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This section contains articles on early childhood education, primary and secondary schooling. As with a number of other sections, it contains some articles on Federal Government priorities that have an impact on the State's education system.

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Australia is still lagging on some aspects of early childhood education

Kate Torii and colleagues write in The Conversation (23.6.17) that the latest OECD report on early learning education and care gives ... More »

Autonomy and strong female leadership key to success of Indigenous owned Murri School

Tess Ryan writes in The Conversation (15.6.17) about how, for the past 30 years, an Indigenous-owned and -controlled school in Brisbane&nb... More »

Not sensible, logical or needs-based: a tale of three Gonskis

Jane Caro comments in The Guardian (19.6.17) on the latest iteration of the federal government's school funding model, asking how Gonski 2... More »

Confused about changes to school funding? Here’s what you need to know

Misty Adoniou writes in The Conversation (30.5.17) about the Turnbull government's revived enthusiasm for the Gonski school funding model,... More »

Gonski is dead. Long live Gonski?

TJ Ryan Foundation Research Associate, Dean Ashenden, writes in Inside Story (4.5.17) that a successful Gonski version 2 is essential... More »

Turnbull announces schools funding and a new Gonski review

Michelle Grattan writes in The Conversation (2.5.17) about the federal government's surprising about-face on supporting long-term, equitab... More »

Charter schools and vouchers not a solution for Australian schooling

Stewart Riddle writes in The Conversation (2.5.17) that there is no evidence to suggest that schooling vouchers are simpler, fairer a... More »

Coalition attacks university funding as multimillion-dollar cuts expected in budget

Gareth Hutchens reports in The Guardian (1.5.17) that the Turnbull government’s upcoming budget is expected to significantly increas... More »

Re-theorising and re-imagining higher education: a review essay of Simon Marginson’s 'Higher Education and the Common Good'

TJ Ryan Foundation Research Associate, Dr John McCollow, has written a comprehensive review essay of Professor Simon Marginson's recently published... More »

Should university funding be tied to student performance?

Andrew Harvey writes in The Conversation (3.4.17) that, with signs of performance-based university funding already emerging in Australia, ... More »

What languages should children be learning to get ahead?

Warren Midgley writes in The Conversation (24.3.17) that there is usually a historical reason why schools teach certain languages. Bu... More »

Have your say on the future of VET in Queensland

The Queensland Department of Education and Training has released a consultation draft of its vocational education agenda, 'Advancing Skills for the... More »

Universities must stand up for facts and the truth – ‘if we don’t, who will?’

Chair of Universities Australia, Western Sydney University Vice-Chancellor Barney Glover, writes in The Conversation (1.3.17) th... More »

In praise of credentialism

TJ Ryan Foundation Board member, John Quiggin, writes in Inside Story (27.2.17) about how critics of extended formal education misundersta... More »

Gonski funding model under imminent threat from Turnbull Government, Education Union warns

The ABC's Natasha Robinson reports (1.3.17) on the Australian Education Union's campaign to highlight federal government inaction on deliverin... More »

Ken Boston's keynote address: 'Gonski Review - Vision or Hallucination?'

Below you can access the text of Dr Ken Boston's keynote address to the TJRyan Foundation's 3rd anniversary event, held at QUT's Gardens Point camp... More »

Is there a crisis in public education?

Jessica Gerrard writes in The Conversation (13.2.17) about how, on the evidence of government debate over school funding, public scho... More »

Stop focusing on ‘the problem’ in Indigenous education, and start looking at learning opportunities

Elizabeth McKinley writes in The Conversation (9.2.17) about how focusing on the "opportunity to learn gap" confronting Indigenous school ... More »

Trevor Cobbold: 'Labor again exposed as morally bankrupt on private school overfunding'

Trevor Cobbold comments on the schools funding debate in Pearls and Irritations (6.2.17): 'An unholy alliance between Tanya Plibersek and ... More »

Rethinking how we assess learning in schools

Geoff Masters writes in The Conversation (7.2.17) about how our current way of assessing school students doesn't let them see the pro... More »

Evolution not revolution: views on training products reform

Policy Online carries a link (1.2.17) to a National Centre for Vocational Education Research report which outlines the views pre... More »

University vice chancellors say Trump order threatens global research

Claire Shaw and others write in The Conversation (3.2.17) about how academics worldwide are calling for the US president to reconside... More »

“We wouldn’t want to be where you guys are, that’s for sure”

Tom Greenwell writes in Inside Story (1.2.17) about how schools in Australia and New Zealand set off in opposite directions in the 1970s i... More »

Should gifted students go to a separate school?

Catherine Wormald writes in The Conversation (25.1.17) about the risks of failing to provide an appropriate education for school students ... More »

TJRyan Foundation 3rd anniversary event

See the flyer below for details of the TJRyan Foundation's third anniversary event being held at QUT's Gardens Point campus on Tuesday, 14 February... More »


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