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This section contains articles on early childhood education, primary and secondary schooling. As with a number of other sections, it contains some articles on Federal Government priorities that have an impact on the State's education system.

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Australian Schools: the view from Mars

'The federal government's competition review is disastrously wrong about education' writes Dean Ashenden in Inside Story (24.9.14)

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UQ warns international students may get priority

Cameron Atfield reports in the Brisbane Times (26.9.14) that the Vice-Chancellor of the University of Queensland has warned that UQ would ... More »

Apprentices and trainees: 2014 report

The number of apprentices and trainees in-training as at 31 March 2014 was 386,800, a decrease of 12.4% from 31 March 2013 according to report by t... More »

VET funding and the role of TAFE

Professor Peter Noonan describes Vocational Education and Training as 'at the crossroads' and calls for a sustainable investment base for VET and a... More »

Professor John Quiggin on Pyne's university 'reforms'

John Quiggin is critical of 'three misguided beliefs' of the Group of Eight universities who, unlike students, academics or the general public, hav... More »

Evidence-free policy: the Pyne reforms to higher education

Peter McPhee writes in Inside Story (5.9.14) that the higher education sector is now in uncharted waters. 'Its very considerable achievements &ndas... More »

Which cap fits? Putting a ceiling on university fees

Adjunct Professor Gavin Moodie, in The Conversation (5.9.14), discusses the option and complexity of putting a ceiling on university fees.

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School chaplaincy debate ignores what 'secular' education really is

In The Weekend Conversation (30 August 2014) Audrey Statham argues that there is widespread misunderstanding of the term 'secular'.  She sugge... More »

Pyne's education changes ignoring the evidence

Peter McPhee and Glenn Savage argue in The Conversation (28.8.14) that Christopher Pyne's radical education changes have ignored evidence:  'E... More »

TAFE gets a 'long hard look' in VET review

Harley Dennett writes in The Mandarin (26.8.14) that the future of TAFE is in doubt as the Federal government favours funding to industry and vocat... More »

In higher education quality is in the eye of the beholder

Jane O'Callaghan (The Conversation, 26.8.14) asks whether Christopher Pyne's higher education reforms will lead to improvements in teachin... More »

Evidence-free beliefs: history in the hands of the Coalition

Adjunct Professor Tony Taylor writes in The Conversation (25.8.14) about the overdue Donnelly/Wiltshire report on the National Curriculum,... More »

Commercialising university research: a good but costly move

Tim Mazzarol writes in The Conversation (25.8.14) about the need to engage universities in the early stages of the commercialisation proce... More »

Another punch in the TAFE?

Report in the Brisbane Times (20.8.14) that president of Queensland Teachers Union Kevin Bates predicts that controversial changes to Quee... More »

TAFE in crisis? No, but the future is changing for vocational education

In The Conversation (19.8.14) Professor Peter Noonan argues that 'Governments must be clearer about the role and purpose of TAFE as the public VET ... More »

Why Christopher Pyne has failed to sell his tertiary education reforms

Jamie Miller writes in the Conversation (18.814) about Christopher Pyne's failure to sell his tertiary education reforms:  'The long, sorry sa... More »

The benefits of research aren't just economic

In The Conversation (12.8.14) Jason Ensor argues that forcing research and innovation to fit corporate needs exclusively is a 'pretty blunt way' to... More »

PUP party to oppose Pyne's university 'reforms'

'Senate kingmaker Clive Palmer has stated categorically that his party will not vote for the deregulation of university fees when the Abbott govern... More »

Five trends that jeopardise public education around the world

Professor John Fischetti writes in The Conversation (5.8.14) that 'Australia has a brief window in which to choose the best models from inside and ... More »

Higher education in the US in bad shape?

In this article in The Conversation (23.7.14) Professor Steven Ward from Western Connecticut State University argues that Australia should not foll... More »

Government supported nannies and au pairs?

The Sydney Morning Herald (22.7.14) reports that the Federal Government rejects the Productivity Commission recommendation on childcare.   'Th... More »

Better to spend on child care than paid parental leave

Daniel Hurst reports in The Guardian (22.7.14) that the Productivity Commission said a number of submissions it had received, and the gove... More »

The high road and the low road of public investment in universities

John Rice and Nigel Martin write in The Conversation (22.7.14) that it is likely that the university fee burden shifting to students 'will... More »

Time to reconsider Australian research funding bureaucracy

In The Conversation (22.7.14) Professors Paul Jensen and Elizabeth Webster argue that: 'With the Australian Government threatening to redu... More »

Learn grammar by reading great literature

Misty Adoniou writes in The Conversation (17.4.14) that while grammar is important it should not be taught by rote learning grammatical rules, but ... More »


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