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This section contains articles on early childhood education, primary and secondary schooling. As with a number of other sections, it contains some articles on Federal Government priorities that have an impact on the State's education system.

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Queensland curriculum program to change after report highlights workload issues

The ABC's Nick Wiggins reports (26.7.16) on the release by the Education Minister, Kate Jones, of a Queensland Curriculum and Assessment Authority ... More »

What Australia can learn from Englandís plan for vocational education

Gavin Moodie writes in The Conversation (22.7.16) about a new UK plan to create a clearer pathway for post-school students into vocational... More »

Participation in tertiary education in Australia: policy imperatives and scenarios

Policy Online carries a link (23.5.16) to a Mitchell Institute report on tertiary education funding in Australia, suggesting policy option... More »

Three schools reforms that will lift student outcomes

The Grattan Institute's Peter Goss writes in The Conversation (15.7.16) about reform options for the returned Coalition government in the ... More »

Can the government realistically cut funding by 20% for each student in higher education?

Victoria University Vice Chancellor, Peter Dawkins, writes in The Conversation (13.7.16) about the policy options available to the federal... More »

Uncapping of university places achieved what it set out to do. So why is it dubbed a policy failure?

Andrew Harvey writes in The Conversation (17.6.16) about the debates currently swirling around the proposed reforms of university entrance... More »

Powerhouse or gravy train?

Dean Ashenden argues in Inside Story (15.6.16) that:

'credentialism has distorted the direct... More »

Queensland budget 2016: Education overhaul

Amy Remeikis reports in the Brisbane Times (14.6.16) on the Queensland budget:

'More than $70 million will be spent overhauli... More »

Is this the technical and further education system we need?

In an article on John Menadue's 'Pearls and Irritations' website, Linda Simon disusses the TAFE disaster - how we got here and what needs to be don... More »

Religious instruction in state schools 'soliciting' children to Christian faith

Amy Remeikis reports in the Brisbane Times (6.6.16) on an education department review ordered into religious instruction curriculum materi... More »

Schoolís out during the long election campaign

Chris Bonnor and Bernie Shepherd write in Inside Story (2.6.16) about the absence from much of the federal election campaign of ... More »

Children with disability are being excluded from education

David Roy writes in The Conversation (30.5.16) about the failure of schooling systems and authorities in Australia and elsewhere to proper... More »

Schools' tough approach to bad behaviour isnít working Ė and may escalate problems

Anna Sullivan writes in The Conversation (27.5.16) about evidence showing that current disciplinary approaches to student behaviour in som... More »

Why is childcare such a hard sell in the federal election?

Stacey Fox and Megan O'Connell write in The Conversation (25.5.16) about the ambiguous policy positions of both major political parties in... More »

What is the Coalitionís real agenda for Australian schools?

Glenn Savage writes in The Conversation (24.5.16) about the details of the federal Coalition's education policy platform, and the implicat... More »

Labor will need more than scholarships to make teaching science an attractive career

Shaun Belward writes in The Conversation (20.5.16) about the details of federal Labor's proposal to increase the qualifications and experi... More »

We canít have a strong economy without a strong university sector, warns VC

Vice-Chancellor of Western Sydney University, Barney Glover, writes in The Conversation (16.5.16) about the risk to the future of Australi... More »

Why both Labor and Coalition are wrong about their claims on the economic value of education

The Grattan Institute's Peter Goss and Julie Sonnemann write in The Conversation (17.5.16) about both major parties' positions on school f... More »

Student loan caps must be part of total redesign of vocational funding system

Peter Noonan writes in The Conversation (9.5.16) about proposed federal government changes to the funding system for the vocational educat... More »

Budget 2016 brings temporary solutions for schools, and puts more demands on students and teachers

Stewart Riddle writes in The Conversation (4.5.16) about the federal budget's impact upon the nation's schools and education systems. He c... More »

Australian schooling - the price of failure and reward for success

Policy Online carries a link (29.4.16) to an Australian Education Union report highlighting the social and economic importance of adopting... More »

Federal election 2016: whatís on the table for schools?

Bronwyn Hinz and Kate Torii write in The Conversation (28.4.16) about the known details of the major federal parties' policies and funding... More »

Government must boost attendance rates in early education

Megan O'Connell and colleagues write in The Conversation (20.4.16) about the urgent need for more effective funding of early education ser... More »

Does more money for schools improve educational outcomes?

Stewart Riddle writes in The Conversation (18.4.16) about evidence that undermines the federal government's claims that a 'needs-base... More »

Ideas for Australia: Why is Australia falling behind in maths, science and literacy Ė and what can be done about it?

Sue Thomson writes in The Conversation (13.4.16) about Australian school students' results in core subject areas falling against internati... More »


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