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Research Report 27: Mobilising dissidence

Roger Scott's case study of the role of trade unions working through community organisations to influence the outcome of the 2015 Queensland state ... More »

Research Report 26: 'If men were angels'. Policy advice in political times: the role of policy officers

Peter Bridgman discusses the difficult role of policy officers, suggesting that it is likely that they view their roles through the prism of t... More »

Research Report 25: Political Leadership in Contemporary Queensland

Dr Lorann Downer considers the question of leadership in contemporary Queensland by weaving together the history of political leadership in Queensl... More »

Research Report 24: Appointing CEOs - looking backwards and sideways

Emeritus Professor Roger Scott writes:

The Palaszczuk government has started the process of selecting the cadre of public sector chief exec... More »

Research Report 23: The First Palaszczuk Government - Ministers, Portfolios and the Machinery of Government

Peter Bridgman discusses the Palaszczuk Government's machinery of government and portfolio allocation decisions:

'Like all incoming Premier... More »

Research Report No 22: Health Care in a 'New' Queensland

In her address to the TJRyan Foundation (marking its first anniversary in February 2015) Professor Linda Shields described the distorting impact of... More »

Research Report 21: Mandates, Promises and Surprises

Keynote address by the Professor Geoffrey Gallop AC, Director of the Graduate School of Government, University of Sydney, on 19 February 2015. &nbs... More »

Research Report 14: Queensland 2014 - Political Battleground (with epilogue)

The first version of Research Report 14 ended just before the State election was called in January 2015. This new edition includes an epitaph, whic... More »

Research Report 20: The African immigrant experience in South East Queensland

Research Associate Hyacinth Udah reports on his doctoral research.  

'The number of Africans living in Queensland has produced a signi... More »

Research Report 19: Can Do has been canned

Dr Lorann Downer discusses the 'Can Do', and why a political brand that served Campbell Newman so well at the start of his term as Lord Mayor of Br... More »

Research Report 18: The 1989 Queensland election remembered

With Premier Campbell Newman claiming during the lead-up that the 2015 Queensland election would be ‘historic’, it’s worth r... More »

Research Report 17: Reform in Australia today - why not listen to the people?

Professor Geoff Gallop asks what chance is there for Australia to reform its democracy on behalf of a sustainable future?

'In order to answ... More »

Research Report 16: The Wisdom of 'The Watcher': lest we forget

This year marks 150 years since the disaster of the Battle of Balaclava in the Crimean War.  It was the mismanagement of the Crimean War that ... More »

Research Report 10: Roger Scott's report on ASPG Sydney 2014

The Australian Study of Parliament Group met in Sydney in October 2014.  Roger Scott writes: 'The ASPG conference theme posed the question: &l... More »

Research Report 12: Ice to the Arctic; coals to Newcastle

Howard Guille argues that 'dressing up privatisation as a 'long-term lease' cannot hide the distinct likelihood that a few financiers will get... More »

Research Report 13: Parliament under Campbell Newman 2014

In this Research Report Roger Scott focusses on public accountability and Parliament’s formal constitutional role, including parliamentary pr... More »

Research Report 11: Senate Inquiry into Queensland Government

Ann Scott reports on the public hearings of the 'Senate Select Committee into Certain Aspects of Queensland Government Administration related to Co... More »

Research Report 9: New crime and corruption commission: a model public sector integrity agency?

Professor Prenzler argues that 'The CCC is a pale shadow of a world standard mature public sector integrity commission. Queenslanders have aga... More »

Research Report 8: VET and TAFE - Saigon, Dunkirk or the Alamo

John McCollow argues that to rebuild public VET in Australia will require a deep and careful examination of questions of first principles for VET. ... More »

Research Report 7: Inequalities and Queensland universities

Emeritus Professor Roger Scott considers the unequal impact of Christopher Pyne's proposed university reforms on the universities across Queensland... More »

Research Report 6: A Farce in Two Acts: Estimates Hearings July 2014

Newman's 'Ministry of Truth' and crime statistics.  Orwellian 'Rectifying' of the records?  Ann Scott suggests that there was scant accou... More »

Research Report 5: Key policy issues in Vocational Education and Training

'There clearly needs to be a significant rethink of the current Vocational Education and Training policies, to ensure the sector meets the needs, n... More »

Research Report 4: Social Policy and Social Services in Queensland

TJRyan Foundation Director, Emeritus Professor Paul Boreham, reviews evidence from a number of sources about the provision of social services in Au... More »

Research Report 2: What Work Rights are Still Worth Fighting For?

Howard Guille argues that the social and economic costs borne by employees and their unions, largely as a result of ... More »

Research Report 3: Putting the Cartel Before the House? Public Funding of Parties in Queensland

Political funding laws at state level have been a source of innovation in recent years.  Professor Graeme Orr's paper examines the 'curious ca... More »


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