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What can Arts Minister Mitch Fifield be thinking? And Malcolm's stumbles

Richard Letts ponders the election in an article for the Daily Review (11.6.16): 

'In this Federal election the arts community is focused upon the arts-friendly opposition parties and has lost interest in the Coalition, whose actions have been so hostile: derogatory statements from former arts minister Senator George Brandis and $300 million removed from the arts budget — way more that the total funding to the Australia Council. ...

'We are sure that Mitch Fifield does think the arts are important and does want to support them. But being Arts Minister demands more than nice feelings and thought bubbles.

'Fifield is smart. We are smart and we are serious. We want an arts policy to match. Until it takes decisive, intelligent, strategic action, this government has few credentials as a supporter of arts and culture.

'The arts will survive a negative government. With a positive government, our artists can take on the world.'


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