Andrew Elder wrties in IndependentAustralia (19.5.16): 'The reason why Malcolm Turnbull opted for such a long campaign is because he ... More »

Election 2016: Number of women in Parliament set to fall as males replace females in safe seats

Tom McIlroy reports in the Brisbane Times (19.5.16) on the likely sharp drop in numbers of female MPs after the coming federal election, w... More »

Campbell Newman just cost us half a million

Madonna King writes in The Brisbane Times  (18.5.16): 'Another week, another bill in the mail from Campbell Newman's ill-disciplined ... More »

LNP-dominated Brisbane City Council supports gay marriage

Casey Briggs (ABC 18.5.16) reports: 'The LNP-dominated Brisbane City Council has voted to support same-sex marriage but stopped short... More »

Gold Coast councillors under scrutiny over campaign funding link to LNP MP

Peter McCutcheon and Mark Solomns report (ABC 17.5.16) that Gold Coast City councillors and their financial backers are under scrutin... More »

Federal election 2016: battle for the seat of Brisbane

Joshua Robertson write in The Guardian (15.5.16) that 'a foregone conclusion in the battle for Brisbane is that the winner wil not be... More »

Its a matter of trust: the policies we need to restore our faith in politics

Eva Cox writes in The Conversation (18.5.16) about the so-called 'trust deficit' that the nation's political leaders suffer, in the eyes o... More »

Changing the conversation can lead to a better way on asylum seekers

Claire Higgins writes in The Conversation (17.5.16) about the intractable nature of asylum seeker policy, and how it might be better appro... More »


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