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TJ Ryan Foundation Research Reports

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Research Report 54: Phoenix? Pauline Hanson and Queensland Politics

Roger Scott, with Ann Scott, examines the 'resurrection' of Pauline Hanson and the One Nation Party, discussing Hanson's charismatic appeal an... More »

Research Report 53: Comparing Australian think tanks

In this report, TJ Ryan Foundation intern scholar, Andre Yeo, analyses the think tank 'landscape' in Australia, comparing the financial and personn... More »

Research Report 52: Palaszczuk's Second Year: An overview of 2016

Ann Scott, Howard Guille and Roger Scott provide an assessment of the second year in office of the Palaszczuk Government.

More »

Research Report 51: The 'leaners' and the 'Luddites' - lessons from the past

The Industrial Revolution and Margaret Thatcher's neoliberal 'reforms' caused deep schisms between the north and the south of England. The pain inf... More »

Research Report 50: Dr David Hamill AM - Hayden Oration 2016

In his Hayden Oration Dr David Hamill AM, former State Treasurer, discusses the continuing decline of the ALP’s trade union base, particularl... More »

Research Report 48: Political inertia on higher education

This study by TJRyan Foundation Executive Director Roger Scott reviews the media discussion of tertiary education during and after the 2016 federal... More »

Research Report 49: Cape York Aboriginal Australian Academy

This Research Report by TJRyan Foundation Research Associate John McCollow provides a summary of some of the issues that arise from the operation o... More »

Research Report 47: Senior Secondary School Assessment in Queensland

TJRyan Foundation Research Associate John MCollow describes the Queensland senior secondary assessment and tertiary entrance system, examines ... More »

Research Report 46: Northern Dreams, National Realities: the life and times of Dr Rex Patterson

Dr Lyndon Megarrity has written a Research Report on Dr Rex Patterson, the Commonwealth's Minister for Northern Development in the 1970s and the fe... More »

Research Report 43: Labour and Labor: unions, party and government in Queensland

In his TJRyan Foundation Research Report, Howard Guille writes that 'Queensland premiers need to manage their political party as well their governm... More »

Research Report 45: Palaszczuk's First Year: a political juggling act

Roger Scott and Howard Guille provide an assessment of the first year in office of the Palaszczuk Government.

More »

Research Report 44: Transport infrastructure planning has lost its way

Geoff Edwards discusses the problems inherent in current infrastructure planning processes, and argues that these overwhelmingly cater for 'hard' i... More »

Research Report 42: Invading the Australian mind

Historian, Emeritus Professor Clive Moore, contributes his experience and long memory to the invasion debate:

'Sometimes it helps to be hav... More »

Research Report 41: Rural Debt Taskforce

Drought conditions in several Queensland regions increased the financial issues faced by some of the state's farm businesses. As a result, some sta... More »

Research Report 40: Livestock and regional recovery

In October 2015, the Queensland Government established a Task Force to identify causes of rural indebtedness and to offer policy solutions. This pa... More »

Research Report 39: Mental Health in Australia: A grim past and a way ahead

Hugh Childers gives a personal response to the National Mental Health Commission report Contributing Lives, Thriving Communities - Review of Me... More »

Research Report 37: Children with disabilities: behaviour management in schools

John McCollow discusses recent reporting of the use by a Queensland school of a time-out room – described in one television program as a &ldq... More »

Research Report 36: Five reasons why university deregulation is a bad idea

Professor Michael Rowan argues that the public values the strength of our university system. 'It is just the government which appears to think that... More »

Research Report 35: Review of Health Policies in Queensland 2011-2014

Dr Kirril Shields and Professor Linda Shields were commissioned by the Queensland 'Together' Union to conduct a study of health policies in Queensl... More »

Research Report 34: Evidence-based policymaking and the abolition of capital punishment

Premier T J Ryan was a strong advocate for the abolition of capital punishment in Queensland, but it could not be achieved until the upper house, t... More »

Research Report 32: What can we learn from boot camps?

Professor Mary Sheehan and Consuela Reed argue that the current high levels of incarceration of Indigenous people and of youth suicide indicates th... More »

Research Report 31: Assessment of the Borbidge/Sheldon LNP election review

Dr Chris Salisbury examines the report of the review conducted for the LNP by Rob Borbidge and Joan Sheldon, into the LNP's 2015 election campaign.... More »

Research Report 30: Liberalism in Queensland 1859-1915 - precursors to the election of the Ryan Government

Dr Lyndon Megarrity writes: 'Between 1859 and 1915, politicians espousing progressive liberal values had incrementally raised the expectations of Q... More »

Research Report 29: Do unions really have free and unfettered 'Reign'?

Dr Linda Colley writes that 4 June 2015 marked the culmination of the passage of a package of legislative reforms overturning the changes made unde... More »

Research Report 28: TJ Ryan - a centenary note

Emeritus Professor Tom Cochrane writes: 'In May 1915, Queensland saw the election of the Labor government of Thomas Joseph Ryan. One hundred years ... More »


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