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Environment & Energy

This includes articles about coal mining and CSG, mining the Galilee Basin, dredging, and Abbot Point. It also contains articles on sandmining on Stradbroke Island. Other, related articles, can be found under 'Environment: Great Barrier Reef'.

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Government may change native title laws to uphold 'at-risk' mining deals

Joshua Robertson reports in The Guardian (9.2.17) on the latest native title challenge to the Adani Carmichael coal mine project from trad... More »

Crisis, what crisis? How smart solar can protect our vulnerable power grids

Lawrence McIntosh and Dani Alexander write in The Conversation (8.2.17) about recent fears over the 'security' of power supply as renewabl... More »

Three ingredients for running a successful environmental campaign

Andrea Gaynor writes in The Conversation (3.2.17) about environmental campaigners in Perth fighting to stop the destruction of bushland fo... More »

Resources Minister Matt Canavan opens $5 billion infrastructure fund for clean-coal power stations

The ABC's Henry Belot reports (3.2.17) on the federal government's announcement of a multi-billion dollar infrastructure fund to subsidise the cons... More »

Coal could get clean-energy subsidy under new Turnbull focus

Mark Kenny reports in the Brisbane Times (1.2.17) on indications that the Turnbull government may offer subsidies to energy companies to c... More »

2017 will be a big year for Australia’s energy system: here’s what to look out for

Alan Pears writes in The Conversation (25.1.17) about the prospects this year of achieving workable government energy policies, suggesting... More »

No, new coal is not feasible: on price, reliability or emissions

Tennant Reed comments in The Guardian (24.1.17) on recent statements from federal government ministers supporting the coal-powered energy ... More »

President Trump threatens to undermine key measure of climate policy success

David Hodgkinson writes in The Conversation (20.1.17) about how the 'social cost' of carbon – which calculates the impact of carbon ... More »

New Acland coal mine: Controversial expansion approved by Josh Frydenberg

The ABC's Isobel Roe reports (20.1.17) on an expansion of the New Acland coal mine in Queensland's Darling Downs, given next stage approval by the ... More »

2016 crowned hottest year on record: Australia needs to get heat smart

Liz Hanna and colleagues write in The Conversation (19.1.17) about confirmation from various government agencies that 2016 rewrote the rec... More »

Questions raised after resources minister says Australia should invest in coal power to reduce emissions

Michael Slezak reports in The Guardian (17.1.17) on comments from the federal resources minister, north Queensland's Matt Canavan, suggest... More »

Adani coalmine activists gear up to fight: ‘This will dwarf the Franklin blockade’

Joshua Robertson reports in The Guardian (14.1.17) that 'as the protest against the Carmichael project – Australia’s largest p... More »

Great Barrier Reef: Ancient coral samples show icon could recover, but scientists warn of new threats

The ABC's Kathy McLeish reports (15.1.17) on new research into the Great Barrier Reef's history of adapting to changes in climatic and ocean condit... More »

Old floods show Brisbane’s next big wet might be closer than we think

Jacky Croke writes in The Conversation (11.1.17) about new research based on palaeological flood records which suggests that floods as big... More »

BOM climate report finds 2016 fourth-hottest year on record for Australia

The ABC reports (5.1.17) on findings from the Bureau of Meteorology indicating that 2016 was another record-breaking year for heat, extreme rainfal... More »

Put solar panels on Suncorp Stadium, QPAC and power 1200 homes: researchers

Tony Moore reports in the Brisbane Times (2.1.17) on research produced by the University of New South Wales which suggests huge energy gai... More »

Health experts slam Turnbull government's air pollution proposals

Gina McColl reports in the Brisbane Times (2.1.17) on criticisms of the federal government's review of vehicle emissions and air poll... More »

Australian climate politics in 2017: a guide for the perplexed

Marc Hudson writes in The Conversation (2.1.17) about the state of climate change debate in Australia as the federal government conti... More »

Queensland communities remain lukewarm about coal seam gas: CSIRO survey

Andrea Walton, Rod McCrea and Rosemary Leonard discuss in The Conversation (22.12.16) their recent survey of the attitudes of Queensl... More »

Adani's Galilee Basin complex corporate web spreads to tax havens

The ABC's Stephen Long reports (21.12.16):

'Giant Indian conglomerate Adani, which plans to build one of the world's largest coal mine... More »

India announces plan to step away from coal, casting doubt on approved Queensland Adani mine

The ABC's Stephen Long reports (19.12.16) that 'India [has] released a new power plan promoting a dramatic increase in renewable energy, raising do... More »

One Nation senator joins new world order of climate change denial

Lenore Taylor (The Guardian,15.12.16) reports on Senator Malcolm Roberts' visit to the US:

'A key figure picked to prepare th... More »

Coal seam gas mining costs farmers millions, CSIRO study finds

The ABC's Anna Gibbs reports (16.12.16) on a new CSIRO study which puts a dollar figure on the losses to farmers due to coal seam gas mining o... More »

Climate change played a role in Australia’s hottest October and Tasmania’s big dry in 2015

Pandora Hope and colleagues write in The Conversation (16.12.16) that October 2015 was the hottest on record for that month, and Tasm... More »

Trump presidency and the implications for science

Duan Biggs and colleagues suggest in The Conversation (15.12.16) that, while Trump’s more extreme campaign promises may not eventuat... More »


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