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Environment & Energy

This includes articles about coal mining and CSG, mining the Galilee Basin, dredging, and Abbot Point. It also contains articles on sandmining on Stradbroke Island. Other, related articles, can be found under 'Environment: Great Barrier Reef'.

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Government must address emissions reduction in any moves to save Great Barrier Reef

Alex Lavelle comments in the Brisbane Times (29.5.17) on the increasing incidence of coral bleaching on the Great Barrier Reef, argui... More »

'We can't be passive bystanders': Advisers call for dramatic re-think on Great Barrier Reef

Adam Morton reports in the Brisbane Times (21.5.17) on details of a new communique from the Independent Expert Panel advising the federal ... More »

There are better things to spend $1 billion on than the Adani coal mine

TJ Ryan Foundation Board member, John Quiggin, comments in the Brisbane Times (20.5.17) on the economic and environmental arguments stacki... More »

After the mining, what's next? Overseas mine rehabilitation offers lessons for Australia

The ABC's Gregg Borschmann reports (4.5.17) on the issue of environmental rehabilitation after mine closures, suggesting that overseas approac... More »

Adani offered $320m deferment of Carmichael mine royalties?

Joshua Robertson reports in The Guardian (18.5.17) that the Palaszczuk Government is considering offering Indian mining company Adani a "r... More »

Koalas facing 'local extinction' from part of Queensland's Fraser Coast

The ABC's Jess Lodge reports (18.5.17) on dwindling koala population numbers in coastal areas to the north of Brisbane, as authorities and research... More »

Why 2 degrees of global warming is much worse for Australia than 1.5 degrees

Andrew King and colleagues write in The Conversation (16.5.17) that global warming of 2 degrees Celsius, the higher of the two Paris ... More »

Adani's Carmichael mine will overload coal market, cause global prices to fall, report shows

The ABC's Stephen Long reports (9.5.17) on details of a confidential report, commissioned by a "leading New South Wales coal producer", sugges... More »

The government is swimming against the tide on Westpac’s Adani decision

TJ Ryan Foundation Research Associate, David Peetz, and Georgina Murray write in The Conversation (3.5.17) that, as the cost of renewable ... More »

CSIRO: Leaked emails reveal claims organisation 'missing in action' on climate advice

The ABC's Anna Salleh and Gregg Borschmann report (2.5.17) on leaked communications indicating fierce disagreements within CSIRO about whether... More »

Coal vs. hydro-electric — governments at odds over north Queensland power supply

The ABC's Andree Withey reports (2.5.17) on state government plans to build a hydro-electric power station at Burdekin Falls Dam in north Queenslan... More »

The solar panel and battery revolution: how will your state measure up?

The CSIRO's Paul Graham writes in The Conversation (2.5.17) about a new Energy Networks Australia report which predicts a boom in hou... More »

Labor fossil fuel policy: Lobby group's push to leave coal in the ground

Amy Remeikis reports in the Brisbane Times (23.4.17) on a potential change to Labor's fossil fuels policy, raising questions about what it... More »

CSG could increase methane emissions near 'bubbling' Condamine River, report finds

The ABC's Dominique Schwartz and colleagues report (17.4.17) on recent investigations by the University of Melbourne's Energy Institute, which... More »

Loss of coral reefs caused by rising sea temperatures could cost $1tn globally

Ben Doherty and Christopher Knaus report in The Guardian (12.4.17) on a new Climate Council report which warns of the dire economic costs ... More »

Australia's politicians have betrayed the Great Barrier Reef and only the people can save it

David Ritter comments in The Guardian (10.4.17), arging that 'the big lie' propagated by government and big business is that it is possibl... More »

Australian gas: between a fracked rock and a socially hard place

Kim de Rijke writes in The Conversation (10.4.17) about the federal government's eagerness to usher in a new boom in onshore gas productio... More »

Adani's Carmichael coal mine is environmentally reckless and contrary to today's energy markets

Julien Vincent comments in the Brisbane Times (6.4.17) on Adani's Galilee Basin coal mine project, arguing that the proposed venture doesn... More »

Despite the politics, good news on climate

TJ Ryan Foundation Board member, John Quiggin, writes in Inside Story (5.4.17) that it’s almost certainly too late for any national ... More »

'Irreversible consequences': Adani coalmine granted unlimited water access for 60 years

Helen Davidson reports in The Guardian (5.4.17) on environmental and legal groups, now fearing damaging impacts upon central Queensla... More »

After 25 years of trying, why aren’t we environmentally sustainable yet?

Michael Howes writes in The Conversation (3.4.17) asking why, after decades of international agreements, planners, developers and reg... More »

Climate change: global reshuffle of wildlife will have huge impacts on humanity

Damian Carrington reports in The Guardian (31.3.17) on international research indicating that climate change-induced mass migration of ani... More »

Hazelwood's closure shows industry and government must plan ahead for climate change

Nicholas Aberle asserts in The Guardian (29.3.17) that, with the closure of Victoria's Hazelwood power station, more coal-fired generators... More »

Australia needs long-term planning, not 'knee-jerk' action to tackle SA blackouts, professor says

The ABC's Joseph Lam reports (26.3.17) on experts' observations made at a World Science Festival panel discussion held in Brisbane, examining ... More »

Government needs to front up billions, not millions, to save Australia’s threatened species

Don Driscoll and colleagues write in The Conversation (21.3.17) that the federal government's charity drive for threatened Australian anim... More »


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