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Ipsos survey: Australians want a strong leader to take country back from rich, powerful

Inga Ting reports in the Brisbane Times (17.1.17) on details from a new Ipsos survey which indicates that global political uncertainty has led many Australians, as well as others around the world, to despair of their current political leaders.

'A disillusioned public that believes the system is rigged against people wants a strong leader to break the rules, wrest power back from the elites and close the doors to the rest of the world.

'No, this isn't Trump's America. This is Australia, according to new research examining the global rise of populism.

'The Ipsos survey of 16,069 adults in 22 countries paints a global picture of widespread resentment of the rich and powerful, distrust of traditional politics and pessimism about the future.

'And Australians are very much in tune with these sentiments, the research reveals - despite attempts by Australian politicians to distance Australian populism from the populist backlash around the world.'


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