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This section contains articles on early childhood education, primary and secondary schooling. As with a number of other sections, it contains some articles on Federal Government priorities that have an impact on the State's education system.

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Is there a crisis in public education?

Jessica Gerrard writes in The Conversation (13.2.17) about how, on the evidence of government debate over school funding, public scho... More »

Stop focusing on ‘the problem’ in Indigenous education, and start looking at learning opportunities

Elizabeth McKinley writes in The Conversation (9.2.17) about how focusing on the "opportunity to learn gap" confronting Indigenous school ... More »

Trevor Cobbold: 'Labor again exposed as morally bankrupt on private school overfunding'

Trevor Cobbold comments on the schools funding debate in Pearls and Irritations (6.2.17): 'An unholy alliance between Tanya Plibersek and ... More »

Rethinking how we assess learning in schools

Geoff Masters writes in The Conversation (7.2.17) about how our current way of assessing school students doesn't let them see the pro... More »

Evolution not revolution: views on training products reform

Policy Online carries a link (1.2.17) to a National Centre for Vocational Education Research report which outlines the views pre... More »

University vice chancellors say Trump order threatens global research

Claire Shaw and others write in The Conversation (3.2.17) about how academics worldwide are calling for the US president to reconside... More »

“We wouldn’t want to be where you guys are, that’s for sure”

Tom Greenwell writes in Inside Story (1.2.17) about how schools in Australia and New Zealand set off in opposite directions in the 1970s i... More »

Should gifted students go to a separate school?

Catherine Wormald writes in The Conversation (25.1.17) about the risks of failing to provide an appropriate education for school students ... More »

TJRyan Foundation 3rd anniversary event

See the flyer below for details of the TJRyan Foundation's third anniversary event being held at QUT's Gardens Point campus on Tuesday, 14 February... More »

University completion rates won’t be improved by looking at isolated causes

Tim Pitman writes in The Conversation (18.1.17) about how lower completion rates for rural and remote universities are being used by some ... More »

Explainer: what is phonics and why is it important?

Hua-Chen Wang writes in The Conversation (17.1.17) about the role of a phonics-based approach in teaching children to read, summarising so... More »

'Don't cut uni research funding to help NDIS': UQ vice chancellor

Tony Moore reports in the Brisbane Times (15.1.17) on the federal government's proposed cuts to university sector research funds to help f... More »

Five things to consider when designing a policy to measure research impact

Andrew Gunn and Michael Mintrom write in The Conversation (13.1.17) about proposed federal government measurements of academic research im... More »

Government spending on education: the winners and losers

Megan O'Connell and Kate Torii (The Conversation, 14.12.16) examine government spending on education in Australia:

'While all... More »

Queensland schools' BYOD program risks leaving poorer students behind, QTU says

The ABC's Kathy McLeish reports (16.12.16) on growing concerns among some parents, educators and the Teachers' Union over the increasing reliance o... More »

If there’s a magic bullet to fix education outcomes, it starts with equity

Chris Bonnor and Bernie Shepherd (The Guardian, 15.12.16) consider the most resent school test results (PISA and NAPLAN), and conclude:More »

Coalition accused of 'shuffling the deckchairs' as states demand full Gonski funding

Paul Karp reports in The Guardian (15.12.16) that States are on a collision course with Malcolm Turnbull’s government before the edu... More »

No quorum at COAG! Who cares about VET?

Linda Simon (on John Menadue's Pearls and Irritations, 12.12.16) writes that not enough ministers turned up to the COAG Industry and Skill... More »

Focus on Phonics: Why Australia should adopt the Year 1 Phonics Screening Check

Jennifer Buckingham (Centre for Independent Studies, Report 22, 2016) writes:

'A Year 1 Phonics Screening Check would be an effective and c... More »

Governments need to look beyond education rankings and focus on inequities in the system

Radhika Gorur writes in The Conversation (5.12.16) about the 'furore' over Australia's international rankings in science, maths and Englis... More »

Three ways to boost science performance in Australian schools

Russell Tytler writes in The Conversation (2.12.16) about how Australia’s performance in science education continues to slide d... More »

Australian schools continue to fall behind other countries in maths and science

Sue Thomson writes in The Conversation (29.11.16) about the latest TIMSS report which shows that students in Australia make very little &n... More »

Grattan Institute's 2016 model for school funding and Dean Ashenden's response

Peter Goss and Kate Griffiths of the Grattan Institute propose 'a new deal that aligns funding to need for the same amount of money. We create... More »

Apprenticeships system broken

Anna Patty reports in the Brisbane Times (23.11.16):

'A new report to be released on Wednesday has found Australia's apprenticeshi... More »

Time to rethink NAPLAN?

Anne Susskind questions what effect Naplan is having on children in her article in The Guardian (22.11.16):

'When Naplan star... More »


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