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This includes articles about coal mining and CSG, mining the Galilee Basin, dredging, and Abbot Point. It also contains articles on sandmining on Stradbroke Island. Other, related articles, can be found under 'Environment: Great Barrier Reef'.

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Dirty coal to dirty politics: everything is connected through a malformed political economy

David Ritter, CEO of Greenpeace (Australia Pacific), comments in The Guardian (21.7.17) that the health of the Great Barrier Reef is ... More »

Queensland to aim for zero net emissions 2050 target

Felicity Caldwell reports in the Brisbane Times (11.7.17) on the Palaszczuk Government's announcement of a target of zero net carbon emiss... More »

'Big win': Great Barrier Reef avoids UN 'in danger' list despite mass bleaching

Fergus Hunter reports in the Brisbane Times (6.7.17) on the decision of UNESCO's World Heritage Committee to not place the Great Barr... More »

Galilee Basin mines will slash coal output, jobs elsewhere, Wood Mackenzie says

The ABC's Stephen Long reports (6.7.17) on mining industry research which highlights the potential job losses and production decline from existing ... More »

How Australia bungled climate policy to create a decade of disappointment

Mark Butler MP, federal Shadow Minister for Climate Change and Energy, comments in The Guardian (5.7.17) on how Australia has never h... More »

We need more than just extra water to save the Murray-Darling Basin

Max Finlayson and Lee Baumgartner write in The Conversation (30.6.17) about a recent report arguing that more water is needed to resu... More »

'Ocean Elders' urge Malcolm Turnbull to reject Adani coalmine

Calla Wahlquist reports in The Guardian (22.6.17) on an appeal to the Prime Minister and Queensland Premier from prominent oceanographers ... More »

Queensland government calls for 'open mind' on power generation

Stuart Layt reports in the Brisbane Times (21.6.17) on the Palaszczuk Government's appeals to its federal counterpart for an 'open mind' i... More »

The last line of defence: Indigenous rights and Adaniís land deal

John Quiggin and colleagues write in The Conversation (19.6.17) that the proposed Carmichael coal mine requires a crucial native titl... More »

Land clearing rates in Queensland on par with Brazil, new study finds

The ABC's Louisa Rebgetz reports (19.6.17) on new research showing that Queensland graziers and farmers continue to clear land at alarming rates.More »

Why you're about to pay through the nose for power

The ABC's Ian Verrender comments (19.6.17) on former Prime Minister Tony Abbott's decision to remove the carbon price and wind back the Renewable E... More »

TJ Ryan Foundation submission to the Better Mine Rehabilitation for Queensland Consultation

In response to a call for public input towards the Palaszczuk Government's proposed new policy on mine site rehabilitation, the TJ Ryan Foundation ... More »

On climate, the consumerís vote will be more important than the party roomís

Giles Parkinson writes in Inside Story (10.6.17) about Chief Scientist Alan Finkel’s energy sector report, arguing that it is a poli... More »

Business is leading the transition to renewables while politicians dither

Blair Palese reports in The Guardian (8.6.17) that, ahead of the Finkel Review into Australia's energy sector, local businesses such ... More »

Will the Paris Agreement still be able to deliver after the US withdrawal?

Bill Hare writes in The Conversation (2.6.17) about President Donald Trump's decision to withdraw the US from the Paris Climate Agreement,... More »

Global stocktake shows the 43 greenhouse gases driving global warming

Pep Canadell and colleagues write in The Conversation (1.6.17) that, while the gases most responsible for global warming - carbon dio... More »

The worldís coral reefs are in trouble, but donít give up on them yet

Terry Hughes and Joshua Cinner write in The Conversation (1.6.17) that tropical coral reefs can be saved from climate change and other pre... More »

Ending land clearing would compete with renewables for carbon abatement, analysis finds

Michael Slezak reports in The Guardian (1.6.17) on new analysis which suggests that phasing out all land clearing by 2030 would save ... More »

Who tilts at windmills? Explaining hostility to renewables

Marc Hudson writes in The Conversation (29.5.17) that the policy uncertainty around Australia’s energy sector is unsurprising, given... More »

Government must address emissions reduction in any moves to save Great Barrier Reef

Alex Lavelle comments in the Brisbane Times (29.5.17) on the increasing incidence of coral bleaching on the Great Barrier Reef, argui... More »

'We can't be passive bystanders': Advisers call for dramatic re-think on Great Barrier Reef

Adam Morton reports in the Brisbane Times (21.5.17) on details of a new communique from the Independent Expert Panel advising the federal ... More »

There are better things to spend $1 billion on than the Adani coal mine

TJ Ryan Foundation Board member, John Quiggin, comments in the Brisbane Times (20.5.17) on the economic and environmental arguments stacki... More »

After the mining, what's next? Overseas mine rehabilitation offers lessons for Australia

The ABC's Gregg Borschmann reports (4.5.17) on the issue of environmental rehabilitation after mine closures, suggesting that overseas approac... More »

Adani offered $320m deferment of Carmichael mine royalties?

Joshua Robertson reports in The Guardian (18.5.17) that the Palaszczuk Government is considering offering Indian mining company Adani a "r... More »

Koalas facing 'local extinction' from part of Queensland's Fraser Coast

The ABC's Jess Lodge reports (18.5.17) on dwindling koala population numbers in coastal areas to the north of Brisbane, as authorities and research... More »


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