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How Australia’s NRA-inspired gun lobby is trying to chip away at gun control laws, state by state

George Rennie writes in The Conversation (16.11.18) about the Shooting Industry Foundation of Australia's claims that it wants to 'simplify, not weaken' gun control laws in Australia. But, the author argues, it's following the same playbook as the NRA in America – and hoping for similar results.

'One of the more noticeable ad campaigns in the upcoming Victoria state election comes from a seemingly unlikely source. The Shooting Industry Foundation of Australia (SIFA) seeks to unwind Australia’s gun regulations, and knows that state governments are as good a place as any to start.

'SIFA is a key part of Australia’s gun lobby, and uses the same tactics as its American equivalent, the National Rifle Association (NRA). Like the NRA, SIFA seeks to co-opt democratic norms to force change, even when it is directly at odds with overwhelming public opinion.

'… There are some similarities between the NRA and SIFA – and some key differences.

'Like the NRA, SIFA is also backed by the gun industry, such as the Beretta family (who are adamant that guns are inextricably linked to freedom) and NIOA (a major gun importer in Australia that was featured in a recent 4 Corners special on the gun industry).

'As with the NRA, SIFA is also willing to use a range of tools to get its way. And, as with America, the power to make gun control laws in Australia rests with the states, as well as the federal government.'


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