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This section contains articles on early childhood education, primary and secondary schooling. As with a number of other sections, it contains some articles on Federal Government priorities that have an impact on the State's education system.

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We lose more than we gain by paring back the curriculum

In The Conversation More »

Universities can't, and shouldn't, educate to suit employers

Stefan Popenici writes in The Conversation:

'Despite higher education seeking industry solutions for graduate employability,... More »

What are universities for?

The Conversation has run a series of articles under the general heading: 'What are universities for?'. One of the most important contribut... More »

Queensland TAFE to be the premier Vocational Education and Training provider

The Queensland Training Assets Management Authority is to be abolished gaving Queensland TAFE the 'certainty needed' to play its role in the G... More »

Legal Aid vs private practice: do university fees dictate job choices?

In The Conversation (7.7.15) Richard Holden and Rosalind Dixon discuss the effect of university fees on student choices.

'There ha... More »

Imperatives in Schools Funding: Equity, sustainability and achievement

ACER Report by Lyndsay Connors and Jim McMorrow:

'The authors argue that cumulative political compromises have left Australia with a hybrid... More »

Give a Gonski? Funding myths and politicking derail schools debate

Glenn Savage (The Conversation, 9.7.15) considers a leaked discussion paper from the Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet that adv... More »

The dangers of dogmatism in our schools

'We should be concerned about ... ongoing blurring of the boundaries of secular education and the increasing access to schools being given to ... More »

Education Academics: Rules of Engagement

Professor Carol Nicolls suggests that academics and postgraduate students in education should be consciously positioned to influence current and fu... More »

Abbott and Pyne's private school ties a lesson to us all

John Birmingham writes in the Brisbane Times (23.6.15):

'Usually the debate about public funding of schools revolves around t... More »

The end of 'Free, secular and universal' schooling?

Alarm bells have been ringing since the leaking of a paper (not yet a Green Paper, and certainly not a White one) which, inter alia, suggests that ... More »

The changing profile of our university students

In the first of a series of articles on higher education in The Conversation, Nick Parr discusses examines the demographics of university ... More »

Selling students short

Christopher Peterson (The Conversation 20.5.15) More »

Should all uni students contribute the same?

Conor King (The Conversation, 14.4.15) suggests that it is time to explore the various options for higher education charges. 'Important to... More »

Group of Eight's change of tack smacks of self-interest

In the Weekend Conversation (11.4.15) Hannah Forsyth discusses the Group of Eight's recent decision to stop supporting deregulation... 'So... More »

Can the states help the nation's critical research infrastructure?

In The Conversation (7.4.15) Dr Chris Salisbury asks what happens next if the federal government argues that increasing financial pre... More »

Teachers learn over many years in the job - not just at university

In The Conversation (1.4.15) Stewart Riddle takes a close look at teacher training in Australia, concluding:

' ... the current foc... More »

The university rankings no Australian government wants to talk about

Rodney Tiffin writes in Inside Story (27.3.15):

'In 2011, the last year for which full international data is available, Australia&... More »

Stability is crucial for Australian scientific success

Brian Schmidt writes in the ABC's ThE Drum (21.3.15):

'Funding uncertainty makes it much harder for Australia to attract and ... More »

Defeat of higher education bill should ease budget pressures

Andrew Norton writes in The Conversation (19.3.15) that 

'After a boost to student numbers following the introduction of HECS... More »

Drawing positives from negatives after Pyne's legislation fails to get through Senate a second time

Vice-Chancellor of Canberra University, Stephen Parker, writes in The Conversation (18.3.15) that at least the conflict over Pyne's h... More »

All young people deserve tertiary education support - not just at uni

Peter Noonn and Sarah Pilcher write in The Conversation (16.3.15) discuss their proposal for greater equity in support for young people in... More »

Pyne's threats have threatened his university reforms

Michelle Gratton (The Conversation, 16.3.15) discusses the debacle over Pyne's threats to the scientific community if his 'reforms' d... More »

Demand-driven higher ed reform possible without fee deregulation

Andrew Norton writes in The Conversation (5.3.15) that 'Putting the demand-driven extension into a separate bill opens the way to achievin... More »

Science community on the edge of calamity

In response to Christopher Pyne's threat to tie science infrastructure funding to the passage of his higher education reform bill, Brian Schmidt wr... More »


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