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This category has rather long title in order to be able to include some articles on political culture that do not fit elsewhere. Primarily, however, the articles are about political parties and takes a broad definition of elections to include issues such as election commitments, polling, preselections and advertising.

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Queensland's recent history of political defections

Cameron Atfield reports in the Brisbane Times (13.1.17) on the recent occurence of cross-party defections and resignations during terms of... More »

LNP MP Steve Dickson defects to Pauline Hanson's One Nation

The ABC reports (13.1.17) that Buderim state MP, Steve Dickson, has resigned from the LNP and joined One Nation, giving Pauline Hanson's party a po... More »

Explainer: why has Rod Culleton been disqualified from the Senate?

Lorraine Finlay writes in The Conversation (12.1.17) about the decision to disqualify former One Nation senator for WA, Rod Culleton, from... More »

The Trump dossier and verification in the era of fake news

Ivor Gaber writes in The Conversation (12.1.17) about how the online news source Buzzfeed is being damned for publishing unverified and sa... More »

A ‘tougher’ citizenship test should not be used to further divide and exclude

Alex Reilly and Mary Anne Kenny write in The Conversation (10.1.17) about how the most important benefit of citizenship for migrants ... More »

Why Australia needs a commissioner for political pluralism

Reverend Dr Michael Bird comments on the ABC's website (10.1.17) on why we need to change Australia's political culture so that extremism does not ... More »

When the dust settles, where to for Beattie's burgers?

TJ Ryan Foundation Research Associate, Chris Salisbury, comments on the Queens Wharf resort development in Brisbane's CBD and the looming demolitio... More »

It's going to be a long political year full of small ideas

Nick O'Malley comments in the Brisbane Times (6.1.17) on the political year ahead in Australia, suggesting that the Turnbull federal gover... More »

One Nation dumps Queensland candidate Shan Ju Lin

Cameron Atfield reports in the Brisbane Times (8.1.17) on One Nation's dumping of its former candidate for the state seat of Bundamba afte... More »

One Nation will get bigger - but can Pauline Hanson steady the ship?

Amy Remeikis reports in the Brisbane Times (6.1.17) on the mixed fortunes of the One Nation Party in the federal political arena, arguing ... More »

Centrelink debacle: Billionaires get more leeway than vulnerable citizens. It’s obscene

The Australia Institute's Richard Denniss comments in The Guardian (4.1.17) on the debacle involving Centrelink and government ministers, ... More »

Bob Hawke's narrative on abolishing the states is nonsense

André Brett comments in The Guardian (4.1.17) that, in a federation of states with a constitution which protects their id... More »

Surviving 2017 – a user’s guide

Brian McNair writes in The Conversation (29.12.16) arguing that, in the wake of all that transpired in domestic and international politics... More »

Joh Bjelke-Petersen's 1986 cabinet documents released from embargo

Felicity Caldwell reports in the Brisbane Times (1.1.17) on the annual release of the Queensland Government Cabinet minutes from their 30-... More »

Cory Bernardi - He’s no Donald Trump

Peter Brent writes in Inside Story (28.12.16) about suggestions that outspoken Liberal Senator Cory Bernardi is considering forming a brea... More »

One Nation senator Rod Culleton resigns from party

The ABC's Dan Conifer reports (19.12.16) that 'West Australian senator Rod Culleton has stormed out of Pauline Hanson's One Nation Party, saying he... More »

Kevin Rudd: reflections on a troubled country and a troubled world

Former prime minister Kevin Rudd writes in The Conversation (16.12.16) of Australia having lost its national bearings and being powerless ... More »

One Nation to announce 36 candidates for next Queensland election

The ABC's Stephanie Smail reports (18.12.16) on the announcement of One Nation candidates for the next Queensland state election.

'Pauline ... More »

Malcolm Turnbull calls for inclusive grassroots movement for Australian republic

The ABC's Dom Vukovic reports (17.12.16) on Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull's affirmation of his commitment to the ideal of an Australian republic ... More »

Government slammed for housing affordability probe that proposes no changes

Michael Koziol reports in the Brisbane Times (16.12.16) on a parliamentary inquiry established nearly two years ago to investigate ho... More »

Truth and Lies in the Age of Trump

In its editorial (10.12.16), the New York Times posits:

'The institutions that once generated and reaffirmed that shared reality &... More »

Adler shotgun: Queensland LNP threatens to block PM's Adler restriction

The ABC's Casey Briggs reports (13.12.16) on an announcement by the LNP Opposition Leader, Tim Nicholls, that his party would not support the propo... More »

Queensland premiers: Who has been the best?

In a piece perhaps designed to attract impassioned responses, TJ Ryan Foundation Research Associate John Harrison comments in the Brisbane Time... More »

The Queensland origins of Pauline Hanson's One Nation party

Roger and Ann Scott write:

'Queensland stands out in the [recent] shift to One Nation and so we offer here a Queensland-specific review of ... More »

Kevin Rudd calls for further reforms to the Labor Party

Former Prime Minister Kevin Rudd calls for further reform of the Labor Party in an article in the Brisbane Times (7.12.16), which conclude... More »


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