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Effective ways to support youth into employment

Policy Online carries a link (12.4.16) to a Social Ventures Australia report outlining pathways and programs that can most effectively counter the persistent and growing problem of youth unemployment.

'Youth unemployment continues to be a persistent problem globally and locally, reaching as high as 22.4 per cent in some Australian communities. There are a multitude of causes for this sustained growth in youth unemployment, including a non-buoyant labour market for young people post-Global Financial Crisis (GFC), a downturn in the number of entry level positions and apprenticeships available, the casualisation of the workforce and the reality that older employees are not transitioning to retirement at the same rate as pre-GFC.

'While this impacts all young job seekers, unsurprisingly the impact is felt the greatest by those young people considered at risk of or already experiencing long-term unemployment.

'... The research concentrated on identifying the approaches that were most successful at moving long-term unemployed young people (those who have been out of employment for 12 months or more) back into employment.'


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