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This category has rather long title in order to be able to include some articles on political culture that do not fit elsewhere. Primarily, however, the articles are about political parties and takes a broad definition of elections to include issues such as election commitments, polling, preselections and advertising.

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We can't sit by and watch yet another election devoid of issues that matter to women

Vanessa Whittaker and colleagues comment on the ABC's website (8.2.19) about the aversion in Australian politics - predominantly on the conservativ... More »

Publication notice: 'The Law of Politics'

TJ Ryan Foundation Research Associate, and UQ Law School Professor, Graeme Orr, has authored a revised and updated edition of his highly regarded e... More »

Release of Queensland Cabinet papers shows beginnings of post-Joh reforms

The ABC's Allyson Horn reports (1.1.19) on the release by the Queensland State Archives of the 1988 Cabinet papers of the Ahern government. The doc... More »

How the Coalition’s panic over polls set the stage for a radical reshaping of Australian politics

Katharine Murphy reports in The Guardian (26.12.18) that, while Australia has not succumbed to the populism shaking other western dem... More »

A message for women seeking a political career - quotas work!

TJ Ryan Foundation Board members, Liz van Acker and Linda Colley, write in the Machinery of Government blog (12.12.18) about the decreasin... More »

Liberals adopt new rule to stop the revolving prime ministership

Michelle Grattan writes in The Conversation (3.12.18) about the federal Liberal Party adopting new rules to make it more difficult for a i... More »

How populism became the concept that defines our age

As part of a new series of articles headed, 'The New Populism', Cas Mudde argues in The Guardian (22.11.18) that the spread of the idea th... More »

The policy chaos eroding our faith in democracy

In the first instalment of a new series titled, 'The Future Fix', Fairfax economics journalist Jessica Irvine and colleagues write in the Brisb... More »

How Australia’s NRA-inspired gun lobby is trying to chip away at gun control laws, state by state

George Rennie writes in The Conversation (16.11.18) about the Shooting Industry Foundation of Australia's claims that it wants to 'simplif... More »

'He’s been quitting things since 2004': Mark Latham to join One Nation

Latika Bourke and Bevan Shields report in the Brisbane Times (7.11.18) on former Labor leader Mark Latham's surprising, but not unexpected... More »

State governments are vital for Australian democracy: here’s why

Frank Bongiorno writes in The Conversation (29.10.18) that, despite intermittent calls to remove them, state governments provide important... More »

Liberals trounced in huge Wentworth swing, bringing a hung parliament

Michelle Grattan writes in The Conversation (20.10.18) about the dramatic result in the Wentworth federal by-election, suggesting that the... More »

Abortion will no longer be a crime in Queensland after historic vote

Felicity Caldwell reports in the Brisbane Times (17.10.18) on the passing of the Palaszczuk government's Termination of Pregnancy Bil... More »

The Morrison government’s biggest economic problem? Climate change denial

Judith Brett writes in The Conversation (19.10.18) that the federal government's stubborn commitment to coal is pulling the government&rsq... More »

Ruddock report constrains, not expands, federal religious exemptions

Liam Elphick and colleagues write in The Conversation (10.10.18) about the release of details from the federal government's Ruddock Review... More »

Pre-selection of candidates for political office is failing us

TJ Ryan Foundation Board member, Geoff Edwards, writes in The Mandarin (21.9.18) that our national governance is failing because the proce... More »

The Coalition's deep ravine will be hard for Scott Morrison to cross

The ABC's Laura Tingle writes (25.8.18), in the wake of this week's surprising Liberal leadership challenges, about the prospects of new Prime Mini... More »

Crucial Super Saturday Labor victories a major fillip for Shorten

Michelle Grattan writes in The Conversation (28.7.18) that the 'Super Saturday' by-election results are a deep disappointment for the Turn... More »

A growing mistrust in democracy is causing extremism and strongman politics to flourish

Mark Triffitt writes in The Conversation (10.7.18) that public trust in government is declining in democracies around the world, particula... More »

By-election guide: what’s at stake on Super Saturday

As the 'Super Saturday' round of by-elections on 28 July nears, pundits give their assessments of the key issues and major candidates' chances in e... More »

Joint event: 'Reviving the Republic'

The TJ Ryan Foundation, in conjunction with the Australian Republic Movement (ARM), is pleased to have jointly hosted a public symposium on 'Revivi... More »

Twenty years on, One Nation is still chaotic, controversial and influential

TJ Ryan Foundation Research Associate, Chris Salisbury, writes in The Conversation (8.6.18) that, despite One Nation's dysfunction an... More »

Australians don't trust politicians, but the pollies don't appear fussed

Jill Sheppard comments at the ABC's website (30.5.18) that citizens in democracies are expecting more from their political systems and politic... More »

Roger Scott: The prominence of women in Queensland politics

TJ Ryan Foundation Board member, Roger Scott, writes in the Pearls & Irritations blog (18.5.18) about the Liberal Party's du... More »

Dual citizenship debacle claims five more MPs – and sounds a stern warning for future parliamentarians

Anne Twomey writes in The Conversation (9.5.18) that the High Court decision against Labor senator Katy Gallagher has clarified how to int... More »


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