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Environment & Energy

This includes articles about coal mining and CSG, mining the Galilee Basin, dredging, and Abbot Point. It also contains articles on sandmining on Stradbroke Island. Other, related articles, can be found under 'Environment: Great Barrier Reef'.

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Can billions of litres of coal seam gas water be safely reinjected into the ground?

Henning Prommer writes in The Conversation (23.11.16) about a new CSIRO report which suggests that the billions of litres of water extract... More »

Why China and Europe should form the world's most powerful 'climate bloc'

'We should expect that President-elect Trump will withdraw from the Paris Agreement', writes Christian Downie in The Conversation (23.11.1... More »

Australia failing to protect the Great Barrier Reef from shipping disasters

Michael Slezak reports in The Guardian (22.11.16) that 'the government is failing to protect the reef from the effects of shipping di... More »

Laws passed to tighten groundwater licence requirements for mines

Gail Burke (ABC 10.11.16) reports that the Queensland Government has succeeded in passing laws to tighten groundwater licence require... More »

Resources Council attacks funding for Environmental Defender's Office

Michael Roche, retiring CEO of the Resources Council, has criticised government funding being allocated to the Environmental Defender's Office. (Fe... More »

Forty years of measuring the world’s cleanest air reveals human fingerprints on the atmosphere

Sam Cleland and colleagues write in The Conversation (15.11.16) about data from the Cape Grim air pollution station in northwestern T... More »

Climate Institute submission on the retirement of coal fired power stations

Policy Online carries a link (10.11.16) to a Climate Institute submission to the Seante inquiry into the retirement of coal fired pow... More »

The lessons we need to learn to deal with the ‘creeping disaster’ of drought

Anthony Kiem and colleagues write in The Conversation (9.11.16) about how droughts are much bigger and slower than other natural disasters... More »

2015’s record-breaking temperatures will be normal by 2030 - it’s time to adapt

Sophie Lewis writes in The Conversation (7.11.16) about how record global temperatures like those witnessed in 2015 will by normal by 2030... More »

The Paris climate deal has come into force – what next for Australia?

Peter Christoff writes in The Conversation (4.11.16) about how the rapid ratification of the Paris climate agreement looks set to hea... More »

Four environmental reasons why fast-tracking the Carmichael coal mine is a bad idea

April Reside and colleagues write in The Conversation (2.11.16) about increasing environmental concerns over the proposed Adani Carmichael... More »

IRENA: Renewable energy in cities

Policy Online carries a link (16.10.16) to an International Renewable Energy Agency report which charts pathways to greater deploymen... More »

Turnbull wants to change Australia’s environment act - here’s what we stand to lose

Samantha Hepburn writes in The Conversation (31.10.16) about how Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull's proposed changes to Australia's nationa... More »

Will the Great Barrier Reef recover from its worst-ever bleaching?

Tracy Ainsworth and colleagues write in The Conversation (27.10.16) about the likelihood that the Great Barrier Reef can recover from the ... More »

Another prime minister - another endorsement for coal

Marc Hudson writes in The Conversation (26.10.16) that:

The gap between what the scientists ... More »

Australia’s coal politics are undermining democratic and Indigenous rights

Kristen Lyons writes in The Conversation (26.10.16) about the 'undermining' effect that the coal mining industry, and its often close link... More »

Rehabilitating abandoned mines could create thousands of 'badly needed' jobs, report says

The ABC's Mark Willacy reports (23.10.16) on research by the Lock the Gate Alliance which indicates that many thousands of abandoned mine sites acr... More »

Great Barrier Reef scores D for health for fifth year in a row

Michael Slezak reports in The Guardian (20.10.16) on the release of the annual Great Barrier Reef Report Card, which again lists the overa... More »

Death on the Great Barrier Reef: how dead coral went from economic resource to conservation symbol

Rohan James Lloyd writes in The Conversation (19.10.16) about the recent incidence of bleached and perishing coral on the Great Barrier Re... More »

Catching the waves: it’s time for Australia to embrace ocean renewable energy

Mark Hemer and colleagues write in The Conversation (18.10.16) about Australia possibly harnessing the power of the world's largest 'wave ... More »

Queensland’s renewable target isn’t ‘aggressive’, it’s entirely achievable

Lynette Molyneaux writes in The Conversation (18.10.16) about the stated aim of the Queensland Government to source half the state's power... More »

Will clean energy kill coal? What is happening around the world

The Global Change Institute at the University of Queensland is hosting a lunchtime seminar to discuss the global technology, market and invest... More »

Out in the heat: why poorer suburbs are more at risk in warming cities

Jason Byrne and colleagues write in The Conversation (14.10.16) about their recent research which found that the concentration of poorer p... More »

Queensland report outlines 50 per cent renewable energy map

The Brisbane Times reports (12.10.16) on details of a draft independent report into Queensland's future energy security, outlini... More »

Landholder group, the Basin Sustainability Alliance, calls on Queensland Government to scrap GasFields Commission

The ABC's Craig Zonca reports (11.10.16) on calls by concerned rural landholders for the state government to abolish the GasFields Commission, in t... More »


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