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Emissions standards on cars will save Australians billions of dollars, and help meet our climate targets

Scott Ferraro and Claire Painter write in The Conversation (16.3.17) about how the federal government is considering a cap on car emissions, and argue that the savings in fuel and health costs mean there's no reason to delay implementing the measure.

'The cheapest way for Australia to cut greenhouse gas emissions is to put a cap on car emissions. It would be so cheap, in fact, that it will save drivers money.

'According to analysis from ClimateWorks, the toughest proposed standard would help Australia achieve about 6% of its 2030 emission reduction target, and save drivers up to A$500 each year on fuel.

'The federal government is looking at policy options to meet Australia’s 2030 emissions target of 26-28% below 2005 levels. Last year it established a ministerial forum to look at vehicle emissions and released a draft Regulation Impact Statement for light vehicles (cars, SUVs, vans and utilities) in December.

'There is no reason for the government to delay putting the most stringent emissions standard on cars.'


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