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This includes articles about coal mining and CSG, mining the Galilee Basin, dredging, and Abbot Point. It also contains articles on sandmining on Stradbroke Island. Other, related articles, can be found under 'Environment: Great Barrier Reef'.

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Paris climate deal signing ceremony: what it means and why it matters

Damon Jones and Bill Hare write in The Conversation (21.4.16) about the most significant implications arising from the Paris Agreement on ... More »

Queensland passes 'Clive Palmer' law to protect state from resource clean-ups

Amy Remeikis reports in the Brisbane Times (22.4.16) on Parliament passing environmental laws that will force resources companies to 'clea... More »

Signing the Paris Climate Agreement is easy – what comes next for Australia will be hard

Tim Stephens writes in The Conversation (21.4.16) about the challenges facing the nation's legislators after Australia signs on to the Par... More »

Limits to growth: policies to steer the economy away from disaster

Samuel Alexander writes in The Conversation (21.4.16) about policy suggestions, such as investing in renewable energy systems and capping ... More »

Nature neglected in campaign

Don Driscoll and Euan Ritchie write in The Conversation (19.4.16) about the risk that crucial environmental issues and heritage protection... More »

Australia’s carbon emissions and electricity demand are growing: here’s why

Hugh Saddler writes in The Conversation (18.4.16) about the reasons behind Australia's rising carbon emissions and electricity demand, and... More »

Ideas for Australia: Let’s retire the idea that Australia ‘depends’ on digging up coal and other resources

TJ Ryan Foundation Board member, John Quiggin, writes in The Conversation (15.4.16) about data that 'undermine' the notion that the countr... More »

Peabody’s bankruptcy claim is a symbol of coal’s end

TJ Ryan Foundation Board member John Quiggin writes in The Conversation (14.4.16) about the global coal mining company, Peabody, filing fo... More »

One day we won’t need a Renewable Energy Target, because we’ll have good climate policy

The Grattan Institute's David Blowers writes in The Conversation (14.4.16) about the inconsistent policy landscape and convoluted politica... More »

Land owners claim govt betrayal over Adani

The Brisbane Times reports (13.4.16) on protests from Indigenous land owners in the Galilee Basin about the state gove... More »

In pictures: a close-up look at the Great Barrier Reef’s bleaching

Justin Marshall writes in The Conversation (13.4.16) about the extent of coral bleaching in parts of the Great Barrier Reef, showing sever... More »

Burning fossil fuels is responsible for most sea-level rise since 1970

Aimee Slangen and John Church write in The Conversation (12.4.16) about research showing how the burning of fossil fuels has contributed i... More »

Landmark case looming over Adani and the Great Barrier Reef

Michael Slezak reports in The Guardian (10.4.16): 'A court case set to begin next month, will pit the Great Barrier Reef against a coalmine. In som... More »

Time to share the wealth

Luke Preece and Penny van Oosterzee write in The Conversation (8.4.16) about Cape York Pensinsula's rich natural ecosystems, and the poten... More »

Coral Bleaching Taskforce: more than 1,000 km of the Great Barrier Reef has bleached

Morgan Pratchett and Janice Lough write in The Conversation (7.4.16) about the alarming extent of coral bleaching recently measured on the... More »

The tragedy of the Adani mine decision and regulation failure

Samantha Hepburn (6.4.16) draws attention to the glaring shortcomings in current coal mine approval legislation:

'This approach to environm... More »

Coal a poor investment: study reveals catastrophic financial impact of climate change

The Guardian (5.4.16) reports that the Bank of England and World Bank have warned of the risks to the global economy of climate change and the G20 ... More »

Adani coal mine approval - what next?

Michael West writes in the Brisbane Times (5.4.16): 'Adani is not going to happen; the construction, that is, of the leviathan Carmichael mine, the... More »

Banning fishing has helped parts of the Great Barrier Reef recover from damage

Camille Mellin and colleagues from the Australian Institute of Marine Science write in The Conversation (4.4.16) about the positive effect... More »

Adani's Galilee Basin project mine leases approved

Amy Mitchell-Whittington reports in the Brisbane Times (3.4.16) on the state government's awarding of Galilee Basin coal mining leases to ... More »

Great Barrier Reef policies not enough to meet targets set out in Reef 2050 Plan: AIMS

The ABC's Jesse Dorsett reports (3.4.16) on experts' warnings that government policies to protect water quality around the Great Barrier Reef aren'... More »

Australia’s Wet Tropics worth billions sans ants

Steve Turton writes in The Conversation (31.3.16) about the threat posed to north Queensland's precious Wet Tropics region by invasive ani... More »

What does the science really say about sea-level rise?

John Church and Peter Clark write in The Conversation (31.3.16) about what recent research reveals about the implications and impact of ri... More »

Farming in 2050: storing carbon could help meet Australia’s climate goals

Brett Anthony Bryan writes in The Conversation (30.3.16) about the potential use of agricultural land to capture and store carbon to assis... More »

Ban new wind turbines? Not if the bar for declaring them safe is impossibly high

Rod Lamberts writes in The Conversation (29.3.16) about the announcement of NHMRC funding to undertake further research studies into the h... More »


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