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This section contains articles on early childhood education, primary and secondary schooling. As with a number of other sections, it contains some articles on Federal Government priorities that have an impact on the State's education system.

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Stability is crucial for Australian scientisfic success

Brian Schmidt writes in the ABC's ThE Drum (21..3.150;

'Funding uncertainty makes it much harder for Australia to attract and... More »

Defeat of higher education bill should ease budget pressures

Andrew Norton writes in The Conversation (19.3.15) that 

'After a boost to student numbers following the introduction of HECS... More »

Drawing positives from negatives after Pyne's legislation fails to get through Senate a second time

Vice-Chancellor of Canberra University, Stephen Parker, writes in The Conversation (18.3.15) that at least the conflict over Pyne's h... More »

All young people deserve tertiary education support - not just at uni

Peter Noonn and Sarah Pilcher write in The Conversation (16.3.15) discuss their proposal for greater equity in support for young people in... More »

Pyne's threats have threatened his university reforms

Michelle Gratton (The Conversation, 16.3.15) discusses the debacle over Pyne's threats to the scientific community if his 'reforms' d... More »

Demand-driven higher ed reform possible without fee deregulation

Andrew Norton writes in The Conversation (5.3.15) that 'Putting the demand-driven extension into a separate bill opens the way to achievin... More »

Science community on the edge of calamity

In response to Christopher Pyne's threat to tie science infrastructure funding to the passage of his higher education reform bill, Brian Schmidt wr... More »

Vice-Chancellors attack 'dumb' decision to axe research funding if Pyne's 'reforms' not pass

Matthew Knott reports in the Brisbane Times (11.3.15):

'The vice-chancellors of Australia's most prestigious universities have tak... More »

Science funding being held hostage by government

Tim Dean, The Conversation editor, writes (5.3.15):

'Leaders of many of Australia’s top scientific research organisations ha... More »

Government based university fee modelling on invented figures?

Daniel Hurst writes in The Guardian (25.2.15) 'Some of the figures used to produce secret government modelling on university fees wer... More »

The empire strikes back

Dean Ashendon writes in Inside Story (25.2.15):

'For the first time, the decades-old university monopoly of teacher education is t... More »

Privatisation of vocational education isn't working

In The Conversation (24.2.15) Serena Yu and Damian Oliver discuss the 'various horror stories of the workings of dodgy private provid... More »

Youth Connections program cut: whose responsibility vulnerable youth?

The Federal Government declined to talk to the ABC, but in a statement, the Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister ... More »

Whose responsibility for vulnerable teenagers: Commonwealth/State?

Paring back the curriculum would be a difficult and unnecessary task

Alaric Maude writes in The Conversation (10.12.14): 'The belief that the primary school curriculum is overcrowded is questionable. The int... More »

'Sleep-walking towards privatisation'

' ... wake up Australia if you want to preserve your children’s life chances. Wake up academia – especially those of you who write... More »

UQ 'flying blind' because of fee reform deadlock

Michell See-Tho reports in the Brisbane Times (2.12.14): 'The University of Queensland is "flying blind" with its 2015 budget, according t... More »

Link to 'TAFE: an Australian asset' Australian government report

This report examines the importance of TAFE (Technical And Further Education) for the Australian economy.

Terms of reference:

TAFEs... More »

Why tech schools won't seem to go away

In The Conversation (10.11.14) John Pardy asks why, when both sides of government have shown commitment to bringing back tech schools, Australia go... More »

Senate Committee reports on higher education bill

Gwilym Croucher provides an overview (The Conversation, 30.10.14) of the recommendations of the Senate Committee's examination of the higher educat... More »

Universities and ethical investments

Jack Gray writes in The Conversation (28.10.14) that: The shrill yelpers see their oft-heard tag line, “governments distort markets” be... More »

Vice-chancellors vs the collegiate

Hannah Forsyth (The Conversation, 28.10.14) writes that 'The proposal to deregulate, connecting university income still closer to the market rather... More »

Subscriber's response to Roger Scott on higher education

A subscriber responds to Roger Scott's comments on the potential impact of Pyne's higher education changes on Queensland universities.

More »

Rising university fees threaten to skew health services

Professors Peter Brooks and Steve Trumble write in The Conversation (20.10.14) that higher university fees will drive medical graduates away from g... More »

Responses to the Donnelly/Wiltshire curriculum review

A panel of experts was invited to respond to the curriculum review by 'The Conversation'

More »


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