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Environment & Energy

This includes articles about coal mining and CSG, mining the Galilee Basin, dredging, and Abbot Point. It also contains articles on sandmining on Stradbroke Island. Other, related articles, can be found under 'Environment: Great Barrier Reef'.

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Australian climate politics in 2017: a guide for the perplexed

Marc Hudson writes in The Conversation (2.1.17) about the state of climate change debate in Australia as the federal government conti... More »

Queensland communities remain lukewarm about coal seam gas: CSIRO survey

Andrea Walton, Rod McCrea and Rosemary Leonard discuss in The Conversation (22.12.16) their recent survey of the attitudes of Queensl... More »

Adani's Galilee Basin complex corporate web spreads to tax havens

The ABC's Stephen Long reports (21.12.16):

'Giant Indian conglomerate Adani, which plans to build one of the world's largest coal mine... More »

India announces plan to step away from coal, casting doubt on approved Queensland Adani mine

The ABC's Stephen Long reports (19.12.16) that 'India [has] released a new power plan promoting a dramatic increase in renewable energy, raising do... More »

One Nation senator joins new world order of climate change denial

Lenore Taylor (The Guardian,15.12.16) reports on Senator Malcolm Roberts' visit to the US:

'A key figure picked to prepare th... More »

Coal seam gas mining costs farmers millions, CSIRO study finds

The ABC's Anna Gibbs reports (16.12.16) on a new CSIRO study which puts a dollar figure on the losses to farmers due to coal seam gas mining o... More »

Climate change played a role in Australia’s hottest October and Tasmania’s big dry in 2015

Pandora Hope and colleagues write in The Conversation (16.12.16) that October 2015 was the hottest on record for that month, and Tasm... More »

Trump presidency and the implications for science

Duan Biggs and colleagues suggest in The Conversation (15.12.16) that, while Trump’s more extreme campaign promises may not eventuat... More »

Half the world’s ecosystems at risk from habitat loss, and Australia is one of the worst

James Watson and colleagues write in The Conversation (14.12.16) about habitat loss and risks to ecosystems from overdevelopment in sensit... More »

Eradicating fire ants is still possible, but we have to choose now

Daniel Spring and colleagues write in The Conversation (13.12.16): 'Australia needs to spend millions of dollars more to eradicate one of ... More »

Chief Scientist’s report lays a solid foundation for reforming Australia’s electricity network

Anne Kallies writes in The Conversation (13.12.16) about how the nation's electricity network can be used proactively to meet Australia's ... More »

Turnbull was right in 2009: ruling out emissions trading is 'bullshit'

Lenore Taylor (The Guardian, 10.12.16) slams Malcolm Turnbull’s change of view on climate policy:

'Malcolm Turnbull's climat... More »

Federal Government to consider carbon price for power companies

The ABC's Stephanie Anderson reports (5.12.16) on indications that the federal government will introduce a carbon pricing mechanism for power compa... More »

Adani coal mine project: Queensland Government approves rail line, camp

The ABC reports (5.12.16) that 'the $22 billion Carmichael coal and rail project has secured Queensland Government approval for a permanent rail li... More »

No new funding or climate commitments in Great Barrier Reef update

Adam Morton reports in the Brisbane Times (1.12.16) on details of the federal government's latest update report on the state of health of ... More »

Will the latest electricity review bring climate and energy policy together at last?

Dylan McConnell and Anne Kallies write in The Conversation (30.11.16) about the federal government's review of Australia's electricity mar... More »

Farmer survey reveals concern, shifting attitudes on climate change

The ABC's Anna Vidot reports (29.11.16): 'A survey of Australian farmers' attitudes to climate change has found many are concerned, and want their ... More »

Electricity from coal should be phased out in Australia - Senate report

Michael Slezak reports in The Guardian (29.11.16):

'A Senate report has recommended that Australia should move completely awa... More »

No politician can single-handedly bring back coal - not even Donald Trump

Peter Newman writes in The Conversation (28.11.16):

'Governments, including Trump’s, can try to stand in the way in a bid to... More »

How much coral has died in the Great Barrier Reef’s worst bleaching event? Who do you believe - Pauline Hanson or the reef scientists?

Terry Hughes, Britta Schaffelke and James Kerry write in The Conversation  (29.11.16):

'Two-thirds of the corals in the north... More »

Coal station closures inevitable, start planning: Labor and Greens

Adam Morton reports in the Brisbane Times (28.11.16) on the deliberations of a Senate inquiry into the retirement of coal-fired power stat... More »

Adani mine jumps another legal hurdle, but ...

Justine Bell-James writes in The Conversation (28.11.16):

'The Carmichael coal mine planned for Queensland’s Galilee Basin h... More »

Post-truth - Pauline declares the reef fine

'Pauline Hanson goes snorkelling in wrong spot to prove 'untruths' on the Great Barrier Reef' reports news.com.au on 25 November.

... More »

Saving the Reef: The five-year time bomb set to explode off our coast

In the Brisbane Times (25.11.16), reporters Adam Morton and Jason South have created an interactive text and visual montage outlining the ... More »

2050 climate targets: nations are playing the long game in fighting global warming

John Thwaites and Scott Ferraro write in The Conversation (25.11.16) about how several countries are now announcing strategies to cut gree... More »


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