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Planning, development and land use

'Planning and land use' often overlaps with environmental and mining issues, so the articles listed are less comprehensive than the overall planning issues confronting Queensland.

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Solving the ‘population problem’ through policy

Liz Allen writes in The Conversation (27.2.19) that population growth in Australia is a problem mainly because of the lack of a coher... More »

Limes not lemons: lessons from Australia’s first e-scooter sharing trial

Benjamin Kaufman and Matthew Burke write in The Conversation (23.1.19) about the trial introduction of an e-scooter sharing service in Bri... More »

Queensland's rental laws set for major reform

The ABC's Timothy Swanston reports (9.12.18) on the state government's proposed reforms of Queensland's residential tenancy laws.

'Hundreds... More »

Just how ‘city smart’ are local governments in Queensland?

Tan Yigitcanlar and colleagues write in The Conversation (28.11.18) about their research into the 'smart city' planning movement, manifest... More »

'The 200-kilometre city nightmare'

Emeritus Professor Peter Spearritt, from the University of Queensland's School of Historical & Philosophical Inquiry, recently author... More »

Ronald Gardiner: A critique of Brisbane Metro

Professor Emeritus Ronald Gardiner, former Dean of QUT's Science Faculty, recently delivered a U3A lecture in which he offered a critical asse... More »

ANU publication: 'Road Pricing and Provision'

Political scientists Michael de Percy and John Wanna have co-edited a new publication dealing with the challenges governments face in transport pla... More »

Growing cities face challenges of keeping the masses moving up, down and across

In the first of a new series of articles headed 'Moving the Masses', Andrea Connor and Donald McNeill write in The Conversation (4.6.18) t... More »

Homelessness: Australia’s shameful story of policy complacency and failure continues

Hal Pawson and Cameron Parsell write in The Conversation (15.5.18) that, a decade after the launch of a national campaign against hom... More »

Designing cities for everyone

The Conversation has released a new series of articles, 'Cities for Everyone', exploring how members of different communities experie... More »

New Queensland planning law puts transparency and accountability at risk

Philippa England writes in The Conversation (23.3.18) that changes under Queensland's recently instituted Planning Act give councils ... More »

Heritage building preservation vs sustainability? Conflict isn’t inevitable

Sara Wilkinson and Hilde Remøy write in The Conversation (29.11.17) about the seemingly inevitabl... More »

This is why apartment living is different for the poor

In the first of a series of articles on The Conversation about the place of lower-income and disadvantaged residents in our cities, H... More »

Brisbane’s Cross River Rail - feeding the centre at the expense of people in the suburbs?

Brian Feeney writes in The Conversation (6.7.17) that the Cross River Rail proposal may well help get more commuters into Brisbane's ... More »

Australia doesn’t have a population policy – why?

In the first of a new series of articles on population growth in The Conversation, Liz Allen writes (3.7.17) that, considering all the asp... More »

Bust the regional city myths and look beyond the ‘big 5’ for a $378b return

Leonie Pearson writes in The Conversation (26.6.17) that Australia's regional cities can be as effective at generating 'jobs and growth' a... More »

The NBN: how a national infrastructure dream fell short

Tooran Alizadeh writes in The Conversation (5.6.17) that the highly politicised nature of the NBN has led to a lack of transparency that m... More »

Fancy government financing could still cost the taxpayer

The Grattan Institute's Marion Terrill writes in The Conversation (1.6.17) that the federal government keeps coming up with new ways ... More »

Two pictures of rental housing stress and vulnerability zero in on areas of need

Chris Martin and Laurence Troy write in The Conversation (18.5.17) about their research, partly funded by Queensland's state government an... More »

Tax on ‘unearned gains’ is the missing piece of the affordable housing puzzle

Brian Feeney writes in The Conversation (9.5.17) about the housing affordability issue, asking who is entitled to the increase in property... More »

Higher-density cities need greening to stay healthy and liveable

Melanie Davern and colleagues write in The Conversation (5.5.17) about the major challenge of greening cities that are becoming more dense... More »

Governments are trapped in a vicious cycle of housing policies and prices

Rachel Ong writes in The Conversation (4.4.17) that housing has become integral to our welfare system, so even governments can't affo... More »

What’s critical about critical infrastructure?

Wendy Steele and colleagues write in The Conversation (3.4.17) that critical infrastructure is our means of survival as an urban species. ... More »

Cyclone Debbie: we can design cities to withstand these natural disasters

Rob Roggema writes in The Conversation (29.3.17) that northern Australia's coastal cities would suffer much less damage and avoid the huge... More »

The latest ideas to use super to buy homes are still bad ideas

The Grattan Institute's John Daley and Brendan Coates write in The Conversation (22.3.17) that the latest thought bubbles from the federal... More »


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