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Morrison and Bowen debate competing visions, but are they missing the true picture?

Gennadi Kazakevitch writes in The Conversation (27.5.16) about the election campaign debate between Treasurer Scott Morrison and the Opposition's Shadow Treasurer, Chris Bowen. The author argues that both men largely missed the opportunity to spell out a credible long-term vision for how Australia will transition away from commodities exports-led economic growth.

'While watching the debate between the Treasurer Scott Morrison and Shadow Treasurer Chris Bowen today at the National Press Club one would not find much in the way of new information, compared to what has been outlined during the budget and debated in the course of the subsequent election campaign.

'Meanwhile, one would wonder if the two contenders for the top economic management job in Australia live in the same country.

'Morrison’s Australian economy is transitioning to a post-mining boom situation and needs further “jobs and growth”. Therefore, there is a need to ensure foreign investors and entrepreneurs do not abandon this country, but rather bring more funds and expertise.'


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