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Environment & Energy

This includes articles about coal mining and CSG, mining the Galilee Basin, dredging, and Abbot Point. It also contains articles on sandmining on Stradbroke Island. Other, related articles, can be found under 'Environment: Great Barrier Reef'.

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The Climate Change Authority report: a dissenting view

Clive Hamilton and David Karoly write in The Conversation (5.9.16) about their dissenting 'minority' report from the Climate Change Author... More »

China ratifies Paris climate change agreement ahead of G20

Tom Phillips reports in The Guardian (3.9.16):

'China has announced its ratification of the Paris climate change agreement, p... More »

Destroying the environment is a sin - Pope Francis

'Pope Francis has called for urgent action to stop climate change and proposed that caring for the environment be added to traditional Christian wo... More »

Malcolm Roberts versus a century and a half of science

Sarah Perkins-Kirkpatrick writes in Inside Story (31.8.16) about the 150 years of climate science research and evidence that new One Natio... More »

Direct Action not as motivating as carbon tax say some of Australia’s biggest emitters

Jayanthi Kumarasiri and colleagues write in The Conversation (2.9.16) about the Coalition Government's Direct... More »

Climate Change Authority suggests emissions trading but no new climate targets

The Conversation's Michael Hopkin interviews (31.8.16) senior climate scientists about the Climate Change Authority's new report on reduci... More »

Adani should bow out gracefully from its Carmichael coal mine

TJ Ryan Foundation Board member, John Quiggin, writes in The Conversation (31.8.16):

'Adani Enterprises, from which Adan... More »

Cutting ARENA would devastate clean energy research

Nicky Ison and Chris Dunstan write in The Conversation (30.8.16) about the federal government's proposed funding cuts to the nation's rene... More »

Coastal councils are already adapting to rising seas – we’ve built a website to help

Sarah Boulter writes in The Conversation (30.8.16) about the threats to coastal communities posed by climate change and rising sea levels.... More »

Australia’s vast, majestic northern savannas need more care

Euan Ritchie and Brett Murphy write in The Conversation (26.8.16) about the environmental threats to northern Australia's savanna landscap... More »

Oil, gas and marine parks really can coexist in our oceans – here’s how

Cordelia Moore and colleagues write in The Conversation (25.8.16) about more effective ways that governments can manage marine reserves, i... More »

154 Australian scientists demand climate policy that matches the science

James Whitmore from The Conversation writes (25.8.16) about an open letter penned to the Prime Minister from over 150 scientific experts d... More »

Keeping global warming to 1.5C, not 2C, will make a crucial difference to Australia, report says

James Whitmore and colleagues write in The Conversation (24.8.16) about a new Climate Insitute report which examines the impacts of rising... More »

Australia’s new focus on gas could be playing with fire

Tony Wood writes in The Conversation (23.8.16) about the increasing focus by governments in Australia on gas production and exports, and t... More »

The $8.2 billion water bill to clean up the Barrier Reef by 2025 – and where to start

John Rolfe writes in The Conversation (12.8.16) about the multi-billion dollar cost to repair damage done to the Great Barrier Reef by sed... More »

Hunting, fishing and farming remain the biggest threats to wildlife

In an article with great relevance to the current debate over tree clearing in Queensland, Sean Maxwell, James Watson, and Richard Fuller point out... More »

The 'Galileo gambit' and climate science

Stephan Lewandowsky writes in The Conversation (11.8.16) about the recently elected One Nation senator from Queensland, Malcolm Roberts, '... More »

Labor hopes tree clearing data will trump LNP

Amy Remeikis reports in the Brisbane Times (7.8.16) on the latest release of data from the state government's monitoring of tree clearing,... More »

The solution to Australia’s gas crisis is not more gas

Alan Pears writes in The Conversation (4.8.16) about the dilemma caused by increased demand for Australia's supplies of liquified natural ... More »

Greasing the wheels: The systemic weaknesses that allow undue influence by mining companies on government - a Queensland case study

Hannah Aulby and Mark Ogge of The Australia Institute report:

'Between 2010 and 2015 the Liberal Party of Australia and the Queensland Libe... More »

Turnbull government orders CSIRO U-turn towards climate science

Nicole Hasham and Peter Hartcher report in the Sydney Morning Herald (4.8.16) on a directive from the new Science Minister, Greg Hunt, tha... More »

The electricity market’s not doing a great job – here’s how to improve it

Alex Fattal and Nicky Ison write in The Conversation (2.8.16) about the shortcomings of Australia's wholesale electricity market, and argu... More »

New opportunities for improving mine rehabilitation: Queensland’s Environmental Protection (Chain of Responsibility) Amendment Act 2016

This article explains how and why the statutory requirements for mining rehabilitation have failed to serve Queensland in the past and how the Envi... More »

3 Aug 2016

Water in northern Australia a history of Aboriginal exclusion

Liz Macpherson and colleagues write in The Conversation (2.8.16) about the history of water allocation and resource management in the nort... More »

21,000 koala trees cleared for Moreton Bay Rail project

Tony Moore reports in the Brisbane Times (27.7.16) on the loss of koala habitat around the northern fringes of Brisbane as land clearing w... More »


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