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Planning, development and land use

'Planning and land use' often overlaps with environmental and mining issues, so the articles listed are less comprehensive than the overall planning issues confronting Queensland.

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Times demand a Sustainable Development Commission to replace the Productivity Commission

Barbara Norman and colleagues write in The Converation (25.3.16) about the need for government authorities to rethink the ways that econom... More »

Pipe dreams: reducing the cost of public infrastructure in Australia

Policy Online carries a link (1.2.16) to a McKell Institute report investigating ways that public infrastructure could be more efficiently... More »

'The 30-minute city': how do we put the political rhetoric into practice?

Peter Newman writes in The Conversation (18.3.16) about what Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull's "30-minute city" aspiration might look like... More »

Trad hits out at Qld crossbench ultimatum

The Brisbane Times reports (18.3.16) on moves by crossbench MPs to force the state government to focus more of its planned infrastructure ... More »

Queensland to introduce new vegetation laws to stop land clearing

The ABC's Nick Wiggins reports (17.3.16) on the state government's planned laws to stop the rate of land clearing increasing further.

'The ... More »

Newman's plan for more Queensland regional casino resorts a firm bet under Labor

Amy Remeikis reports in the Brisbane Times (16.3.16) on suggestions that the Labor state government will push ahead with proposals for mor... More »

Brisbane to have $100m aquarium as Maritime Museum is redeveloped

Amy Remeikis reports in the Brisbane Times (16.3.16) on a state government proposal to redevelop Brisbane's Maritime Museum, including a n... More »

Hot cities: the 'smart' response to urban heat threats

Wendy Steele and colleagues write in The Conversation (16.3.16) about policy and planning responses required for large, modern cities to a... More »

Gold Coast bush levy raises $28 million but no land has been bought since 2012

Tony Moore reports in the Brisbane Times (15.3.16) on claims that the Gold Coast City Council has been collecting millions of dollars in r... More »

Memo to our latest cities minister: here's what needs to be done

Paul Burton writes in The Conversation (15.3.16) about the challenges and priorities facing the federal government's Cities Minister, as h... More »

Annastacia Palaszczuk announces $500m infrastructure fund

Kim Stephens reports in the Brisbane Times (13.3.16) on the government's release of its long-awaited infrastructure plan. Amid budget cons... More »

World Science Festival: 'Spread the natural love' for livable cities

Amy Mitchell-Whittington reports in the Brisbane Times (13.3.16) on discussions at the World Science Festival in Brisbane, focusing on the... More »

If planners understand it's cool to green cities, what's stopping them?

Tony Matthews and Jason Byrne write in The Conversation (9.3.16) about how, in the face of changing climate, it's critical that city plann... More »

Queensland offers $200 million to break Ipswich Motorway congestion

Tony Moore reports in the Brisbane Times (9.3.16) on state government plans to deliver long-needed upgrades to the Ipswich Motorway, in co... More »

Social wellbeing, locality and ageing: a snapshot of the social lives of older people in rural Australia

Policy Online carries links to two reports into the planning and social implications of ageing populations. The first (26.11.15), from the... More »

Done like a chicken dinner: city fringes locked in battles over broiler farms

Elizabeth Taylor and colleagues write in The Conversation (7.3.16) about planning disputes in cities' urban fringes over increasing use of... More »

An environmentally just city works best for all in the end

Anitra Nelson writes in The Conversation (4.3.16) about the types of planning and development principles that should go into creating 'env... More »

2018 Commonwealth Games: Gold Coast Airport to complete $300m upgrade in time for athletes' arrival

The ABC's Ashleigh Stevenson reports (6.3.16) on plans to significantly expand the carrying capacity of the Gold Coast airport prior to the commenc... More »

LNP and KAP vote down legislation to restore Queensland's tree-clearing laws

The LNP and KAP united to vote down legislation introduced by Environment Minister, Stephen Miles, to overturn the LNP's loosening of land-clearing... More »

Queensland Government still stalling on nude beaches: submission

Tony Moore reports in the Brisbane Times (24.2.16) on a submission to state Parliament calling for local councils to be given authority to... More »

Queensland land clearing is undermining Australia's environmental progress

Hugh Possingham and colleagues write in The Conversation (22.2.16) that native vegeatation land clearing in Queensland has tripled in the ... More »

More than 40,000 hectares of koala habitat disappeared since Newman Government relaxed land-clearing controls

An AAP report in The Guardian (17.2.16) reports that World Wildlife Australia records that more than 40,000 hectares of koala habitat... More »

Damming northern Australia: we need to learn hard lessons from the south

Erin O'Donnell and Barry Hart write in The Conversation (10.2.16):

'The push for development in northern Australia is gatheri... More »

Planning loopholes allow heritage buildings to be demolished

Fears have been raised more heritage homes across Brisbane could be set for demolition, after Brisbane City Council admitted it was powerless to sa... More »

Lord Mayor says Labor's light rail plan is too expensive

Tony Moore, in the Brisbane Times (17.1.16) reports that the Lord Mayor, Graham Quirk has dismissed Rod Harding's plan for a new ligh... More »


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