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This includes articles about coal mining and CSG, mining the Galilee Basin, dredging, and Abbot Point. It also contains articles on sandmining on Stradbroke Island. Other, related articles, can be found under 'Environment: Great Barrier Reef'.

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Chasing ice: how ice cores shape our understanding of ancient climate

Tas van Ommen writes in The Conversation (7.3.16) about the significance of ice cores samples in gauging the extent of climate change.

... More »

Australian coal v renewables: how much will it cost to bring electricity to India's poor?

Lynette Molyneaux and colleagues write in The Conversation (7.3.16) about the economic, environmental and other costs of continuing to min... More »

'Godfather of coral' warns of Great Barrier Reef 'mass extinction'

Tony Moore reports in the Brisbane Times (6.3.16) about coral scientist, Dr John Veron's, warnings that the Great Barrier Reef m... More »

It's not 'doom and gloom' to point out what's really happening to coral reefs

Ove Hoegh-Guldberg writes in The Conversation (4.3.16) in response to print media criticisms claiming that scientists' warnings of th... More »

Queensland coal mines will push threatened finch closer to extinction

Eric Vanderduys and April Reside write in The Conversation (4.3.16) about the threats posed to native bird species by the potential expans... More »

Australia's 10 biggest climate polluters 2016

Policy Online (29.2.16) carries a link to an Australian Conservation Foundation report identifying the companies that emit most pollution ... More »

Next few weeks critical as Great Barrier Reef suffers 'tragic' coral bleaching event

Nicole Hasham reports in the Brisbane Times (1.3.16) on marine experts' fears that the Great Barrier Reef is under further threat of bleac... More »

Six burning questions for climate science to answer post-Paris

Four CSIRO climate scientists write in The Conversation (29.2.16) about the issues most in need of addressing in the wake of the Paris cli... More »

Fossil fuel growth centre harks back to old ideas about climate costs

Ben Parr writes in The Conversation (26.2.16) about the federal government's decision to establish and fund a national 'growth centre' to ... More »

CSIRO and climate: the devil in the detail

Sarah Perkins-Kirkpatrick writes in Inside Story (25.2.16) about the risks entailed in planned cuts to CSIRO's climate change research pro... More »

Energy markets: the planet's unlikely new ally in the emissions effort

Matt McDonald writes in The Conversation (24.2.16) that, with power companies showing increasing willingness to invest in renewables and a... More »

True or false? Facts and myths about bushfires and climate change

Policy Online (9.2.16) carries a link to a Climate Institute factsheet on common 'myths' and misstatements regarding the impact of cl... More »

CSIRO climate cuts will trash a decade of hard work with the Bureau of Meteorology and universities

Gregory Ayers writes in The Conversation (23.2.16) that cuts to the CSIRO's climate science research capacity will jeopardise crucial rese... More »

Ocean acidification and the future of the Great Barrier Reef?

In The Conversation (24.2.16) four CSIRO scientists discuss their research on the impact of ocean acidification on the Great Barrier Reef:... More »

Scientists from around the world alarmed at Turnbull Government CSIRO cuts

Michael Slezak and Calla Wahlquist report in The Guardian (8.2.16):

'More than 600 climate scientists from around the world h... More »

Curtain descends on ALG 'comedy of errors' over CSG in NSW

Peter Hannam writes in the Sydney Morning Herald (5.2.16):

'For Julie Lyford and John Watts, news of AGL's plan to scrap its ... More »

CSIRO to cut research on climate change

Michael Safi and Michael Slezak report in The Guardian (4.2.16) that up to 350 positions at Australia’s Commonwealth Scientific and ... More »

Appeal by scientists over the review of ocean sanctuaries

Lenore Taylor writes in The Guardian (5.2.16) that 'Australia’s leading marine scientists are appealing to the federal government to... More »

Adani seeing the light in solar?

Joshua Robertson reports in The Guardian (4.2.16) that Adani has frozen its investment in the Carmichael mine in north Queensland until th... More »

One less hurdle for Adani

Amy Remeikis reports in the Brisbane Times (3.2.16) that 'Environment advocates have been quick to express their disappointment follo... More »

Australia drops 10 spots in Greg Hunt's most trusted climate rankings

'When Australia’s climate change policies were questioned in November, the environment minister relied on the index to defend its record. &ld... More »

Abbott's climate change statement 'debunked'

Michael Slezak writes in The Guardian (23.1.16) that Sophie Lewis, from the Australian Research Council’s centre for excellence... More »

Oxford University research finds Australian coal amongst riskiest in the world for investors

Michael Slezak reports in The Guardian (28.1.16) that Australian thermal coalmines are some of the riskiest in the world for investor... More »

The cost of the environmental legacy of coal mines

Joshua Robertson resports in The Guardian (29.1.16) on the potential cost to small investors when big mining companies abandon unprofitabl... More »

Voters in Coalition seats back global ban on new coal mines

Daniel Hurst reports in The Guardian (8.1.16):

'A global ban on new coalmines and a transition to renewable energy enjoys support ... More »


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