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Orange book 2016: priorities for the next Commonwealth Government

The Grattan Institute has released (14.6.16) a compendium of its recent research output covering various pollicy areas, aiming to inform the incoming government after next month's federal election on what should be priority issues in the national policy agenda.

'Australia faces many domestic policy challenges as it enters the last weeks of an election campaign. Yet a government that is prepared to forcefully articulate the public interest could stare down interest groups and win public support for a brave and powerful reform agenda.

'Australia’s political system is not dealing well with the country’s problems. Our politicians are creating expectations that far exceed what government can ever do, while often failing to act on the things they can control. The result is an often barren debate and a dull campaign, yet surveys show the public accepts the need for reform, and is ready to slay sacred cows such as negative gearing.

'The failure of reform nerve over the past fifteen years should not obscure the fact that reform could make a big difference.

'Surveying seven years of Grattan Institute reports in health, school and higher education, energy, cities, transport, tax and other policy areas, Orange Book 2016 identifies numerous reforms to increase economic growth.'


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