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This category has rather long title in order to be able to include some articles on political culture that do not fit elsewhere. Primarily, however, the articles are about political parties and takes a broad definition of elections to include issues such as election commitments, polling, preselections and advertising.

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How Qld Labor is ticking off the 21 demands of the man who gave them power

Felicity Caldwell reports in the Brisbane Times (21.3.17) on the Palaszczuk government's progress in meeting its commitments to Independen... More »

The government’s multicultural statement is bereft of new ideas or policies – why?

Andrew Jakubowicz writes in The Conversation (21.3.17) that the federal government's multicultural statement stays fairly much in the... More »

Why guaranteed Indigenous seats in parliament could ease inequality

Dominic O'Sullivan writes in The Conversation (20.3.17) that guaranteed parliamentary representation for Indigenous Australians would... More »

'Bob Carr debates the Trump phenomenon': Stafford 'Town Hall' debate series

Dr Anthony Lynham MP, State Member for Stafford and Minister for State Development and for Natural Resources and Mines, is hosting a 'town hall'-st... More »

The tipping point in Australian politics: Is the end of the two-party system near?

Lachlan Harris and Andrew Charlton report in the Brisbane Times (17.3.17) on the drift in support away from the two major parties in Austr... More »

The role One Nation will play in Queensland poll as deal with WA Libs fizzles

Felicity Caldwell reports in the Brisbane Times (13.3.17) on the likely implications for the next Queensland election of One Nation's meag... More »

Labor wins WA in a landslide as One Nation fails to land a blow

Natalie Mast writes in The Conversation (12.3.17) that the long-running and unpopular Barnett government has been ousted in the Western Au... More »

Look closely – Hanson doesn't really speak for ordinary Australians

Lenore Taylor comments in The Guardian (11.3.17) on the persistent popularity of Pauline Hanson, suggesting that factual scrutiny of One N... More »

WA election: polls point to Labor as Barnett warns of return to ‘Dullsville’

Calla Wahlquist reports in The Guardian (11.3.17) on the Western Australian state election, with election-eve polls pointing to a pro... More »

Perilous Pauline

Peter Brent writes in Inside Story (10.3.17) about the increasingly unpredictable Western Australian state election, arguing that a resurg... More »

Campbell Newman has increased the volatility of the next Queensland election

The ABC's Chris O'Brien reports (10.3.17) on the simmering feud between current LNP Opposition Leader, Tim Nicholls, and former Premier Campbell Ne... More »

Trump and Brexit won’t kill globalisation – we’re too far in

Thomas Sigler writes in The Conversation (6.3.17) that, in the wake of the Brexit vote and the election of Donald Trump, people are clearl... More »

Election fever doesn’t grip WA

Mark Beeson writes in The Conversation (4.3.17) about the coming state election in Western Australia, suggesting that, while many will pay... More »

LNP to fight next state election without two of its elders

Felicity Caldwell reports in the Brisbane Times (4.3.17) on the prospect of 'generational change' at the next Queensland election, with tw... More »

'Fake news' has arrived in Queensland politics

Felicity Caldwell reports in the Brisbane Times (4.3.17) on the phenomenon of 'fake news' and 'alternative facts' having seemingly taken r... More »

The lesson of Hansonism? It’s the economy, stupid

The ABC's Andrew Probyn reports (3.3.17) on the effect on the major political parties of the surging support for Pauline Hanson's One Nation, with ... More »

Voters’ dislike of politics makes fixed four-year parliamentary terms look appealing

Jamie Fellows writes in The Conversation (24.2.17) about the recent proposal by NSW Liberal MP, David Coleman, to introduce fixed four-yea... More »

Queensland's electorate boundary redistribution unveiled

The ABC's Chris O'Brien and Dea Clark report (23.2.17) on leaked details of new state electorate boundaries, ahead of the Queensland Electoral Comm... More »

Women will get pregnant for paid leave, Pauline Hanson says in opposing omnibus bill

Paul Karp reports in The Guardian (23.2.17) on claims by Senator Pauline Hanson that proposed paid parental leave measures risk abuse ... More »

Words, Tweets and Stones in the 'Political Correctness' Wars

Matthew Sharpe writes in The Conversation (17.2.17) about the recent rise in allegations of 'out-of-control political correctness' levelle... More »

Australian politics has been remodelled. Hansonists are no longer outliers

Jason Wilson comments in The Guardian (18.2.17) on the 'normalisation' of One Nation's place in Australian politics, underlined by Liberal... More »

How changing times made Australia’s political leaders more disposable

Rodney Tiffen writes in The Conversation (16.2.17) about the way that 'times have changed' in the Australian political context. The author... More »

It's goodbye to the Nationals unless they become a genuine country party

Michael Hogan comments in The Guardian (16.2.17) on the challenge faced by the National Party to win back its dwindling constituency in re... More »

Pauline Hanson's One Nation receives surge in Queensland support, opinion poll shows

The ABC's Gail Burke and Josh Bavas report (11.2.17) on details of the latest Galaxy poll taken in Queeneland, which shows a boost in the amount of... More »

Dynamic socialism: how progressives can win back the blue-collar heartlands

In The Guardian (8.2.17), Tim Ayres reproduces his recent speech to the Fabians Society in which he outlines an economic vision for Austra... More »


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