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This category has rather long title in order to be able to include some articles on political culture that do not fit elsewhere. Primarily, however, the articles are about political parties and takes a broad definition of elections to include issues such as election commitments, polling, preselections and advertising.

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An electoral anachronism claims more victims

TJ Ryan Foundation Research Associate, Graeme Orr, writes in Inside Story (18.7.17) about the constitutional rules that have seen two Gree... More »

Australia’s new ‘Home Office’ is a worry for immigration policy

Adele Garnier writes in The Conversation (20.7.17) about the new 'Home Affairs' mega-portfolio headed by Minister Peter Dutton, suggesting... More »

Vale Emeritus Professor Colin Anfield Hughes, 1930-2017

Paul Reynolds has composed an obituary for his former University of Queensland colleague, and inaugural Commissioner of the Australian Electoral Co... More »

New Home Affairs department should prompt review of Australia’s human rights performance

Amy Maguire writes in The Conversation (18.7.17) about the Turnbull Government's new 'Home Affairs' mega-portfolio aimed at consolidating ... More »

Adding fuel to the Abbott conundrum

Norman Abjorensen writes in Inside Story (29.6.17) about the latest airing of factional divisions among federal Liberals, asking whether i... More »

Census 2016 reveals Australia is becoming much more diverse – but can we trust the data?

Nicholas Biddle writes in The Conversation (27.6.17) about how the 2016 Census reveals that Australia is becoming much more diverse &... More »

Minister to get unprecedented power if Australia’s new citizenship bill is passed

Sangeetha Pillai writes in The Conversation (16.6.17) that the federal government's proposed citizenship reform legislation gives the... More »

Mixed media: how Australia’s newspapers became locked in a war of left versus right

Denis Muller writes in The Conversation (19.6.17) about the stark political divide in Australia's media landscape, with News Corp on the r... More »

Rise of ‘anti-politics’ produces surprise result in the UK election – and it’s playing a role in Australia, too

Brenton Prosser and Gerry Stoker write in The Conversation (9.6.17) about the outcome of the UK general election, arguing that the resulta... More »

Adani's mine and Greens vote to prove juggling act in next Queensland election

The ABC's Josh Bavas reports (4.6.17) on the challenges facing the Palaszczuk Government as it heads towards the next election trying to balance sa... More »

Fake news, hacking threat to democracy now on 'unseen scale', report says

The ABC's Patrick Wood reports (29.5.17) on new research from the Australian Strategic P... More »

The middle might be shrinking, but it usually trumps the splinters

Peter Brent writes in Inside Story (25.5.17) that, although polling predictions are unusually hazardous at the moment, with some tradition... More »

Navigating the post-truth debate: some key co-ordinates

Nick Enfield writes in The Conversation (15.5.17) about the political and media landscapes of our so-called 'post-truth' era. As stated in... More »

How the politics of the budget might play out for a government in trouble

Carol Johnson writes in The Conversation (8.5.17) that the Turnbull government is desperately trying to develop a more convincing eco... More »

Australia's journalism is in mortal danger - politicians should join the fight to save it

Gay Alcorn argues in The Guardian (4.5.17) that press redundancies at Fairfax, hot on the heels of cuts at News Corp, are not just devasta... More »

Independence of Queensland councillors questioned by CCC

Cameron Atfield reports in the Brisbane Times (29.4.17) on investigations by Queensland's Crime and Corruption Commission into financ... More »

Family First to merge with Cory Bernardi's Australian Conservatives

Katharine Murphy reports in The Guardian (26.4.17) on the announcement that the Australian Conservatives party, represented in the Senate ... More »

Chevron: a game-changer for multinational tax avoiders

Michael West writes in The Conversation (24.4.17) about the implications for multinational corporations of a Federal Court ruling that res... More »

Cormann stares down One Nation's demand to cut $600m from ABC

Paul Karp reports in The Guardian (12.4.17) on accusations by One Nation's James Ashby and Senator Brian Burston of ABC 'leftwing bias' &n... More »

Entitled to vote? Then you should be entitled to run

TJ Ryan Foundation Research Associate, Graeme Orr, writes in Inside Story (10.4.17) about how the High Court keeps 'fertilising the thicke... More »

Australian politics explainer: the writing of our Constitution

As part of a new series of political history articles in The Conversation, TJ Ryan Foundation Research Associate, Ryan Goss, writes (7.4.1... More »

Alt-wrong: The Australian right is startling for its incoherence

Richard Cooke writes in The Monthly (6.4.17) about the divisive, belligerent and seemingly incoherent character of the extreme right-wing ... More »

Asylum seekers, refugees and human rights: AHRC snapshot report

Policy Online carries a link (30.3.17) to an Australian Human Rights Commission report designed to give parliamentarians, key co... More »

An autumn of wintry discontent for Liberals

Norman Abjorensen writes in Inside Story (31.3.17) that, with a Queensland election on the horizon, the federal Liberal Party is still com... More »

As Brexit begins, Australia mustn’t get caught up in Britain’s post-imperial fantasies

Ben Wellings writes in The Conversation (29.3.17) that, for Australia, Brexit is the diplomatic equivalent of moving into a shared house w... More »


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