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Between the lines, Morrison's plan has coal on the way out, with the future bright

TJ Ryan Foundation Research Associate, John Quiggin, writes in The Conversation (26.10.21) about the federal Coalition government's net-zero emissions plan, suggesting that the 'brutal arithmetic' behind Morrison's carbon reduction strategy leaves no place for coal.

'The most striking feature of Prime Minister Scott Morrison's long-term emissions reduction plan outlined on Tuesday is not the long-telegraphed commitment to net-zero emissions by 2050, or the promise of a A$20 billion clean energy program (around 0.2% of national income annually).

'It is the announcement of a technology target which is entirely outside the government’s control: solar photovoltaic electricity at a cost of A$15 a megawatt-hour ($/MWh).

'That price translates to 1.5 cents per kilowatt hour (c/kWh), a tiny fraction of the 20 to 30 (c/kWh) currently being paid by Australian households. Most of the price households pay consists of charges for transmission, distribution and retail services.

'The Australian government cannot deliver (or even significantly obstruct) this target, any more than Australia, acting alone, can much effect the global climate.'


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