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Environment & Energy

This includes articles about coal mining and CSG, mining the Galilee Basin, dredging, and Abbot Point. It also contains articles on sandmining on Stradbroke Island. Other, related articles, can be found under 'Environment: Great Barrier Reef'.

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Turning wilderness into theme parks: the great national parks debate

Anne Davies writes in The Guardian (19.12.18) about recent state and federal government moves to 'open up' national parks to tourist devel... More »

Adani announces coal mine construction will begin

Nicole Hasham reports in the Brisbane Times (29.11.18) on Adani's announcement that it will shortly commence with the Carmichael coal mine... More »

EVENT: Climate Change and Energy Issues – a Queensland Agenda

From 6-8PM on Tuesday, 13 November 2018, the TJ Ryan Foundation will host a seminar at Parliament House in Brisbane - 'C... More »

Helping farmers in distress doesn’t help them be the best: the drought relief dilemma

Neal Hughes and Steve Hatfield-Dodds write in The Conversation (23.10.18) that, in the midst of an ongoing drought crisis in rural Austral... More »

Australia has two decades to avoid the most damaging impacts of climate change

Iain Stewart writes in The Conversation (8.10.18) about the latest IPCC report on global warming, which suggests that the world needs to b... More »

Desal plants might do less damage to marine environments than we thought

Graeme Clark and Emma Johnston write in The Conversation (20.9.18) about their research into the operation and environmental impact of des... More »

'Absolute disgrace': Adani pipeline plan won't activate water trigger

Peter Hannam reports in the Brisbane Times (18.9.18) on news of Adani's plans to utilise billions of litres of groundwater in central Quee... More »

Coal does not have an economic future in Australia

Frank Jotzo and Salim Mazouz write in The Conversation (6.9.18) about the findings of a new international report which suggests there... More »

Reality is the enemy of irrigated agriculture, Matt Cananvan, not 'greenies'

TJ Ryan Foundation Board member, John Quiggin, comments in The Guardian (12.9.18) on recent Coalition statements about irrigating northern... More »

How to move energy policy models beyond bias and vested interests

Shirin Malekpour and Enayat Moallemi write in The Conversation (21.8.18) that, with the Turnbull government's planned National Energy Guar... More »

Adani spent a year trying to hide this information on its reef spill

The ABC's Michael Slezak reports (10.8.18) on the release of documents that Adani fought to keep secret, appearing to show both the company an... More »

Could the NEG bring down power prices? It’s hard to be confident that it will

Salim Mazouz and colleagues write in The Conversation (4.8.18) that the final design of the Turnbull government’s National Energy Gu... More »

Why Coles’ plastic bag backflip leaves us worse off than before

Kim Borg and Edwin Ip write in The Conversation (1.8.18) about supermarket retailer Coles' decision to reverse its ban on single-use plast... More »

Mass coral bleaching forces review of reef protection plan

Tony Moore reports in the Brisbane Times (20.7.18) on the release of an updated government sustainability plan for managing the Great Barr... More »

New coal doesn’t stack up – just look at Queensland’s renewable energy numbers

Matthew Stocks and Andrew Blazers write in The Conversation (26.6.18) about calls from the Coalition backbench and elsewhere for the ... More »

Queensland’s new land-clearing laws are all stick and no carrot (but it’s time to do better)

Philippa England writes in The Conversation (29.5.18) that Queensland's new land-clearing laws are a missed opportunity for collabora... More »

Land-clearing wipes out $1bn taxpayer-funded emissions gains

Adam Morton reports in The Guardian (29.5.18) that, despite attempts to curb emissions through 'direct action' tree replanting, offic... More »

$500 million for the Great Barrier Reef is welcome, but we need a sea change in tactics too

Jon Brodie writes in The Conversation (3.5.18) that the federal government's new $500 million funding package for the Great Barrier Reef s... More »

Stewardship incentives for the pastoral zone

The Royal Society of Queensland is collaborating with NRM Regions, the peak body for regional natural resource management groups in Queensland, to ... More »

Michelle Grattan: Live sheep exports tarnish Australia’s reputation and should be stopped

Michelle Grattan writes in The Conversation (12.4.18) about recent revelations of appalling conditions on board a vessel carrying live she... More »

How the 2016 bleaching altered the shape of the northern Great Barrier Reef

The University of Queensland's Selina Ward writes in The Conversation (19.4.18) about the 2016 bleaching event on the Great Barrier Reef, ... More »

The recycling crisis in Australia: easy solutions to a hard problem

Ian MacKenzie writes in The Conversation (19.4.18) that, after Ipswich City Council announced it has stopped recycling household wast... More »

Australia’s 2017 environment scorecard: like a broken record, high temperatures further stress our ecosystems

Albert Van Dijk and Madeleine Cahill write in The Conversation (12.4.18) about their annual assessment of the health of Australia's enviro... More »

Solar PV and wind are on track to replace all coal, oil and gas within two decades

Andrew Blakers and Matthew Stocks write in The Conversation (6.4.18) that solar photovoltaics and wind power are on track to supplant... More »

Climate policy is a fiendish problem for governments – time for an independent authority with real powers

Nobel Laureate Peter Doherty writes in The Conversation (27.3.18) that scientific problems, such as the impacts of climate change, require... More »


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