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This includes articles about coal mining and CSG, mining the Galilee Basin, dredging, and Abbot Point. It also contains articles on sandmining on Stradbroke Island. Other, related articles, can be found under 'Environment: Great Barrier Reef'.

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New opportunities for improving mine rehabilitation: Queensland’s Environmental Protection (Chain of Responsibility) Amendment Act 2016

This article explains how and why the statutory requirements for mining rehabilitation have failed to serve Queensland in the past and how the Envi... More »

3 Aug 2016

Water in northern Australia a history of Aboriginal exclusion

Liz Macpherson and colleagues write in The Conversation (2.8.16) about the history of water allocation and resource management in the nort... More »

21,000 koala trees cleared for Moreton Bay Rail project

Tony Moore reports in the Brisbane Times (27.7.16) on the loss of koala habitat around the northern fringes of Brisbane as land clearing w... More »

There are bright spots among the world’s coral reefs – the challenge is to learn from them

Joshua Cinner writes in The Conversation (21.7.16) about the identification of coral reefs which show less of the damaging effects of chan... More »

Under a single minister, will energy and the environment be friends or foes?

Alan Pears writes in The Conversation (19.7.16) about Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull's reshaped Cabinet, which features a merged 'super-p... More »

Australia’s energy sector is in critical need of reform

The Grattan Institute's Tony Wood writes in The Conversation (14.7.16) about the need for structural and policy reform in Australia's ener... More »

Fossil fuel industry and climate denial

Graham Redfearn writes in The Guardian (13.7.16) that Australians have been both helpers and victims of the fossil fuelled web o... More »

UN sustainable development goals: how should Australia respond?

The Global Change Institute, University of Queensland, has produced a discussion paper which presents seven recommendations for Australian Governme... More »

Mining considered on Cape York station bought by Queensland Government to protect reef

The ABC's Mark Willacy reports (5.7.16) on mining applications being considered by the Natural Resources Department, on parts of the far north Quee... More »

Scientists urge tightening of land-clearing laws in Australia

The ABC's Stephanie Smail reports (7.7.16) on a declaration by scores of environmental scientists calling for tighter land clearing laws and greate... More »

Koalas are feeling the heat, and we need to make some tough choices to save our furry friends

Jonathan Rhodes and colleagues write in The Conversation (6.7.16) about the decline in koala populations due to expanding urban developmen... More »

Election 2016: Failing on climate change - a national disgrace

Michael Slezac reports in The Guardian (27.6.16) aht peaking at the same time as Turnbull addressed the party faithful at the Co... More »

Rush to dam northern Australia comes at the expense of sustainability

Barry Hart and colleagues write in The Conversation (27.6.16) about the environmental impacts of the major parties' proposals for developi... More »

Qld inches towards protected area targets

Amy Remeikis reports in the Brisbane Times (25.6.16) on the government's moves to secure more state land as protected areas.

'13,7... More »

Tree 'panic clearing' on Queensland properties revealed by satellite imagery

The ABC's Stephanie Smail reports (23.6.16) on new indications that some farmers on large rural properties are continuing to undertake extensive an... More »

What happened to debate over the environment?

Marc Hudson writes in The Conversation (23.6.16):

'There’s a deafening silence in the ongoing Australian election campa... More »

PolicyCheck: What are the parties really offering to save the Great Barrier Reef?

John Brodie writes in The Conversation (21.6.16) about the major parties' policy offerings and funding promises to date regarding protecti... More »

George Brandis and the Adani mine proposal

Thom Mitchell writes in The New Matilda (21.6.16) that George Brandis claims that the Adani mine is the 'best shot at economic p... More »

Catholic church thinking big on fossil fuel divestment?

Neil Ormerod writes in The Conversation (20.6.16): 

'This week’s decision by four Australian Catholic orders to di... More »

Turnbull's Great Barrier Reef funding promise - recycled commitment

Michael Slezak reported in The Guardian (5.5.16):

'All the $171m in funding announced in the budget for the Great Barrier Ree... More »

Survey: more Australians want climate action now than before the carbon tax

Deborah Cotton writes in The Conversation (16.6.16) about public sentiment in Australia regarding action on climate change and emissions r... More »

Boost renewable energy target to 50% and get 28,000 extra jobs

Michael Slezak reports in The Guardian (15.6.16) that Ernst Young and the Climate Council have released a report suggesting that... More »

How Adani splits Queensland Labor

In The New Matilda (10.6.16) Roger Scott, Executive Director of the TJRyan Foundation, writes:

'Climate change and environmen... More »

Does tourism really suffer at sites listed as World Heritage in Danger?

In The Conversation (10.6.16) John C. Day analyses the impact on tourism of a World Heritage site being listed as 'In Danger', f... More »

New hope for storing carbon dioxide underground

Dom Wolff-Boenisch writes in The Conversation (10.6.16):

'To halt climate change and prevent dangerous warming, we ultimately... More »


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