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This section contains articles on early childhood education, primary and secondary schooling. As with a number of other sections, it contains some articles on Federal Government priorities that have an impact on the State's education system.

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Schools will teach ‘soft skills’ from 2017, but assessing them presents a challenge

Bill Lucas writes in The Conversation (21.11.16) about the introduction of critical thinking and creativity skills into various areas of t... More »

Prospective higher education students need better information about admissions process: Shergold report

Michelle Grattan writes in The Conversation (16.11.16) about details of a report delivered to the federal Education Minister, Simon Birmin... More »

Expansion is no longer the answer to improving the Australian education system

TJRyan Foundation Research Associate, Dean Ashenden, writes in The Conversation (8.11.16) about how the 'growth' mantra, favoured for so l... More »

Two years of preschool have more impact than one, research shows

Stacey Fox writes in The Conversation (31.10.16) about research showing that two years of high-quality preschool is one of the most effect... More »

Queensland's high school OP changes delayed a year

Felicity Caldwell reports in the Brisbane Times (18.10.16) on the government's announcement of a delay to planned changes to Queensland's ... More »

We need to rethink recruitment for men in primary schools

Kevin McGrath writes in The Conversation (17.10.16) about the shortage in Australia of male school teachers, suggesting ways that governme... More »

University changes to academic contracts are threatening freedom of speech

Katharine Gelber writes in The Conversation (12.10.16) about moves by some universities, amid encouragement from the federal government fo... More »

New VET Student Loans unlikely to weed out dodgy private providers

Mary Leahy and Shelley Gillis write in The Conversation (7.10.16) about the federal government's proposed moves to reform the vocational s... More »

Placing a cap on teaching degrees doesn’t guarantee better teachers

Sara Glover and George McLean write in The Conversation (5.10.16) about calls from some of the larger universities and Education Ministers... More »

Let’s meet in the middle on schools funding, not continue the trench warfare

The Grattan Institute's Peter Goss writes in The Conversation (23.9.16) about the continuing impasse between the federal Coalition Governm... More »

Why we need an independent authority to oversee tertiary education

Peter Noonan writes in The Conversation (26.9.16) about the need for independent oversight of government funding for universities and voca... More »

Sweeping changes needed in Queensland's vocational education: report

Tony Moore reports in the Brisbane Times (15.9.16) on the release of a joint report from Central Queensland University and the Chamber of ... More »

Political meddling in teacher education needs to stop

Diane Mayer writes in The Conversation (13.9.16) about the hotly debated issue of school teacher education, and how political 'interferenc... More »

Post-school education: the continuing national policy vacuum

An earlier collection of articles indicated the failure of the federal election campaign to confront the policy vacuum which faces administrators i... More »

What Gonski really meant, and how that’s been forgotten almost everywhere

Member of the Gonski Review panel, and former NSW Education Department Director-­General, Ken Boston, writes in Inside Story (6.9.16) ... More »

Time for Australia to provide preschool education for all three year olds?

Stacey Fox writes in The Conversation (1.9.16) about proposals to lower the entrance age for preschool education to three years, mirroring... More »

To raise status of teaching, Australia needs to lift pay and cut teacher numbers

Barry McGaw writes in The Conversation (2.9.16) about school teaching standards in Australia, arguing that increased pay rates and more se... More »

VET FEE-HELP reforms will merely paper over the cracks of a system prone to abuse

Peter Noonan writes in The Conversation (26.8.16) about some of the perceived shortcomings of the federal government's proposals to improv... More »

Four common claims about education funding and quality that need explaining

Alan Reid writes in The Conversation (29.8.16) about claims from the federal Education Minister that seek to undermine the links between g... More »

What role should universities play in today’s society?

Megan O'Connell writes in The Conversation (22.8.16) about the role that Australia's universities play in preparing the young for the... More »

Grattan Institute: Mapping Australian higher education 2016

'This year’s edition of Mapping Australian higher education, Grattan Institute’s regular overview of key trends in higher education, fo... More »

Religious instruction to remain in Queensland schools

Amy Remeikis reports in the Brisbane Times that, following a review, religious instruction is likely to remain in Queensland schools,... More »

NAPLAN results don’t tell the full story behind Australia’s lack of education progress

Bronwyn Hinz and Megan O'Connell write in The Conversation (3.8.16) about the results from the latest round of NAPLAN student assessments,... More »

The educational consequences of the peace

Dean Ashenden writes in Inside Story (28.7.16) about the policy legacy of federal Labor's decision fifty years ago to support public fundi... More »

School is not always a safe place for students with disability – this has to change

Sally Robinson writes in The Conversation (28.7.16) about allegations of mistreatment of disabled students in Australian schools, and what... More »


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