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Health policy issues are covered in this section.

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Investing in rural health brings dollar returns to local economies (and improves health)

Lesley Russell writes in The Conversation (26.4.17) that providing health care to the bush not only benefits people's health but also the ... More »

Medicare under threat

TJ Ryan Foundation Board member and Research Associate, Linda Shields, writes about the threat posed to Medicare's future by the 'privatisation by ... More »

What is ‘success’ in drug rehab? Programs need more than just anecdotes to prove they work

Stephen Bright and Nicole Lee write in The Conversation (13.4.17) that evidence of the so-called success of private drug rehabilitation cl... More »

Millions of Australian adults are unvaccinated and it’s increasing disease risk for all of us

C. Raina MacIntyre and colleagues write in The Conversation (27.3.17) that most immunisation campaigns continue to primarily focus on... More »

Black lung detection in Queensland 'deliberately underfunded, under-resourced'

The ABC's Chris O'Brien reports (22.3.17) on findings from the parliamentary inquiry into the re-emergence of black lung disease among Queensland c... More »

Punishing medical errors won’t improve hospital safety or quality

Joseph Ibrahim and John McNeil write in The Conversation (16.3.17) that there is little if any evidence that the frequency of so-called 's... More »

Please don’t do your own research on immunisation; you’ll get it wrong

Michael Vagg writes in The Conversation (6.3.17) about the reaction to Senator Pauline Hanson's comments casting doubt on the efficacy of ... More »

If GPs pass on cost from rebate freeze, poorer, sicker patients will be hardest hit

Rosemary Elkins and Stefanie Schurer write in The Conversation (31.1.17) about how the federal government's proposed Medicare rebate index... More »

Aussies are getting older, and the health workforce needs training to reflect it

Deborah Parker writes in The Conversation (24.1.17) about how, as Australia's population ages and life expectancy increases, so does the n... More »

Health and healthcare: what Greg Hunt must do

Lesley Russell writes in Inside Story (23.1.17) about how the federal Health portfolio needs a strong minister who will look beyond n... More »

As Australia reforms its laws to protect those with mental illness, is Queensland going backwards?

Ben White and colleagues write in The Conversation (14.12.16) about how recent Queensland reforms – due to take effect in March 2017... More »

Nothing to see here? The abuse and neglect of children in care is a century-old story in Australia

Katherine McFarlane writes in The Conversation (15.11.16) about the long history of neglect and abuse suffered by many children in foster ... More »

Australian law needs a refresher on the science of HIV transmission

Mark Boyd and colleagues write in The Conversation (8.11.16) about how HIV diagnosis owing to unintentional transmission, while devas... More »

Barrett Centre closure: New teen mental health centre at Prince Charles

Felicity Caldwell reports in the Brisbane Times (13.10.16) on the state government's announcement that a new adolescent mental health faci... More »

Medicinal cannabis laws passed in Queensland Parliament

Jorge Branco reports in the Brisbane Times (13.10.16) on new laws passed through Queensland's Parliament which will allow the state's doct... More »

Why is trachoma blinding Aboriginal children when mainstream Australia eliminated it 100 years ago?

Hugh Taylor and colleagues write in The Conversation (14.9.16) about the alarming incidence of trachoma eye disease among Indigenous child... More »

Five tips to get the government started on real health reform

Lesley Russell writes in The Conversation (22.7.16) about the issues that should be immediate health policy priorities for the returned Tu... More »

Decision-making support and Queensland's guardianship system: a systemic advocacy report

Policy Online carries a link (15.6.16) to an Office of the Public Advocate report into Queensland's guardianship system, and the legislati... More »

Here’s how to close the gap on Indigenous women smoking during pregnancy

Gillian Sandra Gould writes in The Conversation (21.7.16) about the high incidence of smoking among pregnant Indigenous women, and suggest... More »

Climate policy needs a new lens: health and well-being

Fiona Armstrong, along with Nobel Laureate and Queensland medical researcher, Professor Peter Doherty, write in The Conversation (21.... More »

Barrett Adolescent Centre: Behind Queensland's flawed mental health decisions

Tony Moore reports in the Brisbane Times (18.7.16) on the outcomes of the Commission of Inquiry, headed by Supreme Court Justice Margaret ... More »

Why the health scheme for coal workers is inadequate to detect black lung

Malcolm Sim writes in The Conversation (15.7.16) about the reappearance of cases of 'black lung' disease among Queensland coal miners, and... More »

Understanding the NDIS: how does the scheme work and am I eligible for funding?

Carmel Laragy writes in The Conversation (6.7.16) about the commencement of the NDIS scheme, as part of a series of articles about how the... More »

Labor’s ‘Mediscare’ campaign capitalised on Coalition history of hostility towards Medicare

Jim Gillespie writes in The Conversation (5.7.16):

'The Australian Labor Party’s Medicare campaign has been dubbed an electi... More »

What do the Liberal and Labor election health promises mean for you?

Helen Dickinson writes in The Conversation (24.6.16) about the major parties' health policies on offer in the federal election campaign, a... More »


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