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This includes articles about coal mining and CSG, mining the Galilee Basin, dredging, and Abbot Point. It also contains articles on sandmining on Stradbroke Island. Other, related articles, can be found under 'Environment: Great Barrier Reef'.

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'Irreversible consequences': Adani coalmine granted unlimited water access for 60 years

Helen Davidson reports in The Guardian (5.4.17) on environmental and legal groups, now fearing damaging impacts upon central Queensla... More »

After 25 years of trying, why aren’t we environmentally sustainable yet?

Michael Howes writes in The Conversation (3.4.17) asking why, after decades of international agreements, planners, developers and reg... More »

Climate change: global reshuffle of wildlife will have huge impacts on humanity

Damian Carrington reports in The Guardian (31.3.17) on international research indicating that climate change-induced mass migration of ani... More »

Hazelwood's closure shows industry and government must plan ahead for climate change

Nicholas Aberle asserts in The Guardian (29.3.17) that, with the closure of Victoria's Hazelwood power station, more coal-fired generators... More »

Australia needs long-term planning, not 'knee-jerk' action to tackle SA blackouts, professor says

The ABC's Joseph Lam reports (26.3.17) on experts' observations made at a World Science Festival panel discussion held in Brisbane, examining ... More »

Government needs to front up billions, not millions, to save Australia’s threatened species

Don Driscoll and colleagues write in The Conversation (21.3.17) that the federal government's charity drive for threatened Australian anim... More »

Contested spaces: conflict behind the sand dunes takes a new turn

Nick Osbaldiston writes in The Conversation (17.3.17) about how conflicts over coastal areas have largely been contests between developmen... More »

Gas crisis? Energy crisis? The real problem is lack of long-term planning

Alan Pears writes in The Conversation (20.3.17) about how it will take more than the current flurry of energy policy debates to meet vital... More »

Barnaby Joyce floats national royalty plan to dismantle coal seam gas bans

Amy Remeikis and Sean Nicholls report in the Sydney Morning Herald (17.3.17) on Deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce's proposal to entice m... More »

Emissions standards on cars will save Australians billions of dollars, and help meet our climate targets

Scott Ferraro and Claire Painter write in The Conversation (16.3.17) about how the federal government is considering a cap on car emission... More »

Turnbull unveils Snowy plan for pumped hydro, costing billions

Michelle Grattan writes in The Conversation (16.3.17) about Malcolm Turnbull's announcement that the federal government plans to greatly e... More »

Year-on-year bleaching threatens Great Barrier Reef’s World Heritage status

Terry Hughes and colleagues write in The Conversation (16.3.17) that the Great Barrier Reef is experiencing additional bleaching events. T... More »

Jay Weatherill's state-first energy plan burns off a decade of pointless power-play

Mark Kenny reports in the Brisbane Times (14.3.17) on South Australian Premier Jay Weatherill's $500M plan to build a new gas-fired p... More »

The decoupling delusion: rethinking growth and sustainability

James Ward and colleagues write in The Conversation (13.3.17) about the conundrum of economic growth and increased prosperity in the devel... More »

Australia's original climate body to shut after running out of funding

Adam Morton reports in the Brisbane Times (8.3.17) on news that the Climate Institute, in operation sinces 2005, will close later this yea... More »

Energy crisis: Wholesale power prices have doubled since the carbon tax was axed

Adam Morton reports in the Brisbane Times (8.3.17) on research conducted for the Australian Greens showing the rise in domestic power pric... More »

Don't be so naif: Adani and governance of the Northern Australia Infrastructure Facility (NAIF)

Policy Online carries a link (2.3.17) to an Australia Institute discussion paper which argues that the Northern Australia Infrastruct... More »

The case for renationalising Australia’s electricity grid

John Quiggin writes in The Conversation (6.3.17) about how privatisation has failed to keep Australia's electricity supply cheap and ... More »

Climate change impact on Australia may be irreversible, five-yearly report says

Katharine Murphy reports in The Guardian (7.3.17) on the release of the five-yearly 'State of the Environment' report, which warns that he... More »

‘Claim the sky’: a new climate movement for the Trump era

Robert Costanza writes in The Conversation (6.3.17) that, as President Donald Trump promises to pull America out of the Paris climate agre... More »

115 turbines to dot farms for $500m wind project near Dalby

Tony Moore reports in the Brisbane Times (3.3.17) on the Palaszczuk government's announcement that it had approved the construction of a l... More »

Climate change’s signature was writ large on Australia’s crazy summer of 2017

Andrew King and colleagues write in The Conversation (2.3.17) about how eastern Australia's scorching summer was made 50 times more l... More »

Coal seam gas oversight repeatedly cut by Newman government, cabinet documents reveal

The ABC's Mark Willacy reports (2.3.17) on details of Cabinet briefing documents prepared for the Newman state government, which warned of und... More »

Great Barrier Reef coral bleaching could be the new normal by 2050, research finds

The ABC's Kathleen Calderwood reports (23.2.17) on the release of new research which indicates that coral bleaching events on the Great Barrier Ree... More »

Mount Isa contamination ‘within guidelines’ but residents told to clean their homes

Mark Patrick Taylor and colleagues write in The Conversation (21.2.17) that Anglo-Swiss mining company Glencore has admitted responsibilit... More »


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