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Indigenous voting patterns in Leichhardt - 2016 federal election - some lessons

Voting trends in Leichhardt - Indigenous Queenslanders becoming sceptical

On 16 November 2016, the Queensland branch of the Fabian Society held their AGM and hosted a panel discussion on 'Ensuring Access for Minorities in the Political Process', at which Ms Lara Watson was one of the speakers.

In her talk she examined the voting trends in the federal seat of Leichhardt at the 2016 election, in which there were significant trends away from the major parties. She discussed why Indigenous Queenslanders have become sceptical about the political process. She has agreed to have her speaking notes posted on the TJRyan website. 

White fragility, white fear: the crisis of racial identity in Australia, and beyond

Marcus Woolombi Waters writes in The Guardian (24.11.16) that 'if you were supported for the majority of your life in a world that reinforced white supremacy, you become fearful rather than embrace a deconstruction of the truth'. ...

'With the US election now decided it’s interesting watching the fallout asking how this could have happened. I read an article last week that provided some insight. “Behind 2016’s Turmoil, a Crisis of White Identity” was written by Amanda Taub and published in the New York Times. It highlighted the rise of white supremacists across the globe under the veil of conservative nationalism.

'Taub claims white anxiety has fueled 2016’s political turmoil in the west referencing Britain’s exit from the European Union, Donald Trump’s Republican presidential ascension and the rise of rightwing nationalism in Norway, Hungary, Austria, Germany and Greece.'


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